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WWII: US Pop Vs Third Reich Marching Songs MP3 Set DVD, Download, USB

WWII: US Pop Vs Third Reich Marching Songs MP3 Set DVD, Download, USB
WWII: US Pop Vs Third Reich Marching Songs MP3 Set DVD, Download, USB
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Music From Both Sides Of The Second World War! The Marching Songs That Propelled The Third Reich Versus The Pop Songs & V-Discs Of America! 12 1/2 Hours Packed Into 262 MP3s On 1 MP3 DVD!


U.S POP SONGS Abe Lyman - Burma Bomber.mp3 Al Donahue - Army Air Corps Song.mp3 Al Jolson - We're Gonna Make Sure There's Never Another War.mp3 Alice Faye - You'll Never Know.mp3 Anita Ellis - Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer.mp3 Anita Ellis - Don't Worry.mp3 Anita O'Day - Fighting Doug MacArthur.mp3 Anita O'Day - Here's To You, MacArthur.mp3 Ann Sheridan - As Time Goes By.mp3 Armed Forces Chorus - Spirit of the Air Force.mp3 Army Air Corp Song.mp3 Army Engineers Song.mp3 Bette Davis - They're Either Two Yong or Two Old.mp3 Bing Crosby - Bless Em All.mp3 Bing Crosby - Cranky Old Yank in a Clanky Old Tank.mp3 Bing Crosby - Hip Hip Hooray.mp3 Bing Crosby - I'll Get By.mp3 Bing Crosby - Road to Victory.mp3 Bing Crosby - This Is Your War.mp3 Bing Crosby - What Do You Do In The Infantry.mp3 Bing Crosby and The Charioteers - The Bombadier Song.mp3 Bing Crosby and the Sportsman Quartet - Amphibs Battle Hymn.mp3 Bob Hope - Thanks for America (Thanks for the Memories).mp3 Bob Strong - Hittin' the Silk.mp3 Bob Wills - Theres A White Cross Tonight In Okinawa.mp3 Bon Bon - Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree.mp3 Carson Robison and Orchestra - Remember Pearl Harbor.mp3 Carson Robison and Orchestra - We're Gonna Have To Slap The Dirty Little Jap.mp3 Cass Daley - I'm Getting Corn for my Country.mp3 Charlie Barnett - Keep the Home Fires Burning.mp3 Connie Haines - Salt Water Cowboy.mp3 Dale Evans - Waiting for the Train to Come In.mp3 Dennis Day - We're Shovin' Right Off.mp3 Dinah Shore - He's My Guy.mp3 Dorothy Collins - Send Me Your Love for Christmas.mp3 Dorothy Lamour - Moon Over Burma.mp3 Eddie Cantor - Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer.mp3 Frances Langford - Good Night Wherever You Are.mp3 Frank Munn - Miss You.mp3 Frank Parker - I Left My Heart at the Stage Door Canteen.mp3 Frankie Masters - Goodbye Mama I'm Off To Yokohama.mp3 George Olson - Silver Wings in the Moonlight.mp3 Ginny Simms - My Devotion.mp3 Glenn Miller - Enlisted Men's Mess.mp3 Glenn Miller - Tail-End Charlie.mp3 Glenn Miller - There'll Be a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin.mp3 Glenn Miller - There are Yanks.mp3 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Guns in the Sky.mp3 Glenn Miller Orchestra - G I Jive V-Disc intro.mp3 Goodbye Mama I'm Off to Yokahama.mp3 Hal Darwin - I'll Be Seeing You.mp3 Halleleua My Guys Come Back.mp3 Harry James - Yankee Clipper.mp3 Harry The Hipster - 4F Ferdinand the Frantic Freak.mp3 Helen Forrest with Harry James & Orchestra - That Soldier of Mine.mp3 Hit Paraders - Fellow on a Furlough.mp3 I'll Bet Your Sorry Tokyo Rose.mp3 I'm in the Army Now.mp3 Jack Smith - Wait for Me Mary.mp3 Jimmie Carroll - Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.mp3 Jimmie Lunceford - Jeep Rhythm.mp3 Joe Sanders - Wish You Were Waiting For Me.mp3 Johnny Mercer - GI Jive.mp3 Johnny Mercer - Here Come the British.mp3 Johnny Messner - Gladys Tell - I Never Mention Your Name.mp3 Kate Smith - A Boy in Khaki & A Girl in Lace.mp3 Little Jack Little - I've Always Wanted to Waltz in Berlin.mp3 Marilyn Maxwell - One Girl and Two Boys.mp3 Mart Kenny - Army Air Corps Song.mp3 Mart Kenny - Good-Bye Sue.mp3 Martha Mears - Keep an Eye on Your Heart.mp3 Martha Mears - The Little Guy Who Looks Like You.mp3 Martha Tilton - Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree.mp3 Martha Tilton - Story of Private Joe.mp3 Meredith Wilson - There Ain't No Wings on a Foxhole.mp3 Merry Macs - I've Got 10 Bucks and 24 Hours Leave.mp3 Mildred Bailey - Scrap Your Fat.mp3 Mildred Bailey - When Your a Long, Long Way from Home.mp3 Morton Downey - Light a Candle in the Chapel.mp3 Music Maids and Lee - Sams Got Him.mp3 Nancy Walker - I've Got Sixpence.mp3 Nat Cole - D-Day.mp3 Nelson Eddy - Silver Wings.mp3 Norton Sisters - When Your GI Guy Comes Marching Home.mp3 Pat Kay - Good Night Soldier.mp3 Pvt. Frank Lester - First Class Pvt. Mary Brown.mp3 Robert Merrill - We Did it Before and We Can Do it Again.mp3 Rockabye My Baby (There Ain't Gonna Be No War).mp3 Sammy Kaye - Dear Mom.mp3 Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra - You Can't Say No to a Soldier.mp3 Skinny Ennis Orchestra - This is the Army.mp3 Spike Jones - Der Fuhrer's Face.mp3 Spike Jones - You're a Sap, Mr. Jap.mp3 Spike Jones and His City Slickers - Leave The Dishes In The Sink.mp3 Sportsmans Quartet - Rosie the Riveter.mp3 Spying is Trying.mp3 The Andrews Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.mp3 The Andrews Sisters - There'll Be a Jubilee.mp3 The Andrews Sisters - You're a Sap, Mr. Jap.mp3 The Charioteers - The General Jumped at Dawn.mp3 The Jesters - Ma I Miss Your Apple Pie.mp3 The Man Behind the Gun.mp3 The Son of a Gun Who Picks on Uncle Sam.mp3 Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Dig Down Deep.mp3 Tony Pastor and his Orchestra - Obey Your Air Raid Warden.mp3 Tony Pastor Orchestra - Jungle Jump.mp3 Williams Brothers - Second to None (2nd Army Corps Song).mp3

THIRD REICH MARCHING SONGS Ade Polenland.mp3 Arbeit Ist Gluck.mp3 Der Fuhrer Ruft!.mp3 Der Sturmmarsch Der Sa.mp3 Der Tod In Flandern.mp3 Deutchland Marschiert.mp3 Deutchland Uber Alles.mp3 Deutsch Ist Die Saar!.mp3 Deutschist Das Memelland.mp3 Deutschland Heiliges Deutschland.mp3 Die Braune Kompanie.mp3 Die Braunen Und Schwarzen.mp3 Die Fahne Hoch!.mp3 Die Jugend Marschiert.mp3 Die Manner Vom Fauernstand.mp3 Die Wache Zieht Auf!guards Parade.mp3 Dorethee.mp3 Edeltraut Mein Edeltraut.mp3 Edith Heisst Sie.mp3 Ehrenmarsch.mp3 Erich Kunz Das Moorsoldatenlied.mp3 Erich Kunz Es Ritten Drei Reiter.mp3 Erich Kunz Heimliche Liebe.mp3 Erich Kunz Ich Hatt' Einen Kameraden.mp3 Erich Kunz Muss I Denn.mp3 Erich Kunz Phyllis U Die Mutter.mp3 Erich Kunz Steh' Ich In Finstrer Mitternacht.mp3 Erich Kunz Vogelhochzeit.mp3 Erich Kunz Wenn Alle Brünnlein Fliessen.mp3 Erich Kunz Wiegenlied.mp3 Es Liebten Sich Zwei In Der Rosenzeit.mp3 Es Pfeift Von Allen Dachern Als Die Goldne Abendsonne.mp3 Es Zittern Die Morschen Knochen.mp3 Es Zittern Die Morschen Knockentomorrow The World!.mp3 Flamme Empor!.mp3 Gruss Aus Dem Schwarzwald.mp3 Hakenkreuzfahnen.mp3 Heimarie.mp3 Hitler Jugend Marsch.mp3 Hitler Jugend Marschiert!.mp3 Im Schutz Der Wehrmacht.mp3 Jugend Will Marschieren.mp3 Kaiserjagermarsch.mp3 Leb Wohl Irene Flak Lied.mp3 Leo Schlageter Marsch.mp3 Lied Der Arbeit.mp3 Lied Der Balloniere.mp3 Lieselott.mp3 Marsch Der Brigade Ehrhardt.mp3 Mein Regiment Mein Heimatland.mp3 O Deutschland Hoch In Ehren.mp3 Rot Scheint Die Sonne.mp3 Ruber Uber Den Kanal!.mp3 Sturmabteilungmarsch.mp3 Torpedo Los!.mp3 Treue Um Treue Ss March.mp3 Unsere Fahne Flattert Uns Voran.mp3 Veronika.mp3 Wenn Wir Durch Die Stadt Marschieren Medley.mp3 Wildganse Rauschen.mp3 Wildganse Rauschen1.mp3 Wir Schutzen Grossdeutschland.mp3 Wir Sind Des Reiches Leibhaftige Adler.mp3 Wir Sind Die Braunen Soldaten.mp3 Wir Tragen Das Vaterland.mp3 Wir Zichen Nach England.mp3

WORLD WAR II V-DISCS - 89 Popular Recordings That Were Saved From Legislative Destruction At The End Of World War II! Over 4 Hours Of The Music Of The Times! Includes 100A Allan Jones - Donkey Serenade | 100B Gladys Swarthout - Give Me One Hour | 104A 1. Don Redman & his Orchestra - Message | 104A 2. Don Redman & his Orchestra - Pistol Packin' Mama | 104B Don Redman & his Orchestra - Redman Blues | 112A U.S. Coast Guard Band (Lt. Rudy Vallee dir.) - Song Of the Navies pt. 1 | 112B U.S. Coast Guard Band (Lt. Rudy Vallee dir.) - Song Of the Navies pt. 2 | 115A 1. Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys - San Antonio Rose | 115A 2. Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys - New San Antonio Rose | 115B Bill Boyd & his Cowboy Ramblers - The Train Song | 116A Frank Sinatra - The Music Stopped | 116B 1. Frank Sinatra - I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night | 116B 2. Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight | 117A 1. Jimmy Dorsey & his Orchestra - Julia | 117A 2. Jimmy Dorsey & his Orchestra - Contrast | 117B Jimmy Dorsey & his Orchestra - John Silver | 125A 1. Spike Jones & his City Slickers - As Time Goes By | 125A 2. Spike Jones & his City Slickers - Barstool Cowboy From Old Barstow | 125B 1. Spike Jones & his City Slickers - Hotcha Cornia | 125B 2. Spike Jones & his City Slickers - Jungle Town | 128A 1. Bing Crosby - Please | 128A 2. Bing Crosby - A Yank In a Tank | 128B 1. Bing Crosby & the Charioteers - Sleep, Kentucky Babe | 128B 2. Bing Crosby - What Do You Do In the Infantry | 129A 1. Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder - Rock Me | 129A 2. Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder - That's All | 129B 1. Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder - Trouble In Mind | 129B 2. Sister Rosetta Tharpe with Lucky Millinder - Rock Daniel | 135A Vaughn Monroe - Something Sentimental | 135B Mildred Bailey with Teddy Wilson - Scrap Your Fat | 138A Harry James & his Orchestra - Easter Parade | 138B 1. Harry James & his Orchestra - Ciribiribin | 138B 2. Harry James & his Orchestra - Carnival Of Venice | 141A 1. Military District of Washington Band - Military District of Washington March | 141A 2. Military District of Washington Band - Men Of Ohio | 141B 1. Military District of Washington Band - Our Bugler | 141B 2. Military District of Washington Band - Old Soldiers Never Die | 144A 1. Capt. Glenn Miller & the AAFTC Orch. - The Squadron Song | 144A 2. Capt. Glenn Miller & the AAFTC Orch. - Tail End Charlie | 144B 1. Capt. Glenn Miller & the AAFTC Orch. - Don't Be That Way | 144B 2. Capt. Glenn Miller & the AAFTC Orch. - Blue Champagne | 145A 1. Carson Robison - Message | 145A 2. Carson Robison - 1944 Nursery Rhymes | 145A 3. Carson Robison - The Charms Of the City Ain't Fer Me | 145B Roy Acuff & his Smokey Mountain Boys - Pins and Needles | 147A 1. The Southern Sons - Two Wings | 147A 2. The Southern Sons - We'll Anchor Bye and Bye | 147B 1. The Southern Sons - Ring Dem Golden Bells | 147B 2. The Southern Sons - Message | 148A 1. Tony Pastor & his Orchestra - Message | 148A 2. Tony Pastor & his Orchestra - How Sweet You Are | 148B - Artie Shaw & his Orchestra - Adios, Mariquita Linda | 149A 1. Bing Crosby - Moonlight Bay | 149A 2. Bing Crosby - Ridin' Herd On A Cloud | 149B 1. Phil Brito - Come Back To Sorrento | 149B 2. Phil Brito - I Used To Love You But It's All Over Now | 153A Boston Symphony Orch. (Serge Koussevitsky) - Berlioz Rakoczy March | 153B Boston Symphony Orch. (Serge Koussevitsky) - Schubert Rosamunde Ballet Music | 157A Jimmy Dorsey & his Orchestra - That Wonderful, Worrisome Feeling | 157B Woody Herman & his Orchestra - By the River Of the Roses | 158A Les Brown & his Orchestra - Just For A Day | 158B 1. Louis Jordan - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby | 158B 2. Louis Jordan - Knock Me A Kiss | 31A Arturo Toscanini & the NBC Symphony - Garibaldi's War Hymn | 31B Arturo Toscanini & the NBC Symphony - Stars and Stripes Forever | 42A 1. Goldman Band - With Trumpet and Drums | 42A 2. Goldman Band - On the Campus | 42B 1. Goldman Band - Korcoran Cadets | 42B 2. Goldman Band - Southern Melodies | 43A Harry James & his Orchestra - Caprice Viennois | 43B Harry James & his Orchestra - Feet Draggin' Blues | 47A 1. Richard Dyer-Bennett - Venezuela | 47A 2. Richard Dyer-Bennett - The Keeper Of the Eddistone Light | 47B Richard Dyer-Bennett - Foggy Foggy Dew | 52A Boston Pops Orchestra (Arthur Fiedler, cond.) - Jalousie | 52B 1. Boston Pops Orchestra (Arthur Fiedler, cond.) - Washington Post March | 52B 2. Boston Pops Orchestra (Arthur Fiedler, cond.) - El Capitan | 60A David Rose & his Orchestra - Our Waltz | 60B David Rose & his Orchestra - Holiday For Strings | 69A 1. Tommy Tucker Time - I Never Mentioned Your Name | 69A 2. Tommy Tucker Time - They're Either Too Young Or Too Old | 69B Tommy Tucker Time - There's a Flame Still Burning | 74A Fats Waller - This Is So Nice It Must Be Illegal - Martinique | 74B 1. Fats Waller - Waller Jive | 74B 2. Fats Waller - Hallelujah | 87A 1. Carol Bruce with Red Norvo - Message | 87A 2. Carol Bruce with Red Norvo - Embraceable You | 87B 1. Carol Bruce with Red Norvo - Something For the Boys | 87B 2. Carol Bruce with Red Norvo - Abraham