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Of Pure Blood Nazi Master Race Eugenics Program Lebensborn DVD MP4 USB

Of Pure Blood Nazi Master Race Eugenics Program Lebensborn DVD MP4 USB
Of Pure Blood Nazi Master Race Eugenics Program Lebensborn DVD MP4 USB
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The Shocking Story Of The Nazi Breeding And Racial Purification Programs Run By The S.S. Under The Personal Supervision Of Their Leader Heinrich Himmler, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, 1972, 1 Hour 30 Minutes.) #Lebensborn #SS #NaziBreedingProgram #HeinrichHimmler #RacialHygene #RacialPurification #RaceAndResettlement #NaziEugenics #Eugenics #Racism #NaziGermany #ThirdReich #DVD #MP4 #VideoDownload

December 12, 1935: The Lebensborn Project, a Nazi human reproduction program, is founded by Heinrich Himmler, both to counteract falling birth rates in Germany, and to promote Nazi eugenics. Lebensborn, meaning "Fount of Life", was an SS-initiated, state-supported, registered association in Nazi Germany with the goal of raising the birth rate of "Aryan" children of persons classified as "racially pure and healthy" based on Nazi racial hygiene and health ideology. Lebensborn provided welfare to its mostly unmarried mothers, encouraged anonymous births by unmarried women at their maternity homes, and mediated adoption of these children by likewise "racially pure and healthy" parents, particularly SS members and their families. The Cross of Honour of the German Mother was given to the women who bore the most Aryan children. Abortion was legalised by the Nazis for disabled children. Initially set up in Germany in 1935, Lebensborn expanded into several occupied European countries with Germanic populations during the Second World War. It included the selection of "racially worthy" orphans for adoption and care for children #born from Aryan women who had been in relationships with SS members. It originally excluded children #born from unions between common soldiers and foreign women, because there was no proof of racial purity on both sides. During the war, many children were kidnapped from their parents and judged by "aryan" criteria for their suitability to be raised in Lebensborn homes, and fostering by German families. At the Nuremberg Trials, much direct evidence was found of the Kidnapping of children by Nazi Germany, not just in Poland but across Greater Germany during the period 1939-45.