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Hunt For Stolen War Treasures Live: Nazi Plunder + Bonus DVD, MP4, USB

Hunt For Stolen War Treasures Live: Nazi Plunder + Bonus DVD, MP4, USB
Hunt For Stolen War Treasures Live: Nazi Plunder + Bonus DVD, MP4, USB
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The Stolen Art, Gold And Valuables Taken By Nazi Germany During Their Occupation Of World War II Europe Is Here Hunted Down And Brought To Light In This Special Live World-Wide TV Hook-Up Of 8 PM Eastern Time Monday April 24th 1989 Hosted By Michael York. A One-Of-A-Kind Connection By Satellite Between Washington, DC; Waterford Ireland; Santiago, Chile; And Hallstatt, Austria, Where Two Nazi Crates Were Retrieved By Divers From The Village Lake, Resulting In The Paralysis Of One Diver, The Theft Of One Of The Crates The Night Prior To Broadcast, And The Remaining Crate Being Opened For The First Time During This Broadcast. What Did They Find In The Remaining Crate? It Comes At The End Of This Admirable Survey And Analysis Of The Global Who, What, When, Where And Why Of Nazi Plundered Art, Valuables And Wealth. Contains The Complete Live Broadcast (Color, 1989, 1 Hour 27 Minutes) PLUS BONUS TITLE: IN SEARCH OF: IN SEARCH OF NAZI PLUNDER (Color, 1978, 23 Minutes), An Episode Of The Landmark Alternative History TV Series Narrated By Leonard Nimoy Concerned With The Gold, Art And Historical Artifacts Plundered From Nazi-Occupied Europe -- All Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #NaziPlunder #Raubkunst #NaziTreasure #Odessa #SS #NaziGold #StolenArt #StolenGold #MichaelYork #TreasureHunts #NaziGermany #ThirdReich #WorldWarII #WorldWarII #WWII #WW2 #WorldWarTwo #WorldWar2 #SecondWorldWar #DVD #MP4 #VideoDownload

* 3/24/19: Updated With "IN SEARCH OF: IN SEARCH OF NAZI PLUNDER" With Leonard Nimoy!

Nazi Plunder (Raubkunst in German) was the stealing of art and other items which occurred as a result of the organized looting of European countries during the time of the Nazi Party in Germany. The looting of Polish and Jewish property was a key part of the Holocaust. The plundering was carried out from 1933, beginning with the seizure of the property of German Jews, until the end of World War II, particularly by military units which were known as the Kunstschutz, although most of the plunder was acquired during the war. In addition to gold, silver and currency, cultural items of great significance were stolen, including paintings, ceramics, books and religious treasures. Although most of these items were recovered by agents of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program (MFAA, also known as the Monuments Men), on behalf of the Allies immediately following the war, many of them are still missing. An international effort to identify Nazi plunder which still remains unaccounted for is underway, with the ultimate aim of returning the items to their rightful owners, their families or their respective countries.