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Operation Torch The Liberation Of French North Africa MP4 Download DVD

Operation Torch The Liberation Of French North Africa MP4 Download DVD
Operation Torch The Liberation Of French North Africa MP4 Download DVD
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Operation Torch, The Allied Invasion Of French North Africa: The First Mass Allied Operation of World War II, The First Mass Involvement Of US Troops In The European-North African Theatre, And The First Major Airborne Assault Carried Out By The United States! Over Ninety Minutes Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD! #OperationTorch #AlliedInvasionOfFrenchNorthAfrica #Algiers #FrenchResistance #GeoGrasGroup #JewishFrenchResistance #DwightEisenhower #AlphonseJuin #FrancoisDarlan #VichyFrance #AlliesOfWorldWarII #AlliesOfWWII #NorthAfricanCampaign #MediterraneanAndMiddleEastTheatreOfWorldWarII #MediterraneanAndMiddleEastTheatreOfWWII #WorldWarII #WWII #WW2 #WorldWarTwo #WorldWar2 #SecondWorldWar #MP4 #VideoDownload #DVD


1) Our Century: Operation Torch: 50th Anniversary Special With Edward Hermann, Featuring 1) Battleline: Epi. 16: Operation Torch, And 2) Crusade In Europe: Epi. 5: Africa: Our First Offensive (Color, 1992, 48 Minutes)

2) The Twentieth Century With Walter Cronkite: Target: North Africa (Black/White, 195X, 23 Minutes)

3) Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years: Epi. 11: The Torch Is Lit (Black/White, 1960, 23 Minutes)

Operation Torch (November 8, 1942 - November 16, 1942) was an Allied invasion of French North Africa during the Second World War. Torch was a compromise operation that met the British objective of securing victory in North Africa while allowing American armed forces the opportunity to engage in the fight against Nazi Germany on a limited scale. It was the first mass involvement of US troops in the European-North African Theatre, and saw the first major airborne assault carried out by the United States. While the French colonies were formally aligned with Germany via Vichy France, the loyalties of the population were mixed. Reports indicated that they might support the Allies. American General Dwight D. Eisenhower, supreme commander of the Allied forces in Mediterranean Theater of Operations, planned a three-pronged attack on Casablanca (Western), Oran (Center) and Algiers (Eastern), then a rapid move on Tunis to catch Axis forces in North Africa from the west in conjunction with Allied advance from the east. The Western Task Force encountered unexpected resistance and bad weather, but Casablanca, the principal French Atlantic naval base, was captured after a short siege. The Center Task Force suffered some damage to its ships when trying to land in shallow water but the French ships were sunk or driven off; Oran surrendered after bombardment by British battleships. The French Resistance had unsuccessfully attempted a coup in Algiers and, even though this raised alertness in the Vichy forces, the Eastern Task Force met less opposition and were able to push inland and compel surrender on the first day. The success of Torch caused Admiral Francois Darlan, commander of the Vichy French forces, to order co-operation with the Allies, in return for being installed as High Commissioner, with many other Vichy officials keeping their jobs. Darlan was assassinated soon afterwards, and the Free French gradually came to dominate the government.

The Tunisian Campaign (also known as The Battle Of Tunisia) was a series of battles that took place in Tunisia during the North African campaign of the Second World War, between Axis and Allied forces from November 17, 1942 to May 13, 1943. The Allies consisted of British Imperial Forces, including a Greek contingent, with American and French corps. The battle opened with initial success by the German and Italian forces but the massive supply interdiction efforts led to the decisive defeat of the Axis. Over 250,000 German and Italian troops were taken as prisoners of war, including most of the Afrika Korps.