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War Props: The Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik DVD, MP4, USB Flash Drive

War Props: The Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik DVD, MP4, USB Flash Drive
War Props: The Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik DVD, MP4, USB Flash Drive
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The Ilyushin IL-2 Russian Ground Attack Aircraft, Unofficially Nicknamed Sturmovik After The Russian Word "Shturmovik" For Ground Attack Aircraft, The Most Produced Military Aircraft Design In Aviation History, Employed To Devastating Effect Against The German Wehrmacht On The Eastern Front Of World War II, As Seen Through Stunning Color And Black And White Archival Films From The Factory, Out In The Field And Up In The Second World War Skies! An Hour Of Historical Military Aviation Adventure Narrated By Peter Ustinov, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, 1992, 45 Minutes.) #PropsAndJets #WarProps #IL2 #IlyushinIL2 #Sturmovik #Shturmovik #Stormovik #PeterUstinov #Ilyushin #GroundAttackAircraft #AttackAircraft #SovietAirForces #RedStar #EasternFrontWorldWarII #EasternFrontWWII #AirWarfareOfWorldWarII #AirWarfareOfWWII #AviationInWorldWarII #AviationInWWII #WWIIAviation #WorldWarII #WWII #WW2 #SecondWorldWar #AviationHistory #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

The Ilyushin Il-2 (appears in Western sources as Stormovik and Sturmovik, neither of which give correct pronunciation in English) is a ground-attack aircraft produced by the Soviet Union in large numbers during the Second World War. To Il-2 pilots, the aircraft was simply the diminutive "Ilyusha". To the soldiers on the ground, it was the "Hunchback", the "Flying Tank" or the "Flying Infantryman". Its postwar NATO reporting name was "Bark". The Il-2 was never given an official name and 'shturmovik' is the generic Russian word meaning ground attack aircraft. The Il-2 aircraft played a crucial role on the Eastern Front. When factories fell behind on deliveries, Joseph Stalin told the factory managers that the Il-2s were "as essential to the Red Army as air and bread." During the World War II, 36,183 units of the Il-2 were produced, and in combination with its successor, the Ilyushin Il-10, a total of 42,330 were built, making it the single most produced military aircraft design in aviation history, as well as one of the most produced piloted aircraft in history along with the American postwar civilian Cessna 172 and the Soviet Union's own then-contemporary Polikarpov Po-2 Kukuruznik multipurpose biplane.