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The Secret War Historic WWII TV Series + Bonus Title DVD MP4 USB Drive

The Secret War Historic WWII TV Series + Bonus Title DVD MP4 USB Drive
The Secret War Historic WWII TV Series + Bonus Title DVD MP4 USB Drive
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The Historic British TV Documentary Series That Reveals, For First Time Ever, The Secret Truths About The Technological And Cryptological Battles Of The Second World War In Seven Hour-Long Episodes Hosted By William Woollard, Featuring Rare Interviews With British Intelligence Chiefs Dr. R. V Jones And Duncan Sands, British Photographic Interpreter Constance Babington Smith Who Discovered The V-1 Flying Rocket, German Ministry Of Armaments Chief Albert Speer, German Fighter Operations Chief Adolf Galland, German Test Pilot Hannah Reich, British Jet Aircraft Pioneer Frank Whittle, British Project Ultra Chief Group Captain F. W. Winterbotham, British Radar Pioneer Arnold Wilkins And More (Color, 1978, 7 Episodes Of 50+ Minutes Each), PLUS BONUS TITLE: SECRET WEAPONS OF WW2, A Survey Of Nazi Germany's Secret Weapons Narrated By Edward Mulhare With R.V. Jones, David Irving And More (Color, 1987, 23 Minutes) -- All Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In An Archival Quality 4 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #SecretWeapons #SecretWeaponsOfWorldWarII #SecretWeaponsOfWWII #SecretWeaponsOfWW2 #SecretWeaponsOfTheSecondWorldWar #VWeapons #Vergeltungswaffen #Wunderwaffe #VengeanceWeaponsn #Wunderwaffe #VengeanceWeapons #V1 #V2 #V3 #ExperimentalWeapons #JetPlanes #JetAircraft #RocketPlanes #Helicopters #SAMMissiles #SAMs #GuidedMissiles #Panjandrum #Peenemunde #Radar #Enigma #EnigmaCode #ProjectUltra #UltraSecret #Knickebein #MagneticMines #WilliamWoollard #RVJones #DuncanSands #ConstanceBabingtonSmith #AlbertSpeer #AdolfGalland #HannahReich #FrankWhittle #FWWinterbotham #ArnoldWilkins #DavidIrving #SecretWar #EuropeanTheatreOfWWII #SecondEuropeanWar #EuropeanCivilWar #EuropeanTheaterOfWWII #WorldWarII #WWII #WW2 #WorldWarTwo #WorldWar2 #SecondWorldWar #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

* 2/15/2020: Updated With SECRET WEAPONS OF WW2!



Epi. 1: The Battle of the Beams (The Battle Of The Beams: Nighttime Aircraft Guidance: Operation Knickebein)

Epi. 2: To See For A Hundred Miles (Radar)


Epi. 3: Terror Weapons (The V-1 and V-2 Vengeance Weapons)

Epi. 4: If... (Experimental Weapons, Jet Planes, Rocket Planes, Helicopters, SAM Missiles, Guided Missiles, Panjandrum, Etc.)


Epi. 5: The Deadly Waves (Magnetic Mines)

Epi. 6: Still Secret (The Enigma Code And Project Ultra)
(*NOTE: This is the historic television episode that finally tore down the wall of secrecy about the Allies' secret project to break the German Enigma signals code, code named Project Ultra, here revealed to the general public for the first time ever, a full 23 years after the war's end!)


Epi. 7: The Battle Of The Atlantic

BONUS TITLE: Secret Weapons Of WW2

World War II: The Secret War: Technology During World War II: Technology played a significant role in World War II. Some of the technologies used during the war were developed during the interwar years of the 1920s and 1930s, much was developed in response to needs and lessons learned during the war, while others were beginning to be developed as the war ended. Many wars had major effects on the technologies that we use in our daily lives. However, compared to previous wars, World War II had the greatest effect on the technology and devices that are used today. Technology also played a greater role in the conduct of World War II than in any other war in history, and had a critical role in its final outcome. Many types of technology were customized for military use, and major developments occurred across several fields including: 1)Weaponry: ships, vehicles, submarines, aircraft, tanks, artillery, small arms; and biological, chemical, and atomic weapons; 2) Logistical support: vehicles necessary for transporting soldiers and supplies, such as trains, trucks, tanks, ships, and aircraft; 3) Communications and intelligence: devices used for navigation, communication, remote sensing, and espionage; 4) Medicine: surgical innovations, chemical medicines, and techniques; and 5) Rocketry: guided missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles, and automatic aircraft. World War II was the first war where military operations widely targeted the research efforts of the enemy. This included the exfiltration of Niels Bohr from German-occupied Denmark to Britain in 1943; the sabotage of Norwegian heavy water production; and the bombing of Peenemunde. Military operations were also conducted to obtain intelligence on the enemy's technology; for example, the Bruneval Raid for German radar and Operation Most III for the German V-2.