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WWI: A History In Pictures World War I JPG Photos CD, Download, USB

WWI: A History In Pictures World War I JPG Photos CD, Download, USB
WWI: A History In Pictures World War I JPG Photos CD, Download, USB
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Over 1200 World War One Photos on 1 CD! Big Digitally Remastered 16 Million Color Images, Most 800 x 600 Pixels Large & Larger, Perfect For Viewing Through Your Computer Monitor OR For Making *Quality Copies* Using Your Computer Printer! This collection spans the globe to document the archival imagery of 25 countries to present the best of the most memorable moments of "the war to end all wars", preserved for posterity in carefully restored & digitally enhanced image formats! *Presented As An Archival Quality JPEG (JPG) Photo CD, Image Download Or USB Flash Drive! #WorldWarI #WorldWarOne #WorldWar1 #WWI #WW1 #FirstWorldWar #FirstEuropeanWar #WarToEndAllWars #TheWarToEndAllWars #TheGreatWar #EuropeanCivilWar #WesternFront #WesternFrontWorldWarI #WesternFrontWWI #JPG #JPEG #CD #PhotoCD #ImageDownload #USBFlashDrive


100+ propaganda posters from the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia & more:

United States: "All Together! Enlist In The NAVY", "Be A Man And Do It", "Be An American Eagle!", "Be A U.S. Marine!", "Blot It Out", "Books Wanted", "Clear The Way", "Come On!", "Daddy, What Did YOU do during the Great War?", "Fourth Liberty Loan", "Help The Horse", "I Want You For The Navy", "They Kept the Sea Lanes Open - Invest in the Victory Liberty Loan", "Keep Him Free", "Let's Keep The Glow in Old Glory", "Light Consumes Coal", "U.S. Marines - Active Service on Land and Sea", "The U.S. Marines Want You", "Over There" (by Norman Rockwell), "Order Coal Now", "Stop Him!", "Help Stop This", "The Spirit of America", "The Greatest Mother in the World", "The Navy Needs You!", "U.S.A. Bonds - Weapons for Liberty"
Great Britain: "Take Up The Sword Of Justice", "Britain Needs You At Once", "Whatever's In His Pockets, Hand It Over", "Czechoslovaks! Join Our Free Colors!", "These Women are Doing Their Bit", "Enlist", "Put Strength in the Final Blows", "Follow the Drum", "The Real Irish Spirit", "Join the Royal Air Force", "Lord Kitchener Wants You!", "Men of Britain! Will You Stand This?", "Once a German", "Public Warning" (German & British Airship & Aircraft Recognition Chart), "Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corp", "Russian Exhibition", "Soldiers All", "The Army Isn't All Work", "The Tank", "The Veteran's Farewell", "War Pictures by Nevinson", "Woman of Britain Say 'Go!'"
France: "African Army Day", "Charente Inferieure Week", "For the Flag!", "On Enemy Soil", "The Kids in the Ruins", "They Shall Not Pass!", "We Will Get Them!"
Germany: "Eighth War Loan", "Emperor's and People's Thank Offering", "Endurance, Strength and Energy", "Exhibition of Captured Aircraft", "Exhibition of the Aviators Aid Committee", "Help Us Win!", "If You Want Oil", "National War Relief Exhibition", "Navy Show", "People's Charity for Prisoners", "Subscribe to the Eighth War Loan", "Subscribe to the Fourth War Loan', "Subscribe to the Seventh War Loan", "Subscribe to the Sixth War Loan", "Subscribe to the War Loan", "Support Our Men in Uniform", "Thanks Be to God", "This is the Way to Freedom!", "Two Scourges", "U Boote Heraus!, "Union Bank", "von Hindenburg"
And More Besides!

120+ warship and naval photos of the navies of the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany & more, plus a special section devoted to the sinking of the Lusitania:

United States: Admiral William S. Sims USNWWI, French Confer Legion Of Honor On US Naval Officers Flagship USS Pennsylvania, King George With American Admirals Aboard The USS St. Paul 181120, US Admiral Simms Presents Navy Baseball Team Captain To King George London 1917, USS 'Leviathan' (Was Hamburg-American 'Vaterland') Arrives NYC With 9000 Men Of 27th Div WWI, USS Mauretania In Dazzle Camouflage 1918
Great Britain: "A Great Naval Triumph' Punch 150807, Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock Commander British Ships Battle Of Coronel, British 1st Sea Lord Sir John Fisher WWI, British Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, British Admiral Sir John Jellicoe Portrait, British Battlecruiser "Indefatigable" Sunk Battle Of Jutland 160531, British Battlecruiser "Queen Mary" Explodes Jutland 160531, British Battleship HMS "Agamemnon" WWI, British Battleship Inflexible Bombarded Dardanelles Forts Damaged There 191502, British Battleship Irresistible Bombarded Dardanelles Forts Sunk There 191502, British Battleship Majestic Sunk Off Gallipoli By Torpedo 191504, British Battleship Ocean Bombarded Dardanelles Forts Sunk There 191502, British Battleship Queen Mary Served At Gallipoli Sunk During Jutland Battle, British Channel Steamer Sussex Torpedoed By German U-Boat 160324, British Commodore Goodenough, British Cruiser "Warrior" Sank Battle Of Jutland 160531, British Cruiser Aboukir Sunk By U-9 In North Sea On 140923, British Cruiser Cressy Sunk By U-9 In North Sea On 140923, British Cruiser Hogue Sunk By U-9 In North Sea On 140923, British First Sea Lord Sir John Fisher WWI, British Flagship "Queen Elizabeth" & Destroyer "The Oak" At WWI German Fleet Surrender, British Passenger Ship "Appam" Possessed By German Raider "Mowe" 160201, British Passenger Ship Falaba Sunk By U-Boat Before Lusitania 1 US Citizen Killed 1915, British Ship "River Clyde" Beached At Gallipoli 191504, British Submarine B-11 Sunk Turkish Battleship Messudieh On 141213, British Superdreadnought "Queen Elizabeth" ("Big Bessie"), British Vice Adm. Sir Frederick Sturdee Commander Battle Of Falklands WWI, British Vice Admiral Sir Charles Madden, British Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty Jaunty Pose, British Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty WWI, British Warship Goliath Sunk In Dardanelles 1915, British White Star Liner "Arabic" Sunk By U-Boat 191508, British Wounded From Gallipoli Land In Egypt, HMS Thrive Conducts Hydrophone Drill WWI, Sopwith Pup Lands On H.M.S. Furious, Stick Bomb Thrower Anti U-Boat Munition WWI, Sunday Service Aboard "Queen Elizabeth" Off Gallipoli WWI, U-Boat Baltic Training 1917, Vice-Admiral Roger Keyes Commander Of Dover Anti-sub Patrol WWI, WWI German U-Boats Surrender At Harwich, WWI U-Boat Crews Surrender Vessels At Harwich During German Fleet Surrender
France: French Battleship "Gaulois" WWI, French Battleship "Bouvet" Sunk In Dardanelles Operation WWI, French Battleship "Leon Gambetta" Sunk By Austrian Sub In East Mediterranean WWI, French Battleship "Suffern" Sunk By Sub Off Beirut WWI
Germany: Crew Of U-9 WWI, Flotillenadmiral Herman Bauer 1st U-Boat Commander, German Admiral Count von Spee 1914, German Armored Cruiser "Blucher" Sunk Battle Of Dogger Bank 150124, German Armored Cruiser "Moltke" Fought Battle Of Dogger Bank 150124, German Armored Cruiser "Scharnhorst" Sunk Battle Of Falklands 141207, German Auxiliary Cruiser "Prince Eitel Friedrich" Sunk US Schooner "William P. Frye" 19150128, German Battle Cruiser "Seydlitz" Fought Battles Of Dogger Bank & Jutland Sunk Scapa Flow 191906, German Battleship "Bluecher" Keels Over Dogger Bank, German Battleship "Pommern" Sunk Jutland 160531, German Capt. Paul Koenig Commander Of U-Boat "Deutschland", German Captain Franz von Papen WWI, German Commerce Raider Mowe (2nd From Right) 191603, German Cpt. Karl von Mueller Commander of "Emden", German Cruiser "Emden" Commerce Raider Sunk By Australian Cruiser "Sydney" 141110, German Cruiser "Karlsruhe" Exploded NE Coast Of South America 191411, German Cruiser "Koenigsberg" (Sister of "Emden") Destroyed Rufiji River July1915, German Cruiser "Mainz" Sinks Battle Of Heligoland140828, German Cruiser "Goeben" WWI, German Dreadnought "Hindenburg" Fought At Jutland, German Grand Admiral von Tirpitz WWI, German High Seas Fleet Ships On Maneuvers 1916, German Late Model U-Boat Surrendered At Harwick 1918, German Light Cruiser "Leipzig" Sunk Battle Of Falklands 141207, German Light Cruiser "Nurnberg" Sunk Battle Of Falklands 141207, German Light Cruiser "Breslau" WWI, German Mine Layer "KoeniginLuise" Sunk By British Cruiser "Amphion" 140807, German U-Boat North Atlantic WWI, German U-Boat "Deutschland" 1st Merchant Sub To Cross Atlantic 150710, German Vice Admiral Franz Hipper, German Vice Admiral Reinhard Scheer, German Vice Admiral Scheer, Korvettenkapitan Max Valentiner U-38 WWI, Korvettenkapitan Von Arnauld De La Periere (2ndLeft) U-35 Top WWI UBoat Commander, Leutnant Karl Donitz U-35 Watch Officer 1917, Order To Surrender To Commander Of German Raider "Emden", Otto Weddigen Commander U-9 WWI, Survivors Of Destroyed German Cruiser "Konigsberg" WWI 191507, WWI UBoat Crew On Duty And Still More!

60+ aircraft & aviator photos, covering the air forces of the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany & more:

United States: Billy Mitchell WWI, Curtiss H12 Anti U-Boat Flying Boat WWI, Eddie Rickenbacker Hands On Guns, Eddie Rickenbacker With Congressional Medal Of Honor WWI, Eddie Rickenbacker In Front Of Plane He Shot Down 181002, Quentin Roosevelt(Theodore's Son), Raoul Lufbery American Ace 17 Victories WWI, US Ace Edward "Eddie" V. Rickenbacker 26 Victories WWI, US Ace Major Raoul Lufbery 17 Victories WWI, US Aces Lt. Doug Campbell Capt. Ed Rickenbacker Maj. Jim Meissner Lt. Paul Baer, US Ace WWI Frank "BalloonBuster" Luke Jr. 21 Victories, US Aviator Lt. Frank Luke 18 Victories Won Medal Of Honor 1918, US Lt. Col. William Mitchell WWI
Great Britain: Albert Ball, Bristol F-2B's Take-Off From Serny Airfield 1806, British Ace Major Edward "Mickey" Mannock 73 Victories WWI, British Aviator Graves In France, British Maurice Farman Reconnaissance Plane In Flight, Sopwith Camel, Edward Mannock, Felixstowe F2A Anti U-Boat FlyingBoat WWI, Handley Page V1500 Bomber, Short Type 184 Seaplane WWI, Sopwith, Sopwith Pup Lands On H.M.S. Furious
France: French Ace Cpt. Georges Guynemer 53 Victories WWI, French Ace Cpt. Georges Guynemer Starts Plane, French Ace Cpt. Georges Guynemer With His Captured Spandau MGs, French Ace Lt. Charles Nungesser 45 Victories, French Aviator Roland Garos Pre WWI, French Balloon Launch 1916, French Maurice Farman Just Before WWI
Germany: Albatros Takes Off From French Airfield Early WWI, Anthony Fokker, Anthony Fokker Tests Spandau MGs On Fokker Dreidekker Fuselage, Baron Von Richthofen & Jasta 11, Baron Von Richthofen Flies Fokker Triplane, Baron Von Richthofen In Profile, Bruno Loerzer Anthony Fokker Hermann Goering, Captured Fokker Used For Promoting Liberty Loans, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, Count von Zeppelin, Ernst Udet WWI, Fokker Triplane, German Ace Hauptmann Oswald Boelke 40 Victories WWI, German Ace Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen 80 Victories WWI, German Hand-held Bomb Procedure, German Naval Airship WWI, German W-29 Seaplane Strafes English Curtiss Flying Boat WWI, Hauptmann Oswald Boelke German Ace 40 Victories WWI, Korvettenkapitan Peter Strasser, The Red Baron, Squadron Of Albatros Scouts Of "The Flying Circus" WWI, von Richthofen & Friends, Zeppelin L-1, Zeppelin L-12 Floats In English Channel After 150809 Bombing Raid, Zeppelin L-20 Crashed Norway 160503, Zeppelin L-43 Over Friedrichshafen, Zeppelin L-53 Friedrichshafen Last Zeppelin Destroyed in WWI, Zeppelin L-59 ("The Africa Ship") Yambol Bulgaria, Zeppelin LZ-59 Set Time & Distance Record 191711, Zeppelin On Fire & Descending, Zeppelin On Pre-War Naval Manuevers, Zeppelin Over London WWI And Even More!

Nearly 40 graphic illustrations of the major land & sea engagements of the war:

2nd Battle Of The Marne 1918, American Actions At Chateau-Thierry Bouresches & Vaux 180606-0710, Asia Minor WWI, Battle Of Seebrugge & Ostend Relative To England 19180422-23, Battle Of The Falkland Islands 141207, British Offensive 1704, Cambrai Offensive Map 1711, Champagne & The Argonne, Chase Of The German Cruiser "Emden" By Australian Cruiser "Sydney" 141110, Foch's Offensive 180808, Franco-Italian Operations In Albania WWI, French Offensive Autumn 1915, Gallipoli Dardanelles & Sea Of Marmora, German East Africa WWI, German War Zone Around British Islands Decreed 191701, Hedjaz & Other Arabian Territory WWI, Italian Advance Into Austria WWI, Italian Territory Taken After Battle Of Caporetto, Land Operations At Gallipoli 191504, Russian Invasion Of Galicia 1914, Somme Gains 1916-17, The Battle Of Armentieres 1918, The Battle Of Coronel 141101, The Battle Of Loos Autumn 1915, The Battle Of The Dunajec 1915, The Battle Of Verdun 160221-0315, The Battles Of Helgoland Dogger Bank & Jutland WWI, The Brest-Litovsk Treaty Of 1918, The Conquest Of Rumania WWI, The Conquest Of Serbia 1915-16, The German Offensive Of 1918, The Grand Duke Nicholas' Invasion Of East Prussia 191409, The Italian Insonzo Line WWI, The Somme Offensive 1916, The St. Mihiel Salient 191809, Third Battle Of Ypres 160602-18, Trentino Trieste & Fiume WWI, WWI In Egypt, Zeebrugge Mole & Canal Entrance 19180422-23

470+ wartime photos from all over the world, covering nearly every major combatant, battle & personality:

United States: 369th Infantry Regiment Marches Up 5th Ave 1919, Afro-American 369th Regiment Stand On Parade WWI, Alan Seeger US Soldier & Poet WWI 1916, American Gen. Pershing's Army On Moselle After Leaving Treves HQ 1918, Americans March Through Fiume Italy 1917, Americans March To Picardy British Officer & Aide Watch 1918, American Soldiers Relax Beside French Road 1918, American Train Used For Armenian Massacre Relief 1915, American Troops In Cambrai 1918, American Troops Main Gate Buckingham Palace 1917, Bethlehem PA Steel Works Shop No.2 Produces Arms For UK 1915, Blackjack Pershing Arrives At Boulogne 170613, Captain Harry S. Truman WWI, Charles Evans Hughes 1916 GOP Presidential Candidate, Douglas Fairbanks Sells War Bonds Wall Street WWI, Elihu Root's Mission To Russia 1917, First WWI American Flag On The Rhine, First WWI American Horse To Drink From The Rhine, Frederick Cortland Penfield US Ambassador To Austria-Hungary Till 1917, French & American Soldiers Fraternize 1918, French Gen. Joffre Accepts Solid Gold Statue Of Liberty 1917 Central Park, French Gen. Joffre Reviews West Point Cadets 1917, French Marshal Foch & American General Pershing, Funeral For American Soldiers France 1918, German Civilians Greet American Soldiers 1918, German Helmets Captured By US 1918, J. P. Morgan Victim Of Assassination Attempt 1915, James Gerard Watson US Ambassador To Germany Till 1917, Joyce Kilmer US Soldier & Poet WWI, Leviathan Brings US Troops To France 1918, New York Preparedness Parade 1605, Pershing & Clemenceau Exit Railway Station 1918, Pershing Arrives In France June 1917, Pershing Promises "All That We Have" To Foch, Poincare & Pershing Review 1st US Troops In Paris 1917, President & First Lady Wilson Have Christmas Dinner With US Troops At Front 1918, President & First Lady Wilson Leave Buckingham Palace 1918, President Wilson & Cardinal Mercier Of Belgium 1919, President Wilson Mount Vernon NY 180704, Russians Depart For Home From Jersey City NJ 1409, Sgt. Alvin York, Sgt. York Returns From WWI To His Mother, The New York American "War With Germany" 170407, Thomas Marshall VP Under Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt 1917, US 27th Div. March Through Victory Arch Madison Square NYC 1919, US Brig. Gen. Douglas MacArthur WWI, US Chateau-Thierry Vets March Through Paris, US Clothing Sterlizers 1918, US Col. William Hayward Commander 18th (Colored) Regiment 1918, US Dispatch Motorcyclist 1918, US Gen. George C. Marshall Pershing's CoC WWI, US Gen Pershing & War Secy Newton Baker Inspect US Harbor Work In France 1918, US Lt. Gen. Hunter Liggett Commander First Army, US Lt. Gen. Robert Lee Bullard Commander Second Army, US Maj. Gen. Adelbert Cronkhite, US Maj. Gen. Charles H. Muir, US Maj. Gen. Charles P. Summerall Commander Fifth Corps, US Maj. Gen. Charles T. Menoher, US Maj. Gen. E. M. Lewis Commander "Old Hickory" Division, US Maj. Gen. Frank J. Himes, US Maj. Gen. George W. Read, US Maj. Gen. James G. Harbord Commander Second Division, US Maj. Gen. Joseph T. Dickman, US Maj. Gen. William G. Haan, US Maj. Gen. William M. Wright, US Naval Gun On Railway Mount 1918, US Peace Delegates At Versailles, US Sec'y Of Defense William Jennings Bryan WWI, US Secretary Of War Baker, US Secy Of War Baker In Frontline Trench 1918, US Troops Leave Tilbury Pier London For Archangel 190409, US UK French Japanese & Czech Soldiers Vladivostok 1918, Vegetable Gardens Union Square NYC 1917, Wagon With US Food Administration Poster "Save Wheat" WWI, War Council Of The United States WWI, Wilson & Poincare, Wilson Asks Congress For Declaration Of War 170402, Wounded Americans Parisian Hospital 1918, American Heavy Machine Gun Fires At German Entrenchment, US Gun Crew Fires 75 MM Gun WWI
Great Britain: "Boots The Chemists" Ad WWI, "Peace And Future Cannon Fodder" 1919, Arthur James Balfour UK Foreign Ambassador Before Washington's Tomb 170429, Backside Of British Tank WWI, British Burn Supplies At Sulva Bay During Gallipoli Evacuation 191512, British Camel Corps Egypt WWI, British Dog In Gas Mask WWI, British Dowager Queen Alexandra WWI, British Field Bakery Saloniki 1916, British Field Marshall Sir John French Led BEF 1914, British Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, British Forces Land At Gallipoli 191504, British Gen. Allenby, British Gen. Allenby Addresses Jewish Community In Jerusalem 1918, British Gen. Maude's Army Enters Bagdad 19160310, British Gen. Sir C. V. F. Townshend 1915, British Gen. Sir Edmund "The Bull" Allenby, British Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton Commander British Troops At Gallipoli, British Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton Lead Gallipoli Offense, British Gen. Sir Stanley Maude Commander British Forces Bagdad WWI, British General Rawlinson, British General Sandeman Carey, British General Sir Frederick D. Maurice, British General Sir Henry Wilson, British General Sir Herbert Plumer, British General Sir Hubert Gough, British General Sir Julian Byng, British General Sir Julian Byng Commander Of 1917 Cambrai Offensive, British Highlanders March From Saloniki To The Front 1916, British Lt. General Sir Hugh Gough, British Maj. Gen. Hugh L. Scott 1917, British Prototype Tank Trial 1601, British Soldier In Gas Mask WWI, British Soldiers Get New Weapons 191809, British Tank Stuck In German Trench On The Somme 1916, Captured British Tank In Berlin WWI, Czar Nicholas II As German Hussar & King George V As German Cuirassier, English South African Troops Leave Durban For East Africa 1914, Field Marshal Viscount Lord Kitchener 1916, General Foch & Field Marshal Haig, Gens. D'Esperey & Allenby Meet In Constantinople After Turkish WWI Armistice, German POWs Taken By British 1918, Germans Taken Prisoner On Western Front 1917, Haig Joffre & Lloyd George At The Front Albert Thomas Of French Cabinet Left 1916, King Albert & Queen Elizabeth Visit Liberated Brussels 1918, King George Visits Devastated WWI Battlefield, King George With American Admirals Aboard The USS St. Paul 181120, Lancashire Soldiers Sport New Helmets Somme 1916, Liberty Hall Dublin -Center For Irish Insurrectionists 1604, Lloyd George & The Prince Of Wales 1918, Lord Kitchener In Trench At Gallipoli, Mark V Tank, President & First Lady Wilson Leave Buckingham Palace 1918, Princess Maude As Nurse, Rupert Brooke British Poet Died At Gallipoli1915, Sackville Street Dublin After Insurrection 1604, Sir Roger Casement Leader Of Irish Insurrection Of 1916, T. E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia"), The Illustrated War News 170516 "War Economy", US Admiral Simms Presents Navy Baseball Team Captain To King George London 1917, British 15-In. Howitzer Being Loaded 1916, British Gun Being Sighted 1916, British Gun On The Somme 1916, Chilwell Shell Filling Factory, Section Of 10 Acre British Shell Storehouse 1916
France: Alexandre Ribot 3rd French Premier Of WWI, Clemenceau's NYC Residence & Office During 1860s Photographed WWI, Falling Wall Lille 1918, Fire-Proof Church In Northern France WWI, Fort Douaumont After Verdun Bombardment, Fort Douaumont Before Verdun Bombardment, French-Mined German Trench 1915, French & American Soldiers Fraternize 1918, French Ambassador To US Jusserand 1918, French Casemates Near Fort Vaux 1916, French Confer Legion Of Honor On US Naval Officers Flagship USS Pennsylvania, French Dispatch-Bearer's Automobile 1916, French Dressing Station Outer Trench Douaumont 1915, French Forces Attack German Trenches On The Somme 1916, French Gen. D'Arman De Pouydraquin CinC Alpine Troops ("Blue Devils") 1918, French Gen. Fayolle Congratulates Officer For Battle Success 1918, French Gen. Franchet D'Esperey Victor Over Central Powers In Balkans WWI, French Gen. Joffre Accepts Solid Gold Statue Of Liberty 1917 Central Park, French Gen. Joffre Reviews West Point Cadets 1917, French Gen. Sarrail Reviews Italian Troops In Saloniki 1916, French Gen. Sarrail Reviews Russian Troops In Saloniki 1916, French Gen. Sarrail Reviews Russian Troops In Saloniki 1916, French Gen. Sarrail WWI, French General Gouraud 1918, French General Maud'huy In Front Line Trench WWI, French General Nivelle, French General Nivelle French CinC 1917, French General Petain, French Graveyard Verdun 1916, French Marshal Ferdinand Foch, French Marshal Foch & American General Pershing, French Minister Of War Paul Painleve WWI, French Order Of General Mobilization WWI, French Protected Trench WWI, French Quarters Dixmunde Belgium WWI, French Reserves Head To Verdun 1915, French Respiration Drill At The Front WWI, French Soldier In Gas Mask WWI, French Soldiers & Horses In Gas Masks 1917, French Soldiers First Arrive In Alexandria Egypt WWI, French Soldiers In Vardar River Marsh Greece 1916, French Soldiers Mutiny 1917, French Tanks 1918, French Trench In Eastern France 1918, French Trench With Metal Roof 1916, French Troops Disembark Saloniki 1916, French Use Flame Throwers WWI, Funeral For American Soldiers France 1918, General Foch & Field Marshal Haig, Gens. D'Esperey & Allenby Meet In Constantinople After Turkish WWI Armistice, Germans Taken Prisoner On Western Front 1917, Haig Joffre & Lloyd George At The Front Albert Thomas Of French Cabinet Left 1916, Marshal Joffre In Full Uniform 1916, Mass Inside A Fort Douaumont Vault 1916, Mlle. Emilienne Moreau "The Heroine Of Loos" Croix De Guerre Winner, Pershing & Clemenceau Exit Railway Station 1918, Pershing Arrives In France June 1917, Pershing Promises "All That We Have" To Foch, Poincare & Pershing Review 1st US Troops In Paris 1917, Red Cross Hospital Bombed By Germany 1918, Russians Arrive In Marseilles Headed For Verdun 160420, Searchlight Used In Defense Of Paris WWI, Shelled Buildings Verdun 1915, US Chateau-Thierry Vets March Through Paris, Vaux After Liberation 1918, Verdun Early Winter 1917, Wilson & Poincare, Ypres From An Airship 1918, French 120 MM Guns 1917, French 50 MM Gun Loaded With Air Mine WWI, French AA Gun That Shot Down A Zeppelin 1917, French Anti-Barbed Wire Gun 1916 Verdun, French Artillery Shells Verdun 1916, French Heavy Gun WWI, French Officers Train Greeks To Use French 75s, French Winged Shell Trench Gun WWI
Germany: Alfred Zimmerman, Amerongen House Kaiser's Refuge Outside Arnhem Holland, Berliners March To War 1409, Berlin Palace After Bombardment By Spartacists, Berlin Palace Machine Gun Post During Spartacan Rebellion, Berlin Spartacans Erect Barricades, Berlin Spartacans Man Mortar, Count von Mirbach German Ambassador To Russian 1918, Czar & Kaiser 1889, Dr. George Michaelis German Chancellor 1917, Dr. Karl Liebknecht Founder Social Democratic Party Lead 1919 Spartacist Rebellion, Dr. Richard von Kuhlmann German Foreign Secy 1917-18, Ernst Duke Of Brunswick Dethroned After WWI Armistice, Field Marshal von Hindenburg, Frederick Ebert First President Of The German Republic, Frederick Grand Duke Of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Dethroned After WWI Armistice, Frederick Grand Duke Of Oldenburg Dethroned After WWI Armistice, Frederick III King Of Saxony Dethroned After WWI Armistice, Funeral Of Karl Liebknecht & Rosa Luxemburg Berlin 1919, German Army Hospital Berlin 1918, German Chancellor Scheidemann Denounces Peace Treaty Reichstag 1919, German Chancellor von Hertling 1918, German Civilians Greet American Soldiers 1918, German Colonel General von Bulow, German Colonel General von Kluck Lead German "RightArm" Into West 1914, German Colonel General Von Motlke, German Crown Prince Rupprecht Of Bavaria, German Crown Prince With King Of Saxony Review Troops, German Dispatch Riders Await Orders 1914, German Field Marshal von Der Goltz, German Field Marshal von Eichhorn 1915, German Field Marshal von Mackensen 1915, German Field Marshal von Mackensen Cross Polish Stream WWI, German First Quatermaster General Erich Ludendorff, German Funeral Western Front WWI, German Gen. Erich von Falkenhayn Planned Verdun Offensive, German Gen. Liman von Sanders Commander Turkish Army WWI, German Gen. Otto Liman von Sanders Lead Gallipoli Defense, German Gen. von Below 1915, German Gen. von Bulow, German Gen. von Kluck, German Gen. von Linsingen 1914, German General Alfred von Schlieffen, German General Count Sixt von Arnim, German General Erich von Falkenhayn, German General Ludendorff. German General Oskar von Hutier, German General Otto von Bulow, German General von Der Marwitz, German General von Hutier, German Helmets Captured By US 1918, German HQ (Later Int'l Armistice Commission HQ) Spa 1918 (Car Has White Flag), German Pontoon Bridge Over The River Niemen 1914, German POWs Taken By British 1918, German Reichs Chancellor 1914 Theobald Von Bethmann-Hollweg, German Soldier Fires On Spartacists, German Soldiers Advance On Warsaw 1914, German Soldiers Feed Polish Peasant Women 1915, Germans Taken Prisoner On Western Front 1917, German Telephone Unit WWI, German Troops Guard Subway With Flamethrower During Spartacist Rebellion, German Troops March Home 1918, Grand Duke Of Hesse Dethroned After WWI Armistice, Hindenburg & Ludendorff 1914, Japanese Guns Captured By Germans At Brest-Litovsk 1915, Japanese Guns Captured By Germans From Russians 1916, Kaiser & Kaiserin Ride To Guildhall London, Kaiser & King Ferdinand Of Bulgaria Meet At Nish WWI, Kaiser & Staff Inspect Rumania Oil Fields WWI, Kaiser Wilhelm II As Grand Admiral Talks To Dock Worker, Kaiser Wilhelm II As Turkish Field Marshal, Kaiser Wilhelm II Profile, Kurt Eisner Bavarian Prime Minister During German Revolution 1918, Ludwig III King Of Bavaria Dethroned After WWI Armistice, Mackensen Ludendorff Hindenburg & von Seeckt Tannenberg Memorial 1933, Mathias Erzberger Head Of German Armistice Commission, Post WWI German President & Cabinet, Prince And Princess von Bulow WWI, Prince Maximillian Of Baden - German Imperial Chancellor After von Hertling, Russian Prisoners & Guns Captured At Tannenberg 1914, Russo-German Armistice Signing 191712, The Kaiser Visits Austrian Commander Eastern Front Gen. Conrad von Hotzendorf 1918, The Kaiser Visits Eastern Front 1915 von Mackensen Right, Unburied German Soldier Somme WWI, von Hindenburg & Staff 1915, von Hindenburg With Pickelhaube, William King Of Wurttemberg Dethroned After WWI Armistice, Wooden Statue Of von Hindenburg Berlin Summer 1915, WWI German Soldiers Return Home By Train, German Heavy Gun WWI, German Howitzer Made In Essen WWI, German Light Howitzer & German Siege Howitzer, German Machine Gunners In "Coal-Scuttle" Helmets WWI, German Machine Gun Nest In Trench WWI, German Machine Guns With Amoured Shields WWI, German Railway Gun Used To Bombard Amien In 1918, German Trench Mortar WWI, German WWI 5.9" Howitzer
Russia: Cossacks 1914, Czarina & Daughters, Grand Duke Nicholas Commander Russian Armies 1914, Japanese Guns Captured By Germans At Brest-Litovsk 1915, Japanese Guns Captured By Germans From Russians 1916, Kerensky Studies War Map, Leon Trotsky WWI, Michael Rodzianko Russian Duma President 1917, Mitrailleuse Used By Russians In Poland 1914, Nicholas II Tsarskoe Selo Imperial Estate Forest In Custody 1917, Nikolai Lenin WWI, Paul N. Miliukoff Russian Leader Constitutional Democrats & Foreign Minister 1917, Rasputin & Female "Admirers", Rasputin, Russian "Death Battalion" Of Women Soldiers 1917, Russian Artillery 1914, Russian Church In St. Stefano (Near Constantinople) Blown Up By Turks WWI, Russian Gen. Alexis A. Brusiloff 1916, Russian Gen. Sukhomlinoff 1915, Russian General Korniloff 1917, Russian General Rennenkampf 1914, Russian Hospital In Poland WWI, Russian Premier Kerensky 1917, Russian Prime Minister Sturmer 1916, Russian Prisoners & Guns Captured At Tannenberg 1914, Russians Arrive In Marseilles Headed For Verdun 160420, Russians Depart For Home From Jersey City NJ 1409, Russian Soldier Felled On Barbed Wire 1917, Russian Soldiers In Petrograd 1917, Russian Soldiers Surrender Battle Of Tannenberg, Russian Soldiers With Flags Taken From Turks At Ezrerum, Russians Retreat Before German Cavalry 1915, Russo-German Armistice Signing 191712, US Troops Leave Tilbury Pier London For Archangel 190409,

And Much More, Including Albanian, ANZAC, Armenian, Austro-Hungarian, Belgian, Greek, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Rumanian, Serbian, South African, Swiss & Turkish World War 1 Pictures!


1916 A triple execution at Juarez, Mexico, about the time of.gif | 1916 Brigade Headquarters near Casas Grandes, Mexico. Genera.gif | 1916 Headquarters of the American forces in Colonia Dublan, .gif | 1916 In Camp near San Antonio, Mexico, with the 6th Infantry.gif | 1916 Major Charles Young of the 10th Cavalry who will be mad.gif | 1917-1918 'Getting em up' at U.S.Naval Training Camp, Seattl.gif | 1917-1918 'Victory' spelled by men in training at Great Lake.gif | 1917-1918 Activity in the ranks of University of California .gif | 1917-1918 Drafted men reporting for service. Camp Travis, Sa.gif | 1917-1918 Exercises, Naval Militia Camp, Somersville, New Yo.gif | 1917-1918 Hats manufactured for American soldiers by John B..gif | 1917-1918 Lillian Russell shown as a U.S. Marine Corps Woman.gif | 1917-1918 Mrs. Mina C. van Winkle was president of Woman's P.gif | 1917-1918 Naval Reserves from Washington, D.C. in New York C.gif | 1917-1918 Potatoes in Iowa become 'the newest fighting corps.gif | 1917-1918 Suffrage farmerettes. Mrs. Ruth Litt of East Patch.gif | 1917-1918 Suffrage riots in front of the White House. Riot w.gif | 1917-1918 Suffragette banner. One of the banners, the women .gif | 1917-1918 Suffragettes at Washington, District of Columbia b.gif | 1917-1918 Suffragettes at Washington, District of Columbia. .gif | 1917-1918 Suffragists at the Union Station, Washington, Dist.gif | 1917-1918 The first contingent of the Women's Overseas Hospi.gif | 1917-1918 These officers of the Nat'l American Woman Suffrag.gif | 1917-1918 Training Camp Activities. Bayonet fighting instruc.gif | 1917-1918 Woman suffrage in Washington, District of Colu (1).gif | 1917-1918 Woman suffrage in Washington, District of Columbia.gif | 1917-1918 Women suffragettes enrolling their willingness to .gif | 1917-1918 Yankees sleep in London law courts.gif | 1917-1919 'Stockholm' as she entered port bringing home 1000.gif | 1917-1919 15th Infantry fighters home with War Crosses. (1).gif | 1917-1919 15th Infantry fighters home with War Crosses. Fren.gif | 1917-1919 367th Regiment Infantry marching in review before .gif | 1917-1919 367th Regiment Infantry, The 'Buffaloes,' presente.gif | 1917-1919 367th Regiment Infantry. The 'Buffaloes' singing t.gif | 1917-1919 A group of American prisoners in a German prison c.gif | 1917-1919 A Negro sentry guarding American Red Cross supplie.gif | 1917-1919 A sunny afternoon in Hyde Park, with the London 'B.gif | 1917-1919 African American Band of the 814th Infantry Leavin.gif | 1917-1919 African American casuals returned aboard George Wa.gif | 1917-1919 African American jazz band leader back with Africa.gif | 1917-1919 African American member of the telephone and teleg.gif | 1917-1919 African American Officers of 366th Infantry Back o.gif | 1917-1919 African American sailors in the rest room of the R.gif | 1917-1919 African American soldiers in France engaged in a g.gif | 1917-1919 African American troops entering Camp Devens, Mass.gif | 1917-1919 African American troops giving a military concert .gif | 1917-1919 American Engineers In France. In the heart of a gr.gif | 1917-1919 American Expeditionary Force correspondents. Afric.gif | 1917-1919 American in French Foreign Legion jokes with Senga.gif | 1917-1919 American Negro battalion building railroad. Americ.gif | 1917-1919 American Negro camp on the Marne Front, France. Af.gif | 1917-1919 American Negro cantonment behind the lines on the .gif | 1917-1919 American Negro infantry in France. American Negro .gif | 1917-1919 American Red Cross distributes chocolate, cigarett.gif | 1917-1919 American Red Cross. Taking food to the African Ame.gif | 1917-1919 American soldiers getting their bowls of chocolate.gif | 1917-1919 An individual from South Carolina is not the least.gif | 1917-1919 Anxious crowds gathered in the streets, firescapes.gif | 1917-1919 Billiard room at the Berean Club, Philadelphia, Pe.gif | 1917-1919 Celebrations for soldiers. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Af.gif | 1917-1919 Central Park Officers' House, Camp Mills Branch,Lo.gif | 1917-1919 Color bearers of the famous 369th African American.gif | 1917-1919 Company barber at American Red Cross, Hospital Num.gif | 1917-1919 Company of African American troops that make up la.gif | 1917-1919 Convalescent Moroccan and Chinese workmen at mess .gif | 1917-1919 Convalescent Moroccan soldiers telling their war e.gif | 1917-1919 Corporal Fred McIntyre, known as Devil's Man, just.gif | 1917-1919 Crowds waiting for the parade of the famous 369th .gif | 1917-1919 Drafted men from Beauregard Parish, Louisiana.gif | 1917-1919 Famous New York African American regiment. African.gif | 1917-1919 Famous New York African American soldiers return h.gif | 1917-1919 Famous New York. African American soldiers return .gif | 1917-1919 First African American man to be drafted from Seat.gif | 1917-1919 Gallant 15th Infantry Fighters Home with War Cross.gif | 1917-1919 German Dogs 'Crown Prince' and 'Kaiser Bill' that .gif | 1917-1919 Group of National Army men taken from El Dorado, U.gif | 1917-1919 Headquarters Troop of the 27th Division, New York .gif | 1917-1919 Helmets of Kaiser's troops dumped at Hoboken. At U.gif | 1917-1919 Henry Johnson, one of heroes of New York's African.gif | 1917-1919 Honoring men about to leave for camps. African Ame.gif | 1917-1919 Honoring men about to leave. African American wome.gif | 1917-1919 Hospital Corps Detachment.gif | 1917-1919 Ike Sims of Atlanta, Georgia, 87 years old, has el.gif | 1917-1919 Illiterates have an opportunity to learn the langu.gif | 1917-1919 In the canteen of the club for Negro soldiers and .gif | 1917-1919 James Johnson, Vicksburg, Mississippi, can tell yo.gif | 1917-1919 Lieutenant Jimmie 'James Reese' Europe and his fam.gif | 1917-1919 Lieutenant Rutherford's Ministrels who he recruite.gif | 1917-1919 Lt James Reese Europe is royally welcomed in Harle.gif | 1917-1919 Members of famous 369th African American Infantry .gif | 1917-1919 Mrs. L. O. King, Washington's traffic policewoman.gif | 1917-1919 Negro recruits at Camp Gordon, Georgia.gif | 1917-1919 Negro recruits. Camp Devens, Massachusetts.gif | 1917-1919 Negro recuits having a turkey dinner just before l.gif | 1917-1919 Negroes enlisting at the African American Young Me.gif | 1917-1919 New arrivals at Fort Meade, Maryland.gif | 1917-1919 New York's famous 369th 'old 15th' Infantry Africa.gif | 1917-1919 Officers of the 'Buffalos', 367th Infantry, 77th D.gif | 1917-1919 Overseas men welcomed home. Parade in honor of ret.gif | 1917-1919 Parade in honor of returned fighters.gif | 1917-1919 Parade of returned fighters of the famous 369th Af.gif | 1917-1919 Probationers of African American nurses training s.gif | 1917-1919 Quartermaster Corps Band, Knights of Columbus Hall.gif | 1917-1919 Recreation at Camp Pike, Arkansas.gif | 1917-1919 Recruits, Camp Sherman, Ohio.gif | 1917-1919 Rifle practice, Camp Jackson, South Carolina.gif | 1917-1919 Salvation Army activities. Hotel and cafeteria for.gif | 1917-1919 Scene at Camp Gordon, Georgia.gif | 1917-1919 Scene At Camp Gordon, Georgia2.gif | 1917-1919 Scene at the Berean Club, Philadelphia, Pennsl (1).gif | 1917-1919 Scene at the Berean Club, Philadelphia, Pennslyvan.gif | 1917-1919 Sleeping quarters at the Berean Club, Philadelphia.gif | 1917-1919 Soldiers doing Kitchen Police, K.P., on board the .gif | 1917-1919 The 369th Infantry, old 15th National Guard of New.gif | 1917-1919 The 369th Infantry, old New York City African Amer.gif | 1917-1919 The Famous 369th Arrive in New York City. Members .gif | 1917-1919 The Junk Park, Camp Devens, Massachusetts.gif | 1917-1919 The two men, Henry Johnson, left, and Neadham Robe.gif | 1917-1919 Training Negro troopers at Camp Devens, Massachuse.gif | 1917-1919 Training Negro troops at Camp Devens, Massachusett.gif | 1917-1919 Transport 'Ulna' brings back African American Troo.gif | 1917-1919 Transport 'Ulna' brings back African Americans of .gif | 1917-1919 Troops departing for training camps. Minute Men es.gif | 1917-1919 Troops in France. Picture shows part of the 15th R.gif | 1917-1919 War activities in Duluth, Minnesota. African Ameri.gif | 1917-1919 War activities of War Camp Community Service. (1).gif | 1917-1919 War activities Of War Camp Community Service. Afri.gif | 1917-1919 War Camp Community Service. Newport News. Four sol.gif | 1917-1919 Where a permit for laundry work was granted.gif | 1917-1919 Wounded men in parade of the 369th Infantry, forme.gif | 1917-1920 Uncomplaining, with an attitude that amounts almos.gif | 1917 A French assault on German positions. Champagne, France.gif | 1917 A soldier boy of the 71st Regiment Infantry, N.Y. Natio.gif | 1917 African American color bearers of 15th Regiment Infantr.gif | 1917 Ambulance Training Corps, Allentown, Pennsylvania. Phot.gif | 1917 August 23, Largest Murder Trial in the History of the U.gif | 1917 Embarked for France.gif | 1917 February 3, President Wilson before Congress, announcin.gif | 1917 July 14, Photo shows suffragist arrested in front of th.gif | 1917 July, Banner posted in front of the White House, Washin.gif | 1917 July, Suffragists picket White House. Suffragists stand.gif | 1917 July, Woman suffrage headquarters in Washington, Distri.gif | 1917 Last minute escape from vessel torpedoed by German sub..gif | 1917 Negro draftees ready for service. Lexington, Kentucky.gif | 1917 Negroes eager to enlist for active service. Chicago, Il.gif | 1917 November 14, Soldier in b-w uniform to conceal him whil.gif | 1917 Private T. P. Loughlin of the 69th Regiment, New York N.gif | 1917 Second Liberty Loan Parade, Homer Avenue School float, .gif | 1917 September 19, On their way to Camp Upton. These men fro.gif | 1917 September 5, American troops on way to the front march .gif | 1917 September, Food for France Fund booth at Connecticut St.gif | 1917 Soldiers aboard U.S. Transport Hancock about to sail fo.gif | 1917 Suffragists picket the White House. Photo shows suffrag.gif | 1917 Suffragists picket the White House. Photo shows women s.gif | 1917 W. A. McGirt, President of New Hanover Food Conservatio.gif | 1917, James Montgomery Flagg, appointed 'official artist' in.gif | 1918-1919 French soldiers using liquid fire to good advantag.gif | 1918-1919 Major General Graves, U.S.A., Gen. Otani, Japanese.gif | 1918-1919 Major Steichen and Base Photo Section at Headquart.gif | 1918-1919 Quartermaster supplies in warehouse at base, Vladi.gif | 1918-1919 Russia in Asia. Lazian Militia.gif | 1918-1919 Scene at American transport docks on arrival of a .gif | 1918 'Gobs' and Guns. A scene aboard the U.S.S. Texas, just .gif | 1918 14th Photo Section, 1st Army, 'The Balloonatic Section..gif | 1918 Acetylene welding on cylinder water jacket.gif | 1918 African American soldiers' camp in France. Machine gun .gif | 1918 African American trooper entertaining his comrades in t.gif | 1918 African American troops camp in France. Machine gun ins.gif | 1918 Albert Sterner painting war posters for the Government.gif | 1918 American Negro soldiers' camp in France. guard in front.gif | 1918 Anti-aircraft gun practice. Photo taken on one of the c.gif | 1918 April 17, Mobile anti-aircraft searchlight, used by Eng.gif | 1918 April 29, Building ships for the U.S. Navy at Hog Islan.gif | 1918 April 6, Charlie Chaplin making his 1st speech for the .gif | 1918 April, Douglas Fairbanks, movie star, speaking in front.gif | 1918 April, Government preparing men for radio work. Student.gif | 1918 April, Henry Reuterdahl, USNR, and N.C. Wyeth, noted ar.gif | 1918 April, Members of the 'Liberty Loan Choir' singing on t.gif | 1918 April, Physical examinations of aviation recruits at th.gif | 1918 April, Twenty-six aeroplanes in line for inspection, av.gif | 1918 August 1, Drafted men from Galesburg, Illinois.gif | 1918 August 15, Night attack with phosphorus bombs in maneuv.gif | 1918 August 2, Marshall, Saline County, Missouri in the war..gif | 1918 August 27, A very popular part of the Casino, the forme.gif | 1918 August 6, 148th American Aero Squadron field. Making pr.gif | 1918 August, Minstrels at Knights of Columbus Building Numbe.gif | 1918 August, Save Her From Hun-Buy Liberty Bonds. From a pho.gif | 1918 Bayonet practice. Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, Texas.gif | 1918 Bell ringers on Seattle, Washington, streets during 4th.gif | 1918 Boxing instructions, main barracks, Naval Training Stat.gif | 1918 Building 100-foot concrete water tank boats for the Gov.gif | 1918 Busch 'Bush' Terminal. Women laborers seated on front o.gif | 1918 Charles Knight ,left, who won the prize offered by the .gif | 1918 December 19, Street corner in Poelcapelle, Belgium.gif | 1918 December 31, Colonel George E. Stewart, commanding Amer.gif | 1918 Famous Negro band greets United States soldiers on leav.gif | 1918 February, Girl bootblack, Hotel McAlpin, New York.gif | 1918 First to Fight. A group of U.S. Marines. US Marine Corp.gif | 1918 Gun crew from Regimental Headquarters Company, 23rd Inf.gif | 1918 Hazel Carter of Douglas, Arizona, stowed away on a ship.gif | 1918 Helen Keller Christens a U.S. Emergency Fleet ship laun.gif | 1918 Inspection of quarters in Great Hall, Signal Corps Scho.gif | 1918 Interior view of projectile shop 1, machining 3 inch sh.gif | 1918 July 21, Women workers at plant of American Sugar Refin.gif | 1918 July 22, Members of the Medical Corps removing the woun.gif | 1918 July 25, Manufacturing airplanes for the government by .gif | 1918 July 30, American snipers of the 166th Infantry, Ohio N.gif | 1918 July, African American and white troops play ball again.gif | 1918 July, Doctor Stephen S. Wise, Rabbi of the Free Synagog.gif | 1918 July, James Montgomery Flagg. He produced a life size p.gif | 1918 June 7, Machine gun set up in railroad shop. Company A,.gif | 1918 June 8, Treatment room for gassed patients at American .gif | 1918 June, 2nd Draft. The first number drawn was 246, and wa.gif | 1918 June, Close-up view of an American major in the basket .gif | 1918 June, San Francisco Yeomanettes attached to the Naval R.gif | 1918 Launching the Quistconck, at Hog Island shipyards. The .gif | 1918 Lecture at the S.A.T.C. Tuskegee Normal and Industrial .gif | 1918 Looking out 7 inch gun port, U.S.S. Pennsylvania. Navy .gif | 1918 Lt. Frank Luke, who is running Lieutenant Eddie Rickenb.gif | 1918 Luxembourg girls greeting American Army of Occupation.gif | 1918 Mae Marsh, as a Belgian girl, and A. C. Gibbons as a Ge.gif | 1918 Manufacturing barbed wire. Wire rods. Raw material from.gif | 1918 Manufacturing heavy wool socks for the Government at Ch.gif | 1918 Manufacturing helmets. Large power press for shaping he.gif | 1918 Manufacturing steel ingots for the Government. Layout o.gif | 1918 March-November, 1st Army Post Band, Colored- Souilly. F.gif | 1918 March-November, Aerial view of ruins of Vaux, France.gif | 1918 March-November, Combres Hill, France. Air Service Photo.gif | 1918 March-November, First Air Depot-Process of repairing da.gif | 1918 March-November, Personnel, 3d Motor Mechanics-1st Air D.gif | 1918 March 16, Medical examiners and the selected men for US.gif | 1918 March 19, Subjecting the prospective American airman to.gif | 1918 March 22, Marine receiving first aid before being sent .gif | 1918 March 28, African American troops at Camp Meade, Maryla.gif | 1918 March 4, Recruits receiving instruction. Camp Gordon, G.gif | 1918 March 5, Anti-aircraft machine gun of 101st Field Artil.gif | 1918 March, American telephone girls on arrival for 'hello' .gif | 1918 March, Soldiers trying out their gas masks in every pos.gif | 1918 May 15, Cutting hair at the camp. 166th Field Hospital,.gif | 1918 May 22, Sharpshooters have good view of enemy from shel.gif | 1918 May 24, Women munition workers urge President to suppor.gif | 1918 May 27, African American men called in the draft from E.gif | 1918 Mess formation, detention barracks, Naval Training Stat.gif | 1918 Mother escorting her son to train, who is bound for cam.gif | 1918 Nebraska State Council of Defense.gif | 1918 November 11, Battery D, 105th Field Artillery, showing .gif | 1918 November 11, President Wilson reading the Armistice ter.gif | 1918 November 12, Girls operate stock boards at Waldorf-Asto.gif | 1918 November 20, Small portions of the Christmas mail that .gif | 1918 November 4, German machine-gun nest and dead gunner. Vi.gif | 1918 November 4, Manufacturing spiral puttees at plant of Al.gif | 1918 November 6, An old French couple of Brieulles-sur-Bar, .gif | 1918 November, Armistice celebration. Yanks and Tommies.gif | 1918 October 1, Chinese Day in the 4th Liberty Loan Campaign.gif | 1918 October 18, First Lieutenant E. V. 'Eddie' Rickenbacker.gif | 1918 October 18, Members of the 101st Field Signal Battalion.gif | 1918 October 19, General John J. Pershing. General Headquart.gif | 1918 October 4, German plane brought down in the Argonne by .gif | 1918 On board an American destroyer. A five inch gun and its.gif | 1918 Patriotic old women make flags. Born in Hungary, Galici.gif | 1918 Picture posed in France, near front line trenches, by M.gif | 1918 Recovering Torpedo.gif | 1918 Recruits for U.S. Marine Corps being sworn in at recrui.gif | 1918 Result of Ordnance Department body armor test at Fort d.gif | 1918 Sailors from Pelham Bay Naval Training Station marching.gif | 1918 September 12, Wounded German prisoners receiving medica.gif | 1918 September 13, Eighteenth Infantry, Machine Gun Battalio.gif | 1918 September 16, American soldiers on the Piave front hurl.gif | 1918 September 16, Commander of US Labor Battalion and staff.gif | 1918 September 16, Girls deliver ice. Heavy work that former.gif | 1918 September 18, Wounded officers and Mrs. W. E. Corey, wi.gif | 1918 September 19, Brigadier General Douglas MacArthur clean.gif | 1918 September 19, Lt. Col. Garrett, chief signal officer, 4.gif | 1918 September 2, Battery C, 6th Field Artillery, fired the .gif | 1918 September 2, Two Negro soldiers in a pursuit race at th.gif | 1918 September 25, Columns of German prisoners taken by Amer.gif | 1918 September 26, 14-inch gun talks for U.S. Men of the 35t.gif | 1918 September 26, Soldier of Company K, 110th Regiment Infa.gif | 1918 September 27, Marshall, Saline County, Missouri in the .gif | 1918 September 27, Town of Varennes, France, view due west a.gif | 1918 September 4, Twenty five Indians from the Carlisle Indi.gif | 1918 September 5, Platte County, Nebraska, draft group to Ca.gif | 1918 September, Human Statue of Liberty. 18,000 Officers and.gif | 1918 September, Secretary of the Treasury William G. McAdoo .gif | 1918 September, The American Red Cross Home Service gives co.gif | 1918 September, Vladivostok, Russia. Soldiers and sailors fr.gif | 1918 Shop Number 2 annex. 6 inch guns with mounts in foregro.gif | 1918 Some of the employees. All wear bloomers. Hope Webbing .gif | 1918 The 'Human Squirrel' who did many daring 'stunts' in cl.gif | 1918 The famous band of the 15th African American Infantry, .gif | 1918 The leader Arizona passing 96th Street Pier in great na.gif | 1918 The Motion Picture - A Win-The-War Factor. Dorothy Gish.gif | 1918 The Negroes had thought they could mix in with the outg.gif | 1918 These Tommies are in the trenches at St. Quentin gettin.gif | 1918 U.S. battleship New Jersey in camouflage coat.gif | 1918 Vocational training for S.A.T.C. in University of Michi.gif | 1918 Wall scaling at Camp Wadsworth, South Carolina.gif | 1918 Women electric welders at Hog Island shipyard. These ar.gif | 1918 Women workers in ordnance shops, Midvale Steel and Ordn.gif | 1919-1920 American troops in Russian port about to leave tha.gif | 1919 April, Company B-113th Infantry-American Expeditionary .gif | 1919 April, The 'First Passover Sedar Dinner' given to Jewis.gif | 1919 Capt. Edward Rickenbacker, America's 'Ace' credited wit.gif | 1919 Cuba, Guantanamo Sentry beneath palms.gif | 1919 Engine room of an oil-burning German submarine. German .gif | 1919 February 10, Famous African American regiment arriv (1).gif | 1919 February 10, Famous African American regiment arriv (2).gif | 1919 February 10, Famous African American regiment arrives h.gif | 1919 February 10, Famous African American regiment, 369th Ne.gif | 1919 February 10, Officers of Famous African American Regime.gif | 1919 February 12, African American Jazz Band and Leader Back.gif | 1919 February 17, 351st Field Artillery Troops on the Deck o.gif | 1919 February 17, 369th Infantry marching on Fifth Avenue, N.gif | 1919 February 17, Colors of the famous 369th Infantry Africa.gif | 1919 February 17, Lieutenant James Reese Europe and his famo.gif | 1919 February 17, Major Esperanz and Major Spencer of the 36.gif | 1919 February 17, Relatives and friends cheering the 369th I.gif | 1919 February 17, Salvation Army lassies giving sweets to re.gif | 1919 February 18, Colonel 'Bill' Hayward's famous 'Hell Figh.gif | 1919 February 18, Colonel Hayward's 'Hell Fighters' in parad.gif | 1919 February 27, Women in Paris to plead for international .gif | 1919 February 7, Sgt Alvin C. York, 328th Infantry, who with.gif | 1919 January 16, Second Lieutenant Paul Weir Cloud, still op.gif | 1919 January 28, Stage Women's War Relief. Peggy O'Neil supp.gif | 1919 January 3, Marcel Dupuy, young Belgian whose father was.gif | 1919 January 6, 85,000 tires for American Expeditionary Forc.gif | 1919 January 9, Second Lieutenant George E. Stone, Signal Co.gif | 1919 January 9, This old castle perched on a hilltop above t.gif | 1919 June 21, Marshall, Saline County, Missouri in the war. .gif | 1919 June 25, Signal Corps Photographic Unit with American E.gif | 1919 March 14, 367th Infantry, African American return color.gif | 1919 March 14, 367th Infantry, African American troops retur.gif | 1919 March 17, African American casuals from Philadelphia, P.gif | 1919 March 27, 'Mutt and Jeff' of Company D, 505th Engineers.gif | 1919 March 7, American officers frequently employed reindeer.gif | 1919 May 26, How they did it over there. African American tr.gif | 1919 May 27, Council of Four of the Peace Conference. Mr. Ll.gif | 1919 May 29, Women Rivet Heaters and Passers on, Ship Constr.gif | 1919 October 29, Marshall, Saline County, Missouri in the wa.gif | 1919 Some of the African American men of the 369th who won t.gif | 1919 U.S. Marine Corps patrol boats on the Ozoma River, Sant.gif | 1937 Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings. painting.gif | 31st Infantry on practice hike. Officers of Company 'A' at m.gif | A view of the ruins of Avocourt, situated just behind the Am.gif | Aeroplane Graflex camera in action. circa 1917-18.gif | American advance northwest of Verdun. The ruined church on t.gif | American pilot, 91st Aero Squadron, France, February 1919. A.gif | American troops entering Perth, Scotland, 1918.gif | American troops going forward to the battle line in the Fore.gif | Americans using observation instruments left behind by the G.gif | An indignant crowd of real Americans almost did serious dama.gif | Army airplane Number 75, Camp El Valle, Mexico, September 28.gif | Around the camp-fire, men of Company A, 16th Infantry, San G.gif | Attaching a message to a Signal Corps carrier pigeon, circa .gif | Bastile Day spells prison for sixteen suffragettes who picke.gif | Camp de Meucon. Balloon ascending. France, circa 1918. Air S.gif | Canadian troops going 'over the top' during training near St.gif | Column of 6th and 16th Infantry en route to the States, betw.gif | Dinner served in a box car on the Vologia railroad carrying .gif | Freiherr Rittmeister von Richtofen. Baron Captain Manfred vo.gif | French soldiers making a gas and flame attack on German tren.gif | Fresh troops moving up to advanced position, France. Yorkshi.gif | Gas masks for man and horse demonstrated by American soldier.gif | German General Headquarters. General von Hindenburg, Kaiser .gif | Home Again. Returning soldiers on the Agamemnon. Hoboken, N..gif | In Camp near San Antonio, Mexico, with the 6th Infantry, Apr.gif | Inspecting packs, Company M, 16th Infantry., El Valle, Mexic.gif | Major General William S. Graves, Commanding General Allied E.gif | Mrs Hammond, American Red Cross, serving water to badly woun.gif | Officers of the Morristown, New Jersey Infantry Battalion, J.gif | Officers, 129th Field Artillery, at regimental headquarters .gif | Photo shows crowd outside the White House, Washington, Distr.gif | Private Browne, Company M, 16th Infantry, Camp El Valle, Mex.gif | Privates Daly, Ball, and Baldwin, Company A, 16th Infantry, .gif | Repairing trench after explosion 50 yards from enemy trenche.gif | Riveter at work at Hog Island Shipyard. Pennsylvania, 1918.gif | Ruins of Cathedral of St. Quentin. France, October 18, 1918.gif | Second Liberty Loan, October 1917. Fattie Arbuckle, the movi.gif | Secretary of the Navy Daniels making a patriotic speech to t.gif | Shelton Smith, a Negro minister, was one of many Negroes sen.gif | Squad of American soldiers listening to one of their comrade.gif | The congestion of traffic on roads in the Argonne can be so .gif | The photographer's studio at Camp El Valle, Mexico, as it wa.gif | The Studio, Camp of 16th Infantry, El Paso, Texas. The photo.gif | This church in the ruins of Neuvilly furnished a shelter for.gif | Traffic policeman using 4th Liberty Loan fans for signals. S.gif | Trying to move mules hauling an American ammunition wagon st.gif | U.S. Food Administration sign, Baltimore, Maryland, circa 19.gif | U.S. Marines and guide in search of bandits. Haiti, circa 19.gif | U.S. troops in Vladivostok parading before building occupied.gif | U.S.S. Arkansas, circa 1918.gif | U.S.S. Michigan, circa 1918.gif | Vanguard of new york conscripts arrive at Camp Upton, Long I.gif | View of ruins in front of the Cathedral of St. Quentin. Fran.gif | Villa bandits who raided Columbus, New Mexico, caught by Ame.gif | With the Americans northwest of Verdun. The skipper and gunn.gif | Women taking place of men on Great Northern Railway at Great.gif | Wooden ship built for United States Shipping Board Emergency.gif | World War I farmerettes pack peaches on a Virginia fruit far.gif | 1917-1918 Warning! Consider the Possible Consequences if You.jpg | 1917-1919 Author of ‘Outwitting the Hun’. Read his book.jpg | 1917-1919 Come On Boys! Give The Guard a Fighting Chance. Fi.gif | 1917-1919 Liberty Bonds are Fighting Bonds. Buy Them!.gif | 1917-1919 Make Every Minute Count For Pershing. Unites State.gif | 1917-1919 Oh, Boy that's the Girl! The Salvation Army Lassie.gif | 1917-1919 Our Boys In France Tobacco Fund- Come on with the .gif | 1917-1919 The World Cannot Live Half Slave, Half Free.gif | 1917-1919 They Are Giving All. Will You Send Them Wheat. U.S.gif | 1917-1919 Uncle Sam's Birthday. 1776- July 4th 1918. 142 Yea.gif | 1917 Buy Your Victory Bonds. Color poster. Issued by Victory.jpg | 1917 Will you help the Women of France. Save Wheat. They are.gif | 1917 Wonderful Opportunity For You. Ashore, On Leave. United.gif | 1918 ‘Keep It Coming. We must not only feed our Soldiers at .gif | 1918 Avez Vouz Place Dans Votre Coeur Pour Nous. Have you ro.jpg | 1918 Remember Belgium. Buy Bonds Fourth Liberty Loan.gif | 1918 Ships Are Coming. You can help send this news to our bo.gif | 1918 Team Work Wins! Your work here makes their work over th.gif 1919 Americans All! Victory Liberty Loan. Color poster by Ho.jpg | 1937 Paintings and Sculptures for Public Buildings. painting.gif | Don'tWasteBread!1917Anonymous.jpg | Enlist!byC.J.Patterson1917.jpg | ForTheGloryOfIreland1914Anonymous.jpg | GiveMoneyForVictoryAndPeaceByGirus1917.jpg | InternationalWomen'sDay1914ByKarlMariaStadler.jpg | Second Liberty Loan, October 1917. Fattie Arbuckle, the movi.gif | TheWomenOfFrance1917ByG.Caron.jpg

World War I or The First World War, often abbreviated as WWI or WW1, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. Contemporaneously known as the Great War or "the war to end all wars", it led to the mobilisation of more than 70 million military personnel, including 60 million Europeans, making it one of the largest wars in history. It also was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, with an estimated 8.5 million combatant deaths and 13 million civilian deaths as a direct result of the war, while resulting genocides and the related 1918 Spanish flu pandemic caused another 17-100 million deaths worldwide, including an estimated 2.64 million Spanish flu deaths in Europe and as many as 675,000 Spanish flu deaths in the United States. On June 28, 1914, Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb Yugoslav nationalist and member of the Serbian Black Hand military society, assassinated the Austro-Hungarian heir Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, leading to the July Crisis. In response, Austria-Hungary issued an ultimatum to Serbia on July 23. Serbia's reply failed to satisfy the Austrians, and the two moved to a war footing. A network of interlocking alliances enlarged the crisis from a bilateral issue in the Balkans to one involving most of Europe. By July 1914, the great powers of Europe were divided into two coalitions: the Triple Entente, consisting of France, Russia, and Britain; and the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The Triple Alliance was only defensive in nature, allowing Italy to stay out of the war until April 1915, when it joined the Allied Powers after its relations with Austria-Hungary deteriorated. Russia felt it necessary to back Serbia, and approved partial mobilisation after Austria-Hungary shelled the Serbian capital of Belgrade, which was a few kilometres from the border, on July 28. Full Russian mobilisation was announced on the evening of July 30; the following day, Austria-Hungary and Germany did the same, while Germany demanded Russia demobilise within twelve hours. When Russia failed to comply, Germany declared war on Russia on August 1 in support of Austria-Hungary, the latter following suit on August 6; France ordered full mobilisation in support of Russia on August 2. In the end, World War I would see the continent of Europe split into two major opposing alliances; the Allied Powers, primarily composed of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the United States, France, the Russian Empire, Italy, Japan, Portugal, and the many aforementioned Balkan States such as Serbia and Montenegro; and the Central Powers, primarily composed of the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. Germany's strategy for a war on two fronts against France and Russia was to rapidly concentrate the bulk of its army in the West to defeat France within 6 weeks, then shift forces to the East before Russia could fully mobilise; this was later known as the Schlieffen Plan. On August 2, Germany demanded free passage through Belgium, an essential element in achieving a quick victory over France. When this was refused, German forces invaded Belgium on August 3 and declared war on France the same day; the Belgian government invoked the 1839 Treaty of London and, in compliance with its obligations under this treaty, Britain declared war on Germany on August 4. On August 12, Britain and France also declared war on Austria-Hungary; on August 23, Japan sided with Britain, seizing German possessions in China and the Pacific. In November 1914, the Ottoman Empire entered the war on the side of Austria-Hungary and Germany, opening fronts in the Caucasus, Mesopotamia, and the Sinai Peninsula. The war was fought in (and drew upon) each power's colonial empire also, spreading the conflict to Africa and across the globe. The German advance into France was halted at the Battle of the Marne and by the end of 1914, the Western Front settled into a war of attrition, marked by a long series of trench lines that changed little until 1917 (the Eastern Front, by contrast, was marked by much greater exchanges of territory). In 1915, Italy joined the Allied Powers and opened a front in the Alps. Bulgaria joined the Central Powers in 1915 and Greece joined the Allies in 1917, expanding the war in the Balkans. The United States initially remained neutral, though even while neutral it became an important supplier of war materiel to the Allies. Eventually, after the sinking of American merchant ships by German submarines, the declaration by Germany that its navy would resume unrestricted attacks on neutral shipping, and the revelation that Germany was trying to incite Mexico to initiate war against the United States, the U.S. declared war on Germany on 6 April 1917. Trained American forces did not begin arriving at the front in large numbers until mid-1918, but the American Expeditionary Force ultimately reached some two million troops. Though Serbia was defeated in 1915, and Romania joined the Allied Powers in 1916, only to be defeated in 1917, none of the great powers were knocked out of the war until 1918. The 1917 February Revolution in Russia replaced the Monarchy with the Provisional Government, but continuing discontent with the cost of the war led to the October Revolution, the creation of the Soviet Socialist Republic, and the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk by the new government in March 1918, ending Russia's involvement in the war. Germany now controlled much of eastern Europe and transferred large numbers of combat troops to the Western Front. Using new tactics, the German March 1918 Offensive was initially successful. The Allies fell back and held. The last of the German reserves were exhausted as 10,000 fresh American troops arrived every day. The Allies drove the Germans back in their Hundred Days Offensive, a continual series of attacks to which the Germans had no countermove. One by one, the Central Powers quit: first Bulgaria (September 29), then the Ottoman Empire (October 31) and the Austro-Hungarian Empire (November 3). With its allies defeated, revolution at home, and the military no longer willing to fight, Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated on 9 November and Germany signed an armistice on 11 November 1918, ending the war. World War I was a significant turning point in the political, cultural, economic, and social climate of the world. The war and its immediate aftermath sparked numerous revolutions and uprisings. The Big Four (Britain, France, the United States, and Italy) imposed their terms on the defeated powers in a series of treaties agreed at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, the most well known being the Treaty of Versailles with Germany. Ultimately, as a result of the war, the Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman, and Russian Empires ceased to exist, and numerous new states were created from their remains. However, despite the conclusive Allied victory (and the creation of the League of Nations during the peace conference, intended to prevent future wars), a second world war followed just over twenty years later.