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Blood On The Sun (1945) James Cagney DVD, Video Download, USB Drive

Blood On The Sun (1945) James Cagney DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
Blood On The Sun (1945) James Cagney DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
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The 1945 World War II Movie Starring Jimmy Cagney As a American Newspaper Reporter Who Refuses To Tow Tojo's Propaganda Line In The Days Leading Up To Pearl Harbor! (Black and White, 1:38, All Regions DVD Format)

Frank Lloyd

Lester Cole (Screenplay), Nathaniel Curtis (Additional Scenes), Garrett Fort (Story), Frank Melford (Idea)


James Cagney ... Nick Condon
Sylvia Sidney ... Iris Hilliard
Porter Hall ... Arthur Bickett
John Emery ... Premier Giichi Tanaka
Robert Armstrong ... Col. Hideki Tojo
Wallace Ford ... Ollie Miller
Rosemary DeCamp ... Edith Miller
John Halloran ... Capt. Oshima
Leonard Strong ... Hijikata
James Bell ... Charley Sprague
Marvin Miller ... Yamada
Rhys Williams ... Joseph Cassell
Frank Puglia ... Prince Tatsugi
Philip Ahn ... Secret Police Captain Yomamoto (uncredited)
Hugh Beaumont ... Johnny Clarke (uncredited)
Edward Biby ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
Oy Chan ... Chinese Servant (uncredited)
Hugh Ho Chang ... Secret Police Major Kajioka (uncredited)
Gregory Gaye ... American Newspaperman Bogardis (uncredited)
Sam Harris ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
Joseph Kim ... Hayoshi (uncredited)
Grace Lem ... Amah (uncredited)
Arthur Loft ... American Newspaperman (uncredited)
Harold Miller ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
George Paris ... Hotel Manager (uncredited)
Emmett Vogan ... American Newspaperman Johnson (uncredited)
Billy Wayne ... American Newspaperman (uncredited)

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