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The Germans In World War II Complete TV Series DVD, Download, USB

The Germans In World War II Complete TV Series DVD, Download, USB
The Germans In World War II Complete TV Series DVD, Download, USB
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The German Experience Of World War II Told From The Perspective Of The Germans Themselves, From The Misleadingly Optimistic Early Battlefield Successes To The Terrible Retribution Their Chosen Enemies Exacted From Them In Return - A Unique Insight Into The Second World War As Told In Six Hour-Long Episodes, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In A 3 Disc All Regions Format Archival Quality DVD Set! (Color, 1989) #ThirdReich #NaziGermany #Germany #WorldWarII #WWII #SecondWorldWar #DVD


Epi. 1: Marching Into War | Epi. 2: The War In The West | Epi. 3: The War In The East | Epi. 4: Retreat On All Fronts | Epi. 5: The Drama Of Air & Sea Warfare | Epi. 6: The Fall Of The Reich

* Special Note: MediaOutlet.com proprietor J. C. Kaelin was the supplier of the thermal facsimile paper ("fax paper") used by the producers of this TV series to communicate with each other about it. New Jersey Network (NJN) purchased a fax machine in 1986 for exclusive use to communicate with its German and Austrian partners in this production (Bayerischer Rundfunk, Suedwestfunk and Oesterreichischer Rundfunk). J. C. was the sales manager of the office machine supplies company Supply Saver in Wall Township, New Jersey at that time, and he retained the New Jersey Network as his personal account, and won the bid for the thermal facsimile paper that NJN used in their fax machines at that time. Over 30 years later, he's representing that same series here and now :) .

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