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Civil Rights OTR: Destination Freedom, New World A-Coming CD MP3 USB

Civil Rights OTR: Destination Freedom, New World A-Coming CD MP3 USB
Civil Rights OTR: Destination Freedom, New World A-Coming CD MP3 USB
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Two 1940s Black Civil Rights Series: DESTINATION FREEDOM, Richard Durham's 1948-50 History Of The African-American Experience, And NEW WORLD A-COMING, The 1944 Testament Of The Life And Issues Of Black Americans During World War II Based On Roi Ottley's 1943 Book "New World A-Coming: Inside Black America"! Over 35 Hours Packed Into 81 MP3s, Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 CD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #DestinationFreedom #NewWorldAComing #CivilRightsRadio #AfricanAmericanHistory #BlackHistory #Radio #BlackRadio #CivilRightsRadio #MP3 #CD #AudioDownload #USBDrive



Destination Freedom 480627 The Knock-Kneed Man (Crispus Attucks)

Destination Freedom 480704 Railway To Freedom (Harriet Tubman)

Destination Freedom 480718 004 The Denmark Vesey Story (AKA Telemaque)

Destination Freedom 480725 005 The Making of a Man (Frederick Douglass)

Destination Freedom 480801 006 The Key to Freedom (Frederick Douglass)

Destination Freedom 480808 007 The Heart of George Cotton (Heart Surgeons Dr. Ulysses Grant Bailey and Dr. Daniel Williams)

Destination Freedom 480822 009 Arctic Biography (Matthew Henson)

Destination Freedom 480829 010 The Story of 1875 (Charles Caldwell)

Destination Freedom 480905 011 The Poet of Pine Mill (James Weldon Johnson)

Destination Freedom 480926 014 Shakespeare of Harlem (Langston Hughes)

Destination Freedom 481010 016 Little David (Joe Louis)

Destination Freedom 481017 017 The Boy Who Was Traded for a Horse (George Washington Carver)

Destination Freedom 481107 019 Echoes of Harlem (Duke Ellington)

Destination Freedom 481121 021 The Rhyme of the Ancient Dodger (Jackie Robinson)

Destination Freedom 490220 034 Peace Mediator (Ralph Bunche)

Destination Freedom 490320 038 Black Boy (Richard Wright)

Destination Freedom 490515 045 The Ballad of Satchell Paige

Destination Freedom 490605 048 Anatomy of an Ordinance (Archibald Carey Jr.)

Destination Freedom 490717 053 Tales of Stackalee (Murder of Billy Lyons by "Stag" Lee Shelton ( "Stagolee", "Stagger Lee", "Stack-O-Lee"))

Destination Freedom 490731 055 The Trumpet Talks (Louis Armstrong)

Destination Freedom 490807 056 The Long Road (Mary Church Terrell)

Destination Freedom 490828 059 Segregation, Incorporated (Special Report)

Destination Freedom 490904 060 Blanche K. Bruce

Destination Freedom 491009 065 Father to Son (Adam Clayton Powell Jr.)

Destination Freedom 491106 069 Man Who Owned Chicago (Jean Baptiste Point du Sable)

Destination Freedom 500115 075 The Birth of a League (The National League on Urban Conditions Among Negroes (The National Urban League))

Destination Freedom 500312 083 Premonition of the Panther (Sugar Ray Robinson)

Destination Freedom 500326 085 The Liberators (Part 1: (William Lloyd Garrison (Part 2: Wendell Phillips missing)

Destination Freedom 500409 087 The Buddy Young Story (Missing)

Destination Freedom 500611 094 The Shy Boy (Fats Waller)

Destination Freedom 500702 097 Kansas City Phone Call (Nat King Cole)

Destination Freedom 500813 103 Last Letter Home (The Tuskegee Airmen (The 332d Fighter Group))

Destination Freedom 501015 111 Patriotic Format (American fighters for freedom)


NWaC 440305 (01) Premiere Program (Discrimination during World War II)

NWaC 440312 (02) The Negro, Fascism and Democracy

NWaC 440319 (03) The Negro in Early America

NWaC 440326 (04) The Negro in Entertainment

NWaC 440402 (05) Ghettoes

NWaC 440409 (06) The Negro and Health

NWaC 440416 (07) The Story of Negro Humor

NWaC 440423 (08) Story Behind the Headlines (The Black Press)

NWaC 440430 (09) Negro Church in NYC (Abyssinian Baptist Church and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Sr.)

NWaC 440507 (10) Arrangement in Black and White (Dorothy Parker's short story)

NWaC 440514 (11) The Colored Orphan Asylum (1836–1946 New York City institution)

NWaC 440521 (12) The Story of James Pearson (Contemporary Black trade unionist)

NWaC 440528 (13) The Story of Ted Morgan (Contemporary Black newspaper reporter)

NWaC 440604 (14) Life in the Ghetto

NWaC 440611 (15) A Statement on D-Day

NWaC 440618 (16) The Mammy Legend

NWaC 440625 (17) The Story of Negro Music

NWaC 441022 (18) The Vermont Experiment (Adam Clayton Power Jr.'s Vermont Farm Retreat) (No Opening)

NWaC 441029 (19) Music at War (Black Musical Acts During World War II)

NWaC 441105 (20) Executive Order 8802 (Presidents Committee On Fair Employment Practices)

NWaC 441112 (21) The Barbara Latham Story (White researcher for Newsweek Magazine)

NWaC 441119 (22) A Tribute to W C Handy

NWaC 441126 (23) Parachutes for Democracy (First Black owned and managed war plant)

NWaC 441203 (24) Heroes of the Sky (The Tuskegee Airmen) (Partial Show)

NWaC 441210 (25) The American Negro Theater

NWaC 441217 (26) We Deliver the Goods (Black Merchant mariners of World War II)

NWaC 441224 (27) Christmas Program

NWaC 441231 (28) I Teach Negro Girls (A White school teacher in Harlem)

NWaC 450107 (29) Hot Spots USA (Owen Dodson's story on Black migrant industrial workers)

NWaC 450114 (30) Freedom Road (Howard Fast's book on former slaves during Reconstruction) (Part 1)

NWaC 450121 (31) Freedom Road (Part 2)

NWaC 450128 (32) Roll Call (Owen Dodson novel) (Partial Show)

NWaC 450204 (33) There Are Things to Do (William Smith's book) (Partial Show)

NWaC 450211 (34) They Knew Lincoln (John Washington's book)

NWaC 450218 (35) The Story of Blood Plasma (Blood donations during World War II)

NWaC 450225 (36) Furlough Home (World War II - With Ruby Dee)

NWaC 450304 (37) Negroes in Housing

NWaC 450311 (38) Negroes and Health

NWaC 450318 (39) Negroes in Labor

NWaC 450325 (40) The Negro Reporter

NWaC 450401 (41) The Negro in Early American History

NWaC 450408 (42) White Folks Do Some Funny Things (By Langston Hughes)

NWaC 450415 (43) Memorial to Franklin D Roosevelt

NWaC 450422 (44) The Story of Negro Nurses

NWaC 450429 (45) Report From the Western Front

NWaC 450506 (46) Blood Flows Red (Mid 10 min Missing)

NWaC 450520 (48) The Meaning of V-E Day to Negroes

NWaC 450527 (49) The Wind at My Back (Black fight against Japan)