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FSM's Sounds & Songs Of The Demonstration! LP (1964) CD, MP3, USB

FSM's Sounds & Songs Of The Demonstration! LP (1964) CD, MP3, USB
FSM's Sounds & Songs Of The Demonstration! LP (1964) CD, MP3, USB
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The September-October 1964 Campus Confrontations At The University Of California, Berkeley That Marked The Mobilization Of The 1960s Student Protest Movement! The Entire 1965 33 1/3 LP Record On 1 MP3 CD!


LP Side "Sounds Of The Demonstration":
Part One: The Sproul Hall Sit-In | Part Two: The Arrest Of Jack Weinberg | Part Three: From The Top Of The Police Car

LP Side "Songs Of The Demonstration":
1: Battle Of Berkeley Talking Blues - Dave Mandel | 2: Join The FSM - Dan Paik | 3: Free Speech Demonstration Blues - Dave Genesen | 4: There's A Man Takin' Names - Dan Paik | 5: Put My Name Down - Lee Felsenstein (Music Woody Guthrie) | 6: Womb With A View - Dan Paik, Sue Chesney, Barry Jablon | 7: Hey, Mr. Newsman - Richard Kampf, Paul Gilbert | 8: Lesson Of Berkeley - Richard Schmorleitz, Dan Pail | 9: Bastion Of Truth - Kevin Langdon

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