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The Dieppe Raid Documentaries & Live Radio DVD, Download, USB Drive

The Dieppe Raid Documentaries & Live Radio DVD, Download, USB Drive
The Dieppe Raid Documentaries & Live Radio DVD, Download, USB Drive
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The Dieppe Raid, The Catastrophic 1942 Amphibious Invasion Of A German-Occupied French Port By Canadian, British And American Troops To Test German Coastal Defenses Before The North African And D-Day Invasions, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In All Regions DVD Format! #DieppeRaid #WorldWarII #WWII #DVD


THE DIEPPE RAID (Color, 1979, 1 Hour 11 Minutes)
A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation production chronicling in detail the planning, execution and aftermath of Operation Jubilee, whose casualty rate among the 5,000 Canadian contingent committed to The Battle of Dieppe, which was the backbone of the infantry forces committed to the effort, was an astonishing 3,367 killed, wounded or taken prisoner.

BATTLELINE: DIEPPE (Black And White, 1963, 24 Minutes)
This episode from the epic 1963 documentary series featuring an account from a soldier from each side of a particular battle compares the experiences of Corp. Heinz Cassina, of German 302nd Infantry Division, and Sgt. Gilbert Usher Renwick, a Platoon Leader of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division.

A German mobile field recording unit with an English-speaking reporter gives a live and often desperate account of the invasion of Dieppe three hundred yards away from the main center of action, at one point fifty yards away from incoming tanks. A historical document of a high order for the fact that it was recorded at all, and further that it records live reportage of an amphibious invasion, from an Axis reporter, who spoke English, describing what is clearly a pitched battle, reporting, shouting and exclaiming in turns; "Hell seems to be loosed...", right up to and past the surrender of the British and Canadian troops in front of him. J. C. Kaelin took a full day digitally remastering this seven minute recording in 1998, a recording he obtained when he searched the shelves at the U.S. National Archives II that same year, fixing its dramatic variations in volume as fighters strafed overhead, bombs exploded, the microphone pulled away from the reporter's mouth when he was taking cover and so on, so that every event that was recorded could be heard clearly and distinctly. We have nothing else like it in the MediaOutlet.com collection.

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