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The Memphis Belle (1944) + 3 Bonus Features DVD, Download, USB Drive

The Memphis Belle (1944) + 3 Bonus Features DVD, Download, USB Drive
The Memphis Belle (1944) + 3 Bonus Features DVD, Download, USB Drive
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Fly And Fight With The Crew On An Actual Bombing Mission Over Germany In William Wyler's Award Winning Film About The Last Mission Of A B-17 PLUS Bonus 3 Features: The Opening And Closing Segments Of "THE MEMPHIS BELLE (Documentary, 1990), "B-17: THE FLYING FORTRESS" and "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: THE STORY OF THE FLYING FORTRESS" All In All Regions DVD Format! #MemphisBelle #TheMemphisBelle #EighthAirForce #WilliamWyler #B17 #FlyingFortress #StrategicBombingDuringWorldWarII #StrategicBombingDuringWWII #AirWarfareOfWorldWarII #AirWarfareOfWWII #WorldWarII #WWII #AmericanFilmIndustryDuringWorldWarII #AmericanFilmIndustryDuringWWII #AmericaWorldWarII #AmericaWWII #AmericanHomefrontWWII #AmericanHomefrontWorldWarII #UnitedStatesHomeFrontDuringWorldWarII #USHomeFrontDuringWorldWarII #WorldWarII #WWII #DVD


THE MEMPHIS BELLE (Technicolor, 1943, 39:40)
Fly and fight with the crew on an actual bombing mission over Germany in this award winning film (NBR Award for Best Documentary, National Board of Review, 1944; National Film Registry Award, National Film Preservation Board, 2001) about the last mission in the tour of duty of a B-17 crew and their indominable airplane.

THE MEMPHIS BELLE (Color, 1990, 8 Minutes.)
The opening and closing segments of the 1990 documentary presentation of the film, with interviews with US Eight Air Force airmen who flew the same kinds of missions the Memphis Belle did, and in the same model plane, the B-17.

BONUS FEATURE #1: B-17: THE FLYING FORTRESS (Color, 1988, 23 Minutes)
A repectful tribute to the history and importance of the great iconic American bomber. aided by the insights of such men with experience of the plane as General Curtis LeMay, who commanded the US 8th Air Force bomber command that flew the B-17s over Fortress Europe during World War II, as well as Tom Landry, the coach of the Dallas Cowboys football team and a B-17 co-pilot veteran of the 8th Air Force.

A chronicle of an autumn 1942 8th Army Air Force mission over Europe, from the preparation of the planes straight through to return to base, including aerial footage of the bombing mission itself.

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