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War Props: The Douglas A-1 Skyraider DVD, MP4 Download, USB Drive

War Props: The Douglas A-1 Skyraider DVD, MP4 Download, USB Drive
War Props: The Douglas A-1 Skyraider DVD, MP4 Download, USB Drive
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The Douglas A-1 Skyraider American Single-Seat Attack Aircraft Of The Late 1940s Up To The Early 1980s, The Long-Serving Piston-Powered Propeller-Driven Anachronism Nicknamed The "Spad" After The Legendary French World War I Fighter, Operated By The US Navy, Marines And Air Force As Well As The British Royal Navy, French Air Force, South Vientame Air Force And Others, As Seen Through Stunning Color And Black And White Archival Films From The Factory, Out In The Field And Up In The War Amd Peace Skies! Historical Military Aviation Adventure Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, 1992, 45 Minutes.) #ADSkyraider #A1Skyraider #DouglasA1Skyraider #AttackAircraft #KoreanWar #VietnamWar #AviationHistory #MilitaryAviation #PropsAndJets #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

The Douglas A-1 Skyraider, originally known as the Douglas AD Skyraider is an American single-seat attack aircraft that was in service from 1946 to the early 1980s, and served during the Korean War and Vietnam War. The Douglas XBT2D-1, prototype of the Douglas A-1 Skyraider, took its maiden flight on March 18, 1945, whereopen the United States Navy began evaluation of the aircraft at the Naval Air Test Center (NATC) in April 1945. In December 1946, after a designation change to AD-1, delivery of the first production aircraft to a fleet squadron was made to VA-19A. The Skyraider had an unusually long career, remaining in front-line service well into the Jet Age (when most piston-engine attack or fighter aircraft were replaced by Jet aircraft); thus becoming known by some as an "anachronism". The aircraft was nicknamed "Spad", after the celebrated French World War I bi-plane fighter, with which it has a resemblance. It was operated by the United States Navy (USN), the United States Marine Corps (USMC), and the United States Air Force (USAF), and also saw service with the British Royal Navy, the French Air Force, the Republic of Vietnam Air Force (RVNAF), and others. It remained in U.S. service until the early 1970s. The jet powered A-10 Thunderbolt II, though in the tradition of the the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt fighter-bomber, was based on specifications for a modernized Skyraider, which was itself in the same tradition, with a heavy payload and good endurance.