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WWII Films: U.S. Propaganda And Morale Films DVD, Download, USB Drive

WWII Films: U.S. Propaganda And Morale Films DVD, Download, USB Drive
WWII Films: U.S. Propaganda And Morale Films DVD, Download, USB Drive
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26 Propaganda Films Present The Facts As The Government Saw Them To Keep The Home Fires Burning For War! 4 Hours Of Archival Footage Packed Into 1 Dual Layer All Regions DVD!


A LETTER FROM BATAAN (1944, 13:51)
Pete and Johnny die in the jungles of Bataan because of night blindness caused by malnutrition. Pete's ghost makes sure to bring the news back to his family that what they do and the sacrifices they make to help them will save their lives and help win the war. Co-stars Susan Hayward.

A TALE OF TWO CITIES (1946, 12:02)
The U. S. War Department assesses the effects of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings on the cities themselves and their populations.

AVENGE DECEMBER 7 (1942, 1:45)
A war bond trailer encapsulating all the angst and bitterness of an American public still smarting from the humiliation of the Pearl Harbor sneak attack.

CAMPUS ON THE MARCH (1942, 18:07)
An analysis of the contribution the nation's colleges and universities were making to the war effort.

COAST GUARD SPARS (1943, 5:42)
The story of the induction of women into the U.S. Coast Guard and their contributions.

D-DAY MINUS ONE (1945, 16:45)
An excellent chronicle of the famed exploits of the U.S. 82nd & 101st Airborne Divisions that parachuted into France to engage in special operations in preparation for and congress with the 1944 invasion of France.

FOOD FOR FIGHTERS (1943, 9:50)
The importance of nutritious food and its logistical supply for the war effort.

HEMP FOR VICTORY (1942, 13:51)
While most folks attribute to hemp its use as a recreational drug under the name "marijuna", its usefulness for rope, parachutes, paper and much more was an integral and important part of wartime production.

The continuing story of wartime transportation, with special attention to the problems of the rubber shortage and its effect on wheeled transport.

IT CAN'T LAST (1944, 18:29)
Pulitzer Prize winner Archibald MacLeish wrote this propaganda piece exhorting the American public to hang in there the best they could while our boys fought their way to victory.

MR. BLABBERMOUTH (1942, 6:14)
The terrible consequences of a capricious gossiper's loose talk are copiously illustrated through newsreel footage of the how such talk rent asunder the freedom of the European and Asian countries already conquered by the Axis.

The power of and need for good hard labor from good hard laborers is explained and celebrated.

Six film shorts, five selling the last cars General Motor's Oldsmobile had available for sale "for the duration", and one proclaiming the company and worker's commitment to defense.

PEARL HARBOR (1942, 3:20)
Classic propaganda film inciting agression towards both Japan and Germany immediately following entering into a state of war with those two nations.

Very intense, graphic, one-of-a-kind color film, created for the Seventh War Loan, of G.I.s in actual combat, intended to help sell war bonds. A classic production of the U. S. Treasury, War Finance Division.

RING OF STEEL (1941, 8:36)
The U.S. Office of Emergency Management reassures the country with this illustration of the protection that American Armed Forces provide the country.

A how-to guide in keeping loose lips from sinking ships and other careless talk from aiding saboteurs.

THE PRICE OF VICTORY (1942, 13:28)
American Vice President Henry Wallace explains to the greater American people in the first months of America's involvement in World War II what sacrifices were going to have to be made and the effort that was going to have to be spent to bring down and defeat the combined Axis forces of Germany, Japan and Italy.

TROOP TRAIN 1943, 13:15)
All aspects of what a troop train is, does and is provided for to keep the nation's soldiers moving during wartime.

The continuation of democratic processes while the republic is at war is touted in this John Houseman directed skillful propaganda piece on the 1944 presidential election.

WHAT TO DO IN A GAS ATTACK (1942-43, 13:52)
Info for the homefront on what a gas attack is, what it does, and how the simple household items of bleach and bicarbonate of soda can be employed against it.