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The Beginning or the End (1947) Manhattan Project DVD, Download, USB

The Beginning or the End (1947) Manhattan Project DVD, Download, USB
The Beginning or the End (1947) Manhattan Project DVD, Download, USB
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The 1947 Dramatization Of The Development Of The Atomic Bomb Starring Brian Donlevy And Hume Cronyn In All Regions DVD Format!

This film seeks to chronicle in docudramatic form the declassified history of the Manhattan Project that resulted in the creation of the atomic bomb, based on an idea of actress Donna Reed and her high school science teacher, Edward R. Tompkins, who worked on the project. The film's title was given by President Harry S. Truman.

From the film opening:

"...amid the three thousand year old redwoods of California, scientists and dignitaries are burying a time capsule. At the base of these trees that have watched the rise and fall of many civilizations, these records of atomic progress will rest until the year 2446... among the many items and records sealed within the time capsule were a movie projector, with instructions for its use engraved on copper, and a print of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture dramatization THE BEGINNING OR THE END, a title expressing the fear of people today that a future atomic war may destroy all humanity; a message to future generations. Come what may, our civilization will have left an enduring record behind it; ours will be no lost race... You are about to see the motion picture sealed in the time capsule for the people of the 25th Century."

(Black and White, 1:52).

Norman Taurog

Robert Considine, Frank Wead

Brian Donlevy ... Maj. Gen. Leslie R. Groves
Robert Walker ... Col. Jeff Nixon
Tom Drake ... Matt Cochran
Beverly Tyler ... Anne Cochran
Audrey Totter ... Jean O'Leary
Hume Cronyn ... Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer
Hurd Hatfield ... Dr. John Wyatt
Joseph Calleia ... Dr. Enrico Fermi
Godfrey Tearle ... President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Victor Francen ... Dr. Marre
Richard Haydn ... Dr. Chisholm
Jonathan Hale ... Dr. Vannevar Bush
John Litel ... K.T. Keller
Henry O'Neill ... Gen. Thomas F. Farrell
Warner Anderson ... Capt. William S. Parsons