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The Secret War WWII Secret Weapons TV Series DVD, Download, USB Drive

The Secret War WWII Secret Weapons TV Series DVD, Download, USB Drive
The Secret War WWII Secret Weapons TV Series DVD, Download, USB Drive
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The Historic 1978 British Documentary Series! All 7 Hour Long Episodes Packed Into 4 Dual Layer All Regions DVDS!

William Woollard hosts this unprecedented peek into the secret world of Axis & Allied secret weapons, which helped to bring into the public domain much of the secret history of World War II! Features rare interviews with British Intelligence chiefs Dr. R. V Jones and Duncan Sands, British Photographic Interpreter Constance Babington Smith who discovered the V-1 Flying Rocket, German Ministry of Armaments Chief Albert Speer, German Fighter Operations Adolf Galland, German Test Pilot Hannah Reich, British Jet Aircraft Pioneer Frank Whittle, British Project Ultra Chief Group Captain F. W. Winterbotham, British Radar Pioneer Arnold Wilkins and more! (Main footage Color, Archival footage Black & White).


Epi. 1: The Battle of the Beams (Nighttime Aircraft Guidance) | Epi. 2: To See For A Hundred Miles (Radar)

Epi. 3: Terror Weapons (The V-1 and V-2) | Epi. 4: If... (Experimental Weapons, Jet Planes, Rocket Planes, Helicopters, SAM Missiles, Guided Missiles, Panjandrum, Etc.)

Epi. 5: The Deadly Waves (Magnetic Mines) | Epi. 6: Still Secret (The Enigma Code and Project Ultra) (Note: It was this historic episode that helped to finally tear down the veil of secrecy over Project Ultra 23 years after the end of the war!)

Epi. 7: The Battle Of The Atlantic

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