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The Wall Street Crash Of 1929 Documentary Set MP4 Video Download DVD

The Wall Street Crash Of 1929 Documentary Set MP4 Video Download DVD
The Wall Street Crash Of 1929 Documentary Set MP4 Video Download DVD
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The Wall Street Crash Of 1929, Variously Known As The Great Crash, The Crash Of '29 And Black Thursday, Which Precipitated The Great Depression, The Greatest Financial Calamity Of The 20th Century, As Told In Two (2) Documentary Features: 1) THE CRASH OF 1929, Which In The Words Of Host David McCullough Is "Not About The Great Depression - That's Another Story; This Is The Story Of What Happened On Wall Street In October 1929 And Why. To Understand The Bust In The Boom-And-Bust Cycle, It's Important - Very Important - To Look Closely At The Boom"; A Chronicle Of The People And Events Of 1929 That Brought About The Crash, Such As Charles E. Mitchell, Chief Of First National City Banks (now Citibank) Whose Securities Policies Led To The Crash of 1929, Policies That Ended Ownership Of investment Affiliates By Commercial Banks, A Story Told In This Documentary By Two Of His Children; "The Bull Of The Bulls" William C. Durant, Billionaire Investment And Industrial Titan, Founder Of General Motors; Jesse Livermore, Wall Street's Greatest Investment Speculator And Pioneer Of Day Trading; RCA's Michael J. Meehan, Who Led A (Then Legal) Conspiratorial Pool Of Investment Bankers To Routinely Drive Up Prices Of Stocks Reaping Millions From Unsuspecting Investors Until The Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) Forced Him Out Of Trading; Thomas W. Lamont, Conservative Head Of J.P. Morgan & Co., Who Simultaneously Brought About And Tried To Prevent The Crash, Evangeline Adams, The Wall Street Astrologer Whose Predictions Led Many Of Wall Street's Movers And Shakers To Believe That "Stocks Might Climb To Heaven" Right Up To The Crash; Roger Babson, Economist And Business Theorist Who Correctly Warned For Years That The Great Stock Market Boom Was Going To Catastrophically Bust; And Day Trader Groucho Marx, Who Lost His Life Savings On The Market Even As He Was Filming The First Marx Brothers Movie, The Coconuts, Which Lampooned The Florida Land Boom Associated With The Stock Market (Color, 1990, 58 Minutes); And 2) THE 1929 CRASH ON WALL STREET, A Series Of Reenactments Coupled With Archival Footage And Meaningful Narrative That Makes Clear The Profound Change In What Life Was Like Before, During And As A Result Of The Crash (Color, 1982, 26 Minutes) -- All Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD!

The Wall Street Crash Of 1929, also known as The Great Crash, The Crash Of 29, or Black Thursday, was a major American stock market crash that occurred in the autumn of 1929. It started in September and ended in mid-November, when share prices on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) collapsed. The pivotal role of the 1920s' high-flying bull market and the subsequent catastrophic collapse of the NYSE in late 1929 is often highlighted in explanations of the causes of the worldwide Great Depression. It was the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States, when taking into consideration the full extent and duration of its aftereffects. The Great Crash is mostly associated with October 24, 1929, called Black Thursday, the day of the largest sell-off of shares in U.S. history, and October 29, 1929, called Black Tuesday, when investors traded some 16 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange in a single day. The crash, which followed the London Stock Exchange's crash of September, signaled the beginning of the Great Depression.