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The Wave: The 1967 Third Wave Experiment In Fascism DVD MP4 USB Drive

The Wave: The 1967 Third Wave Experiment In Fascism DVD MP4 USB Drive
The Wave: The 1967 Third Wave Experiment In Fascism DVD MP4 USB Drive
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The 1967 Third Wave Experiment In Fascism, Based On The Real Experiences Of A High School Class In Palo Alto, California In April, 1967! The Award Winning 1981 ABC Afterschool Special Starring Bruce Davison, Lori Lethin And John Putch, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, 1981, 44 Minutes.) #TheWave #BruceDavison #LoriLethin #JohnPutch #ThirdWaveExperiement #TheWave #RonJones #Nazism #Fascism #PsychologyExperiments #PsychologicalExperiments #PaloAltoCA #Conformity #AdolfHitler #SDS #AfterschoolSpecial #MP4 #VideoDownload #DVD


When a high school teacher struggles to explain to his pupils why an intelligent people like the Germans would allow a brutal orgnaization like the Nazi Party to assume power over them, he devises a radical new approach to teaching the subject, which unleashes powerful social and psychological forces that quickly begin to go out of control. Famed as the best of the Afterschool specials, it is as provocative and controversial now as it was when it was first aired. A must-see teleplay.

Alexander Grasshoff

Virginia L. Carter (Executive Producer), Fern Field (Producer)

Ron Jones (Article, "The Third Wave"), Johnny Dawkins (Teleplay), Todd Strasser (Book)

Winner, Emmy, 1982, Outstanding Children's Program
Winner, Peabody Award, 1981
Winner, Young Artist Award, 1982, Best Television Special - Family Enjoyment

Bruce Davison ... Ben Ross
Lori Lethin ... Laurie
John Putch ... David
Johnny Doran ... Robert
Pasha Gray ... Amy
Wesley Pfenning ... Christy Ross (as Wesley Ann Pfenning)
Larry Keith ... Mr. Saunders
Teri Ralston ... Mrs. Saunders
Marc Copage ... Student
Jamie Rose ... Andrea

April 3, 1967: The Third Wave Experiment begins, an experimental social movement created by California high school history teacher Ron Jones in 1967 to explain how the German population could accept the actions of the Nazi regime during the Second World War. While he taught his students about Nazi Germany during his "Contemporary World History" class, Jones found it difficult to explain how the German people could accept the actions of the Nazis, and decided to create a social movement as a demonstration of the appeal of fascism. Over the course of five days, Jones - a member of the SDS, Cubberley United Student Movement sponsor and Black Panthers supporter - conducted a series of exercises in his classroom emphasizing discipline and community, intended to model certain characteristics of the Nazi movement. As the movement grew outside his class and began to number in the hundreds, Jones began to feel that the movement had spiraled out of control. He convinced the students to attend a rally where he claimed that the classroom project was part of a nationwide movement, and that the announcement of a Third Wave presidential candidate would be televised. Upon their arrival, the students were presented with a blank channel. Jones told his students of the true nature of the movement as an experiment in fascism, and presented to them a short film discussing the actions of Nazi Germany. The events of the experiment were adapted into a 1981 US TV special, The Wave. This formed the basis for the Young Adult novelization of the same name by Todd Strasser, who conducted the story of the Third Wave into a modern time period, who used the pen name Morton Rhue in Europe.