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Marshal Georgi Zhukov Documentary Biography In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions

Marshal Georgi Zhukov Documentary Biography In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions
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The Life, Times And Battles Of The Soviet Union's Supreme Military Commander Of World War II In All Regions DVD Format!


This early 1970s British/American documentary gives an overview into the life and military adventures of the most enigmatic of World War II military leaders to westerners, the dedicated Marxist/Leninist supreme commander of Soviet forces and peasant son of a furrier who commanded the largest miltary force of any of the conflict's combatants, Georgi Zhukov. A tough, brilliant man, he was one of the very few men of any walk of life who could have a showdewn, let alone a disagreement, with Stalin, and not only survive, but prevail. Though Zhukov was shamefully mistreated after the war, his value as a winning battlefield commander and master strategist ensured his place at the apex of the precarious soviet military leadership, a place of honor in history and as well as in the hearts of the troops he led.

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