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Valley Of The Kilns: Reginald Le May In Thailand DVD Video Download

Valley Of The Kilns: Reginald Le May In Thailand DVD Video Download
Valley Of The Kilns: Reginald Le May In Thailand DVD Video Download
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David Drew Hosts And Narrates This Journey Through The Land And Art Of Thailand, Historically Known As Siam, As Revealed To The World By The English Diplomat And Explorer Reginald Le May In His 1825 Travel Log "An Asian Arcady, An Account of Northern Siam", His Description Of His 5-Month, 700-Mile Long Journey Through Siam From Chiang Mai-Lampang Through Phrae And Nan- Lampang, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD Or MP4 Video Download! (Color, 1988, 49 Minutes.) #ValleyOfTheKilns #ReginaldLeMayInThailand #DavidDrew #ReginaldLeMay #ReginaldSLeMay #Thailand #Siam #SoutheastAsia #SiameseArt #ThaiArt #ArtOfSiam #ArtOfThailand #Art #DVD #MP4 #VideoDownload

Dr. Reginald S. Le May, English diplomat, author and explorer, known for his service in and writings on Southeast Asian culture and especially Thai art (January 6, 1885 - January 22, 1972) was born in Kent, England. Le May attended Framlingham College 1898-1902, where he won the school's Modern Languages prize. He then to Kings College, London. He worked as a confidential clerk to the British Consulate-General in Zurich, later as an assistant master at Framlingham. In Sept 1906 he came eleventh in the examination for student interpretership in HBM's Far East Consular Service (serving China, Japan, Siam). Le May joined the British Legation in Bangkok in February 1908, and served as Vice-Consul in Chiang Mai from March 1913, then transferred to similar post in Lampang. He served in the British Consular Service in Siam from 1908 to 1922, and from 1922 to 1933 be was Economic Adviser to the Thai Government. For twenty- five years he lived and worked in Siam, as well as during his long and fruitful retirement. Dr. Le May's publications, from 1920 to 1954, varied from specialised monographs to more general popular works. Starting in 1920, with the assistance of two other members of the Siam Philatelic Society, Le May published The Standard Catalogue of Thai Stamps . In 1925, his own collection of Thai stamps was prepared for the National Exhibition of 1926. When this was cancelled owing to the death of King Rama VI of Siam, the collection was presented to the National Museum and Library, where it can still be seen today. In 1926, Le May's first book on Siam appeared, titled An Asian Arcady, (An Account of Northern Siam), a description of his 5-month, 700-mile long journey from Chiang Mai-Lampang through Phrae and Nan- Lampang, dedicated to H.R.H. Prince Purac Hatra, and published by Heffer and Sons of Cambridge. In 1930 Noel Douglas of London published Le May's Siamese Tales, Old and New. A second edition was later published by Probsthain of London. In 1932, the Siam Society published Le May's The Coinage of Siam, long a standard work on the subject, whic was reprinted by the Society in 1961. In 1934, LeMay retired from Thai Government service and went up as a research student to Pembroke College, Cambridge. He spent the following three years writing his magnum opus on Buddhist Art in Siam, which gained for him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, and was published by the Cambridge University Press. It has since been reprinted twice by Tuttle of Vermont and Tokyo, and is still on sale. Finally, to crown his work, in 1954, Allen & Unwin published The Culture of South-East Asia, which has had three editions in England, a special one for India, and another edition in the German language. Reginald Le May's affection for Thailand and the Thai people was great; to the last days of his life, he called Siam "the country of my adoption." Reginald Le May died at the age of 87.