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Universal Newsreels: The Space Race Films DVD MP4 Download USB Drive

Universal Newsreels: The Space Race Films DVD MP4 Download USB Drive
Universal Newsreels: The Space Race Films DVD MP4 Download USB Drive
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Year-By-Year Highlights Of World Events As They Happened! Over 8 Hours Of Historical Newsreel Coverage Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In An Archival Quality 3 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #UniversalNewsreels #Newsreels #AmericanNewsreels #SpaceRace #SpaceAge #ColdWar #USMoonProgram #Astronauts #Cosmonauts #MercuryProgram #ProjectMercury #RangerProgram #ProjectRanger #Explorer1 #PioneerProgram #SurveyorProgram #SovietSpaceProgram #Sputnik #VostokProgramme #VoskhodProgramme #LunaProgramme #VeneraProgram #Laika #SpaceflightFirsts #SpaceflightRecords #RocketLaunches #CapeKennedy #CapeCanaveral #Splashdowns #Astronauts #Spaceflight #NACA #NASA #NASAHistory #HistoryOfNASA #SpaceExploration #Moon #TheMoon #HumanSpaceflight #HumanSpaceflightPrograms #Movies #Film #MotionPictures #Hollywood #Cinema #AmericanCinema #CinemaOfTheUS #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive


(Total Run Time: 2 Hours 51 Minutes)

2nd Atom Sub Sea Wolf Undergoes First Sea Trials, 1957-02-11

Tel Aviv Israel, 1957-02-14

Redstone Missile In production, 1957-02-14

A New Nation Gold Coast becomes Ghana In Ceremony, 1957-03-07

Kansas, 1957-04-04

New Aerial Work Horse Wears Skiis, 1957-04-08

Spanish Revolution Anniversary, 1957-04-08

Atom Fallout New Tests Begin As Safety Debate Rages, 1957-05-30

Maryland, 1957-05-30

British H-Bomb Fired As Debate On Atom Test Ban Rages, 1957-06-03

French Air Show, 1957-06-06

'Moon' Is Born The Story of 'Project Vanguard', 1957-07-04

Dedication Warren, Hoover, Hail New Truman Library, 1957-07-08

US Fires Biggest A-Bomb, 1957-07-08

Jet Record Coast To Coast In 3 Hours, 23 Minutes, 1957-07-18

Red Colonel Top-Ranking Russian Spy Chief Captured, 1957-08-12

New Moon Reds Launch First Space Satellite, 1957-10-07

Ike Denies US lag In Missiles, 1957-10-10

Space Race US In Lead With 4000-Mile Rocket, 1957-10-28

Pennsylvania, 1957-11-04

Ike Reports First Missile Recovered From Flight In Space, 1957-11-07

Satellite A Bust Rocket Blows Up In First US, 1957-12-09

Air Force Gets A New Theme Song, 1957-12-09

Baghdad pact Unified Military Command Seen, 1958-01-30

First US Satellite Launched! 1958-02-03

Navy's Satellite Vanguard Fails in Second Launching, 1958-02-06

Britain Mourns Soccer Champs Die In Plane Crash, 1958-02-10

Reds Back Down Release 26 From Hijacked Airlines, 1958-03-10

3rd Vanguard Successful - Moon Launcher, 1958-03-17

'Dead' A-Bomb Hits US Town, 1958-03-13

Brussels World's Fair, 1958-03-17

Space Policeman Pegasus Measures Action Of Meteoroids, 1965-05-27

Russian exhibit of Sputnik, 1958-06-09

Brooklyn, NY 1958-06-09

De Gaulle And Dulles Meet, 1958-07-07

Mid East Crisis Area Quiet Pending UN-Summit Talk, 1958-07-24

Akron, Ohio, 1958-07-24

A-Sub Epic Nautilus Pioneers North Pole Seaway, 1958-08-11

Ike Tells UN Direct UN Action Is Key To Mid-East Peace, 1958-08-14

Triton Launched Giant Sub First With Twin Nuclear Engines, 1958-08-21

Nautilus sub returns to New York harbor, 1958-08-23

Atlas In Orbit Radios Ike's Message Of Peace To World, 1958-12-22

News Review of 1958

Castro Triumphs Havana Crowds Hail Success Of Revolt, 1959-01-05

Kremlin Envoy Mikoyan, No 2 Red, In US For 'Vacation', 1959-01-05

49th Star Alaska Statehood, New Flag, Official, 1959-01-05

New Delhi, India, 1959-01-08

5th Republic, New Era Dawns As De Gaulle Invested, 1959-01-12

Mikoyan In NY No 2 Red Sees City Under Heavy Guard, 1959-01-15

Rally For Castro One Million Roar 'Si' To Cuban Executions, 1959-01-22

Deny Rocket Lag Atlas Firing Keynotes US Missile Build-Up, 1959-01-29

'Titan' Launched 1st Test Of Newest ICBM Is Successful, 1959-02-09

Weather Eye Vanguard II Satellite Scans Sky From Space, 1959-02-19

Kremlin Visit Macmillan Talks With Khrushchev - A Fizzle, 1959-02-26

Crisis Ends 3 Nations Rejoice At Cyprus Settlement, 1959-02-26

Pioneer IV Passes Moon, Heads Into Solar Orbit, 1959-03-05

Big 3 & Berlin Concern Mounts As Deadline Approaches, 1959-03-05

Philippines, 1959-03-09

Junior Missilemen Army Aids Teen Agers In Mass Rocket Shoot, 1959-03-09

Aloha Hawaii islanders Celebrate Long-Sought Statehood, 1959-03-16

Project Argus 'Greatest Experiment' 3 A-Blasts In Space, 1959-03-19

Detroit, 1959-03-19

At Sea, 1959-04-13

Dalai Lama Greeted By Nehru, Again Blasts Reds, 1959-04-30

California, 1959-04-30

Virginia, 1959-04-30

Space Mice Plan 'Live' Satellite In 1st Recovery Test, 1959-05-21

Space Monkeys Meet Press After Missile Mission, 1959-06-01

Khrushchev's Mystery Trip To Albania, 1959-06-01

Red China, 1959-06-04

X-15 Aloft First Free Flight Of Manned Space Plane, 1959-06-11

Connecticut, 1959-06-11

Red Fair Opens In New York, 1959-06-29

Ike's Calendar honors Gen Taylor, Welcomes Kozlov, 1959-07-02

Khrushchev In Poland, 1959-07-20

Castro 'Resigns' Mass Demonstrations Show His Power Secure, 1959-07-20

Nixon's Moscow Mission, 1959-07-23

Nixon In USSR Opening US Fair, Clashes With Mr K, 1959-07-27

Havana Rally Peasants Mass To Support Castro, 1959-07-27

Nixon In USSR Views Red A-Ship Parries Hecklers, 1959-07-30

New Diplomacy Ike And Khrushchev To Exchange Visits, 1959-08-03

Nixon's Triumphal Return, 1959-08-06

Explorer VI Paddle-Wheel Moon Puts Eye In The Sky, 1959-08-10

Bonn Hails Ike! Says US Will Stand By Berlin, 1959-08-27

New York City, 1959-08-27

Denver, 1959-08-27

Harbor Blaze Chemical Blasts Rock Port of NY, 1959-09-10

Reds 'Lunik' Hits The Moon, 1959-09-14

Free China 10 years On Formosa, 1959-10-05

West Coast Hails First World Series, 1959-10-05

Good-Will Swap USSR Film Premiere Opens Culture Exchange, 1959-11-02

Iran, 1959-11-02

(Total Run Time: 3 Hours 15 Minutes)

Russia, 1960-05-05

Spy Story of The Year, 1960-05-09

New Magellan 'Triton' Circles World Submerged, 1960-05-12

Powers Case Ike States Policy On Spies and Open Skies, 1960-05-12

Summit Crisis Mr K In Ugly Mood Over U-2 Incident , 1960-05-16

Down From Summit Mr K Kills Conference, Big 4 Depart For Homes, 1960-05-19

Florida, 1960-05-23

U-2 At UN Reds Now Charge US Menaces Peace, 1960-05-23

Open Sky Plan Ike Offers UN US Photo Planes, 1960-05-27

UN Spy Debate Reds 'Bugged' American Embassy Lodge Claims, 1960-05-27

Cataclysm Volcano, Tidal Waves, Devastate Pacific Area, 1960-05-27

Whites Flee Newly Independent Congo In Upheaval, 1960-07-11

Missile Milestone First Polaris Firing By Submerged U-Boat, 1960-07-21

25 Years Ago, 1960-05-19

The RB-47 Debate Lodge Debunks Red Spy-Flight Charges, 1960-07-25

Republic Convention Highlights, 1960-07-25

March Of Events In Congo Crisis, 1960-08-04

Space Triumph Discoverer Capsule Recovered From Orbit , 1960-08-15

U-2 Spy Trial Ike Hits Powers Case Exploitation By Reds, 1960-08-18

Space Race A F Snares Satellite Capsule In Mid-Air, 1960-08-22

Mr K And Castro Top Reds And Allies Get Chill Greeting, 1960-09-19

Mexico, 1960-09-19

Ike At UN Proposes New World Disarmament Program, 1960-09-22

25 Years Ago, 1960-09-22

History At UN World Leaders Set New York A-Whirl , 1960-09-26

Spotlight Of History On The UN, 1960-09-29

Satchmo Swings In Congo, 1960-10-31

Khrushchev Threatens Dag & UN, 1960-10-03

Florida, 1960-10-06

Invasion Scare Castro Masses Troops, Claims US 'Aggression', 1960-10-31

Kennedy Elected, 1960-11-10

Nuclear Navy First Polaris A-Sub Sails On Ocean Patrol, 1960-11-17

Algeria, 1960-11-17

Tiros II Weatherman Satellite In Orbit Around Earth, 1960-11-24

Lumumba Seized Followers Threaten New Congo Upheaval, 1960-12-05

Strategy Talks Kennedy Confers With His Congress leaders, 1960-12-22

Space Progress 'Man-In'Space' Capsule Recovery Successful, 1960-12-22

News Highlights of 1960, 1960-12-31

US Breaks Relations With Cuba, 1961-01-05

Inauguration Kennedy Sworn In, New Era Begins, 1961-01-23

NATO War Games Germany Is Stage For Big Winter Maneuvers, 1961-02-09

Peace Corps Kennedy Outlines Global Program, 1961-03-13

Kasavubu Hailed Congo Federation Plan Target Of Controversy, 1961-03-20

Laos Crisis Kennedy-Gromyko Voice Peace Hopes, 1961-03-27

Anglo-US Amity US-British Pledge United Front , 1961-04-06

Eichmann trial, 1961-04-13

Cosmos Pioneer Soviets Orbit Man In Space, 1961-04-13

Cuba Invaded Foes of Castro Open Offensive, 1961-04-19

First Pictures Soviets Hail Space hero , 1961-04-19

Reds Celebrate May Day, 1961-05-05

As World Watched Spaceman Hailed After US Triumph, 1961-05-08

Cosmonaut Russian Orbits Globe17 Times, 1961-08-07

Berlin, 1961-08-31

World Shocked Reds Threaten H-Bomb Tests, 1961-08-31

Formosa, 1961-10-16

Civil Planes Grounded in Defense Alert, 1961-10-16

France, 1961-10-16

50 Megatons US Protests New Red Test , 1961-10-19

Chimp into space (no title), 1961-11-30

New Mexico, 1961-11-30

Space Triumph! Glenn Flight Thrills World, 1962-02-22

Uneasy Peace Algeria Tense Under Cease-Fire, 1962-03-22

India, 1962-03-22

A Day in History Telstar Brings World Closer, 1962-07-12

X-15 Space Record Plane Flown To 59-mile Mark, 1962-07-19

Kennedy on Telstar Europe -sees News Conference, 1962-07-23

First Lady At Play She Joins Glenn At Water Skiing, 1962-07-23

Income Tax Cut Kennedy Hopes To Spur Economy, 1962-08-13

The Wall, 1962-08-16

25 Years Ago, 1962-08-16

Kennedy Tour Calls For US lead In Space, 1962-09-13

25 Years Ago, 1962-09-13

The Red Threat President Orders Cuban Blockade, 1962-10-22

The Cuban Crisis, 1962-10-25

Crisis Eases Wary US Awaits Missile Removal, 1962-10-29

Missile Bases Castro Balks At UN Team, 1962-11-01

President Tours Kennedy Inspects Nuclear Bases, 1962-12-10

(Total Run Time: 2 Hours 4 Minutes)

Suspense Story Nat'l Press Club Hears Hitchcock, 1963-03-18

Space Movie Camera Records Missile In Flight, 1963-11-14

Space Tour Kennedy Inspects Missile Center, 1963-11-18

Reds Free Professor Home After 16 Days In Soviet Prison, 1963-11-18

New York World's Fair, 1964-03-02

Olympics End US Teams Win Medal Honors, 1964-10-26

Japan, 1964-10-12

Khrushchev Resigns, 1964-10-15

The Olympics US Dominates Tokyo Games, 1964-10-15

2,000-MPH Jet Johnson Reveals US Super Plane, 1964-03-02

The Olympics US Widens Tokyo Lead, 1964-10-19

Fashions, 1964-10-26

Bernard Baruch Adviser To Presidents Is Dead At 94, 1965-06-21

Marines In Action Dominican Rescue, Vietnam Offensive, 1965-04-29

Johnson On Vietnam Vows To Fight On Until Reds Parley , 1965-05-13

Inauguration Highlights, 1965-01-25

LBJ Hears Graham, 1965-08-30

Twins in Paris, 1965-06-21

Vietnam Action Enterprise Planes Support Troops, 1965-12-09

Showdown in Vietnam, 1965-02-08

Dominican Truce Cease-Fire Brings Calm To Island, 1965-05-06

Space Policeman Pegasus Measures Action Of Meteoroids, 1965-05-27

McNamara On Vietnam New Moves Counter Red Infiltration, 1965-04-26

(no title) , 1965-02-11

Report on Vietnam, 1965-08-26

Moscow, 1965-05-13

Enterprise in War Nuclear Carrier Joins 7th Fleet, 1965-08-30

Politics and Food US Feeds Dominicans, Power Struggle On, 1965-05-10

The Dominican Revolt, 1965-05-03

UN's 20th year World Body Marks Signing of Charter, 1965-06-28

Missile Passes Test Titan 3-C is Most Powerful Known, 1965-06-21

Viet Sweep Troops Take Cong Stronghold, 1967-02-28

Airbase Shelled Soviet Rockets Used In Attack, 1967-03-03

Vietnam Big Enemy force Repulsed by GI's, 1967-04-04

Seattle, 1967-04-04

Peace March Thousands Oppose Vietnam War, 1967-04-18

Expo 67 'Monument To Man' Opens In Canada, 1967-05-02

Loyalty Day, New York City, 1967-05-02

Protests Galore! 1967-05-05

Mid-East Israeli-Egyptian Battle Erupts, 1967-06-06

Egypt Accepts United Nations Cease-Fire, 1967-06-09

Cease-Fire Uneasy Truce In Mid-East, 1967-06-13

Anti-War Demonstrators Storm Pentagon, 1967-10-24

Inauguration Thieu Sworn In, Stresses Peace, 1967-11-03

Wakefield, Mass, 1967-11-03

England, 1967-11-03

Lynda And Charles Marriage Takes Place In The White House, 1967-12-12

The Space Race was a 20th-century competition between two Cold War adversaries, the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States (US), to achieve superior spaceflight capability. It had its origins in the ballistic missile-based nuclear arms race between the two nations following World War II. The technological advantage demonstrated by spaceflight achievement was seen as necessary for national security, and became part of the symbolism and ideology of the time. The Space Race brought pioneering launches of artificial satellites, uncrewed space probes to the Moon, Venus, and Mars, and human spaceflight in low Earth orbit and ultimately to the Moon. The competition began on August 2, 1955, when the Soviet Union responded to the US announcement four days earlier to launch an artificial satellite for the International Geophysical Year, by declaring they would also launch a satellite "in the near future". The Soviet Union achieved the first successful artificial satellite launch on October 4, 1957 of Sputnik 1, and sent the first human to space with the orbital flight of Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961. The USSR demonstrated an early lead in the race with these and other firsts over the next few years, including the largest Earth orbital lift capability, flight durations measured in days instead of hours, the first multi-person crewed spaceflight, and the first spacewalk. The USSR lost its early lead after US president John F. Kennedy raised the stakes by setting a goal of "landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth". American spaceflight capability overtook the Soviets' with long-duration (up to two week) flights; space rendezvous and docking; working outside spacecraft; use of liquid hydrogen fuel in the Saturn family of rockets; and development of the first super heavy-lift launch vehicle, the Saturn V, large enough to send a three-person orbiter and two-person lander to the Moon. Kennedy's Moon landing goal was achieved in July 1969, with the flight of Apollo 11, a singular achievement generally considered to outweigh any combination of Soviet achievements. The USSR pursued two crewed lunar programs, but failed to develop a launch vehicle powerful enough to land one human on the Moon before the US, and eventually canceled them to concentrate on Earth orbital space stations, while the US landed five more Apollo crews on the Moon.

Universal Newsreel (sometimes known as Universal-International Newsreel or just U-I Newsreel) was a series of 7- to 10-minute newsreels that were released twice a week between 1929 and 1967 by Universal Studios. A Universal publicity official, Sam B. Jacobson, was involved in originating and producing the newsreels. Nearly all of them were filmed in black-and-white, and many were narrated by Ed Herlihy. From January 1919 to July 1929, Universal released International Newsreel, produced by Hearst's International News Service-this series later became Hearst Metrotone News released first by Fox Film Corporation 1929-1934 and then by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer beginning in 1934. In 1974, the films' owner, MCA, made the decision to donate all its edited newsreels and outtakes collection to the National Archives, without copyright restrictions. The decision effectively released the films into the public domain, although some stories may contain other underlying intellectual property or proprietary use rights. Because royalties no longer have to be paid in order to broadcast them, Universal Newsreels have become a popular source of file footage in recent years. The History Channel made them a key part of the TV series Year-By-Year. Also, C-SPAN and CNN regularly use the films for video of events that took place before those networks were founded. Also in the United Kingdom as Universal News from 1930 to 1959, a successor to Empire News Bulletin, and in Ireland as Universal Irish News, both are currently held (including British Paramount News) under Reuters archive. Other U.S. newsreel series included Pathe News (1910-1956), Fox Movietone News (1928-1963), Hearst Metrotone News/News of the Day (1914-1967), Paramount News (1927-1957), and The March of Time (1935-1951).