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Holocaust Films Documentary Collection DVD, Video Download, USB Drive

Holocaust Films Documentary Collection DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
Holocaust Films Documentary Collection DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
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The Third Reich's Inhumanity To Man In Evidence And On Trial! 4 Authentic Films On 1 All Regions DVD!


A grisly, detailed and uncompromising film documenting at length the horrors American troops discovered in the concentration camps they liberated. May be distressing to some viewers.

Walter Cronkite narrates this journey through the court proceedings that held the leaders of Nazi Germany to account for the horrors of the Holocaust under The Third Reich.

NUREMBERG (1947, 1:15:05)
The US Army's official feature length documentary film on the Nuremberg Trials, chronicling the crimes against humanity committed by the Third Reich in general and the defendants in particular, their aftermath of death and destruction throughout Europe, and the progress and process of the trial prosecuted by the victorious Allies against the perpetrators of these horrific crimes.

This dark Russian film, in its original dubbed English version, graphically illustrates in stark images and uncompromising narrative the terrible costs of the wars of conquest and genocide waged by Nazi Germany. It was released immediately after the conclusion of the 1946 Nuremberg Trials. Some sections on concentration camp horrors may be distressing to some viewers.

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