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Vaudeville Vanities TV Show & Movie Film Set DVD, Download, USB Drive

Vaudeville Vanities TV Show & Movie Film Set DVD, Download, USB Drive
Vaudeville Vanities TV Show & Movie Film Set DVD, Download, USB Drive
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3 Classic Vaudeville Features: CBS's 1950 Phenomenal THE BEN BLUE SHOW; HOLLYWOOD ON PARADE: HALL OF FAME With Comedian Eddie Borden, Mae Questel Of Betty Boop Fame, Bela Lugosi And More; And Jay Ward's Pioneering 1963 TV Pilot THE NUT HOUSE! 2 Hours Of The Rarest Early Televisual Entertainment Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In All Regions DVD Format! #Vaudeville #BenBlue #HollywoodOnParade #JayWard #NutHouse #BettyBoop #BelaLugosi #DVD

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THE BEN BLUE SHOW (1950, Black and White, 28:35)
Another time capsule of this often overlooked font of American entertainment tradition, here mixing it up with the kind of entertainment format one saw fractionalized into everything from "The Ed Sullivan Show" to "The Ernie Kovacs Show", then finishing up with a preposterous situation worthy of the best of Jackie Gleason's "The Honeymooners".

HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD: HOLLYWOOD ON PARADE: HALL OF FAME (1933, Black and White, 40:12 With Commercials And Added Attractions)
A televisual historic artifact on a few accounts: first, it's a time capsule of Vaudeville comedy in 1933 in "Hollywood Parade", one of a series of short films advertising Paramount Studio's actors and actresses that became standard broadcasting fare shown early on during the golden age of television, with this installment starring the great vaudeville comedian Eddie Borden as himself searching for his lost companion, vaudevillian Mae Questel who was best known as the voice of "Betty Boop" and "Olive Oyl", who was spirited away from the maze of a wax museum by Bela Lugosi as a wax figure Dracula; second; the title comes from the well-loved 1985 syndicated TV series "Haunted Hollywood"; complete with their vintage commercial and added attractions segues; and third, the source media for the entire broadcast is from the venerable "7 Late Movie" of WABC-TV Channel 7 New York City, circa 1989, complete with the original vintage commercials throughout. Added attractions: "Take It Or Leave It", a comedy short where a professor muses over life's improbabilities; Chico and Harpo Marx Ad For Prom Shampoo; "Hollywood Beauty Tips" on how starlets of the 1930s made themselves cosmetically beautiful; and musically scored highlights of Georges Melies iconic "A Trip to the Moon".

THE NUT HOUSE (1963 Black and White, 33:39)
Rowan and Martin, roll over! The Nut House has taken over! This attempt by Jay Ward and crew to capitalize on the success of Rocky & Bullwinkle & bring straight-up vaudeville humor to live action tv ultimately failed, but it's a magnificent failure, for one can see clearly foreshadowed Laugh-In, Monty Python's Flying Circus and more of the television of the future!