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WWII Films: African-Americans At War Films Set DVD, MP4, USB Drive

WWII Films: African-Americans At War Films Set DVD, MP4, USB Drive
WWII Films: African-Americans At War Films Set DVD, MP4, USB Drive
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Black America On The Battlefield And On The Homefront During World War II - 1 1/2 Hours Packed Into 6 Films On 1 All Regions DVD!

CLOSE HARMONY (1942, 10:35)
A film sponsored by General Motors where, in the midst of this attempt to show the positive need for good labor/management relations in America's burgeoning arms industry, resort is still had to the tired old alienating "step 'n fetch it" character black Americans & the American public both have had to put up with for generations.

The U. S. Dep't of Agriculture shows how a black Georgian farmer does his part for the war, with his farm, his family and the service of his Tuskegee fighter pilot eldest son.

The U. S. Office of War Information's exposition of the teaching and training of Black Americans for war, science, industry, agriculture, husbandry, meteorology, medicine, engineering and technical trades at black colleges.

THE NEGRO SOLDIER (1943, 40:23)
The great film director Frank Capra's much acclaimed and respected recruitment film tailored to convince African Americans of the value the nation put upon their military service in the past and of the need the nation had of their good service in the second world war.

CARTOON COLLAGE (1942-1945, 9:00)
Includes Bugs, Elmer and Porky performing "Any Bonds Today"; Warner Brothers "Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs"

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