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Victory At Sea (1954) Rare WWII Movie DVD, MP4 Download, USB Stick

Victory At Sea (1954) Rare WWII Movie DVD, MP4 Download, USB Stick
Victory At Sea (1954) Rare WWII Movie DVD, MP4 Download, USB Stick
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The Rare 1954 Made-For-The-Movies Version Of The Great World War II Television Series! In All Regions DVD Format!

The carefully condensed version of the epic and pioneering 1952 TV series, rousingly told through the series' most dramatic battle footage and accompanied by the world famous musical score of Richard Rodgers conducted by Robert Bennet leading the RCA VIctor Symphony Orchestra. Never before or since has World War II naval history been so movingly or dramatically told as it is in this critically acclaimed motion picture! (1954, B&W, 1:38).

Isaac Kleinerman

Richard Hanser, Henry Salomon

Richard Rodgers (Composer), Robert Russell Bennett (Conductor), RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra)

Alexander Scourby

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