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You Are There Radio Historical Drama Series MP3 CD, Download, USB

You Are There Radio Historical Drama Series MP3 CD, Download, USB
You Are There Radio Historical Drama Series MP3 CD, Download, USB
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YOU ARE THERE, The Renowned 1947-50 Weekly Historical Dramatization Series By The Famed World War II Staff Of CBS News Such As Reporters John Charles Daly, Don Hollenbeck, and Richard C. Hottelet! 82 Half Hour Episodes Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 CD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #YouAreThere #CBSNews #JohnCharlesDaly #DonHollenbeck #RichardCHottelet #Radio #OldTimeRadio #OTR #GoldenAgeOfRadio #History #HistoricalReenactments #MP3 #CD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


YAT-470707 (01)- Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

YAT-470714 (02)-The Storming of the Bastille

YAT-470728 03 Columbus Discovers America

YAT-470804 (04)-Witchcraft Trials at Salem

YAT-470811 (05)-The Defeat of the Spanish Armada

YAT-470818 (06)-The Alamo

YAT-470825 07 The Last Day of Pompeii

YAT-471021 The Battle Of Gettysburg & The Death of Socrates

YAT-471106 (Special) The Listening Years

YAT-471207 08 Napoleon Recaptured & Exiled

YAT-471214 09 Assassination Of Lincoln

YAT-471221 (10)The Sailing of the Mayflower

YAT-471228 11 Storming of the Bastille

YAT-480111 13 Burr-Hamilton Duel (1st Half Only)

YAT-480118 (14)The Signing of the Magna Carta

YAT-480125 15 Defense of the Alamo

YAT-480201 16 Defeat of the Spanish Armada

YAT-480208 (17)The Dreyfus Case

YAT-480215 (18)The Assassination of Julius Caesar

YAT-480222 (19)The Battle of Gettysburg (1)

YAT-480229 (20)Joan of Arc Is Burned at the Stake

YAT-480314 (22)The Death of Socrates

YAT-480321 (23)Philadelphia, July 4, 1776

YAT-480404 (24)The Monitor and the Merrimac

YAT-480411 25 The Last Day Of Pompeii

YAT-480418 (26)The Battle of Plassey

YAT-480425 (27)The Fall of Troy

YAT-480502 28 Surrender of Sitting Bull

YAT-480516 (30)The Signing of the Magna Carta

YAT-480523 31 The Execution of Maxmilian

YAT-480530 32 LOW Volume - Betrayal of Toussant L'Overture

YAT-480620 (35)The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

YAT-480627 36 Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

YAT-480704 37 Philadelphia - Declaration Of Independence

YAT-480822 38 Lexington And Concord

YAT-480829 39 Joan Of Arc Is Burned At The Stake

YAT-480919 (42)The Ratification of the Us Constitution

YAT-480926 43 Ann Hutchinson's Trial

YAT-481003 44 The First Battle of Bull Run

YAT-481010 45 Columbus Discovers America

YAT-481017 46 The Trial of Marie Antoinette

YAT-481024 (47)The Fall of Troy

YAT-481031 [48] The Election of Thomas Jefferson

YAT-481107 (49)Lee and Grant at Appomattox

YAT-481114 (50)Napoleon Recaptured and Exiled

YAT-481121 51 Assassination Of Lincoln

YAT-481205 (53)The Execution of Maxmilian

YAT-481212 (54)The Conspiracy of Cataline

YAT-481219 (55)The Hanging of Captain Kidd

YAT-481226 (56)The Monitor and the Merrimac

YAT-490102 57 Surrender of Sitting Bull

YAT-490109 (58)The Sentencing of Charles I

YAT-490116 [59] Mutiny in the Colonial Army

YAT-490123 [60] Toussaint L'ouverture Liberates Haiti

YAT-490130 [61] Colonel Johnson Eats the Love Apple

YAT-490206 [62] The Trial of John Peter Zenger

YAT-490213 [63] The Battle of Hastings

YAT-490220 [64] The Ordeal of Savonarola

YAT-490227 (65)The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

YAT-490306 [66] The Rise of Alexander the Great - Peace Offer

YAT-490313 [67] The Rise of Alexander the Great - Battle for Asia

YAT-490320 [68] The Rise of Alexander the Great - Mutiny in India

YAT-490327 [69] The Okalahoma Land Run

YAT-490403 (70)-Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

YAT-490410 [71] Perry's Dash to the North Pole

YAT-490417 [72] Napoleon Returns from Elba

YAT-490424 (73)Caesar Is Assassinated

YAT-490501 (74)Montezuma and the Spaniards

YAT-490508 (75)The Trial of Samuel Chase

YAT-490515 (76)Lexington and Concord (1)

YAT-490522 (77)Bombardment of Fort Sumter

YAT-490529 [78] The Siege of Leiden - Holland

YAT-490605 (79)The Capture of John Wilkes Booth

YAT-491030 [81] The Trial of Burr

YAT-491127 (82)Tom Thumb

YAT-491225 [83] Charlemagne

YAT-500122 [84] New Amsterdam

YAT-500219 [85] Charge of the Light Brigade

YAT-500319 [86] Stamp Act Rebellion

YAT-500416 [87] Thermopolae

YAT-500514 [88] William Penn Trial

YAT-500611 [89] Women's Rights

You Are There is a 1947-1957 American historical educational television and radio series broadcast over the CBS Radio and CBS Television networks. Created by Goodman Ace for CBS Radio, it blended history with modern technology, taking an entire network newsroom on a figurative time warp each week reporting the great events of the past. Reporters included John Charles Daly, Don Hollenbeck, and Richard C. Hottelet. The series was first heard on July 7, 1947, under the title CBS Is There. Its final broadcast was on March 19, 1950, under the title You Are There. According to author/historian Martin Grams, actor Canada Lee was a guest in episodes 32 and 60. Martin Gabel appeared in character in episode 82. The first 23 broadcasts went under the title CBS Is There and beginning with episode 24, the title changed to You Are There. A total of 90 episodes were broadcast.