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Waterloo (1970) Rod Steiger Christopher Plummer DVD, Download, USB

Waterloo (1970) Rod Steiger Christopher Plummer DVD, Download, USB
Waterloo (1970) Rod Steiger Christopher Plummer DVD, Download, USB
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The 1970 Military Historical Drama Depicting Napoleon's Climactic Last Battle In All Regions DVD Format!


Few battles in world history rank in importance as highly as that of Waterloo. It ensured the end of the military career of one of history's most brilliant generals and the continental scourge of his time, Napoleon Bonaparte, when his attempt to re-establish his reign over the French republic was thwarted by the combined forces of Prussia's General Blucher and those of his battlefield superior, Britain's General Wellington. The ground had been carefully chosen by Wellington, yet the battle was nonetheless so desperate that it appeared for a long while as though he was losing the field to Napoleon. See how he, Blucher and their armies lead by the strong arm of fate delivered victory from the jaws of defeat (1970, Color, 2:03).

Sergei Bondarchuk

H.A.L. Craig (Story)
Sergei Bondarchuk, Vittorio Bonicelli (Screenplay)

Rod Steiger ... Napoleon Bonaparte
Christopher Plummer ... Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
Orson Welles ... Louis XVIII
Jack Hawkins ... Gen. Sir Thomas Picton
Virginia McKenna ... Duchess of Richmond
Dan O'Herlihy ... Marshal Michel Ney
Rupert Davies ... Gordon
Philippe Forquet ... La Bedoyere
Gianni Garko ... Drouot
Ivo Garrani ... Soult
Ian Ogilvy ... De Lancey
Michael Wilding ... Ponsonby
Sergo Zaqariadze ... Blucher (as Serghej Zakhariadze)
Terence Alexander ... Uxbridge
Andrea Checchi ... Sauret

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