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Sacrifice At Pearl Harbor: Conspiracy Investigation DVD, Download, USB

Sacrifice At Pearl Harbor: Conspiracy Investigation DVD, Download, USB
Sacrifice At Pearl Harbor: Conspiracy Investigation DVD, Download, USB
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How The United States Intentionally Allowed The Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor To Happen In All Regions DVD Format!


Did the United States deliberately maneuver the Japanese into a political position whose only way out was to attack the United States? Knowing this, did the United States deliberately allow that attack to happen? And when a complex of intelligence collected over 6 months, right up to the final hours before the attack, indicated that a Japanese naval attack against American Naval and Air Forces at Pearl Harbor would occur on the morning of Sunday December 7th 1941, did the United States deliberately withhold prior warning to America's armed forces stationed there to prepare for the attack? This excellent 1989 BBC documentary answers all these questions with an emphatic yes - not only as the result of their careful research, but with the weight of evidence supplied by many excellent exclusive interviews with the military men, intelligence officers, politicians and spies directly involved with the matter. Even the famed double agent "Tricycle" gives exclusive testimony in this documentary of his providing the Americans a microfilm given him by the Nazis filled with detailed questions about US military forces at Pearl Harbor many months before the attack, which microfilm was given to President Roosevelt himself under the direct personal orders of Prime Minister Winston Churchill! If you want a documentary in your library that closes the case for you and for any of your friends or colleagues who want to argue the subject with you, this is the documentary to have (Color, 1 Hour 10 Minutes).

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