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Sir Arthur Harris Of RAF Bomber Command During WWII DVD, Download, USB

Sir Arthur Harris Of RAF Bomber Command During WWII DVD, Download, USB
Sir Arthur Harris Of RAF Bomber Command During WWII DVD, Download, USB
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The Life And Times Of The British Marshal Of RAF Bomber Command And Its Controversial Area Bombing Of Germany During World War II In All Regions DVD Format!


This early 1970s British/American documentary takes a simultaneously sympathetic and critical view of a man said to be warm, friendly and cultured by his friends and colleagues and attacked for being a cold ruthless destroyer of civilian populations. His theory of nighttime area bombing and its ability to destroy the workforce and socio-economic heart of the German war effort in its metropolitan centers was given great means to put into practice in large scale raids upon Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden and other great German cities. While the targeting of civilian populations is considered inappropriate in contemporary life, during World War II, starting with the Japanese in raids upon Shanghai and Hong Kong in the early 1930s, all combatants ultimately engaged in it as an acceptable logical conclusion of the concept of "total war". Nevertheless, it was not until such operations were conducted on a grand scale by British Marshal Arthur Harris in Europe and American General Curtis LeMay in Asia that the moral implications of the kinds of terrible devastation such bombing raids wrought could no longer be ignored. As a result, the legacy of Marshal Harris has become and will likely remain a largely confused one; this documentary seeks to firmly establish this fact while it also judges this extraordinary man by the moral standards of his time.

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