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Unidentified Flying Objects The True Story Of Flying Saucers DVD MP4 USB

Unidentified Flying Objects The True Story Of Flying Saucers DVD MP4 USB
Unidentified Flying Objects The True Story Of Flying Saucers DVD MP4 USB
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As Seen In Our Contributions To The "Unsealed: Alien Files" TV Series! The Original Uncut 1956 Public Information Feature Film Produced With The Cooperation Of The United States Air Force In All Regions DVD Format!

Taglines from the film: “Actual color films of Unidentified Flying Objects that have been kept ‘Top Secret’ until now!”, “See it all as it actually happened ...and is still happening!”, “EVERY SHOCKING WORD, EVERY FANTASTIC SCENE, EVERY FRIGHTENING MOMENT IS TRUE!”, “The motion picture scoop of the century!”

Twice in July of 1952, the United States capitol was overflown by as many as 14 aircraft at a single time which exhibited flight characteristics far in advance of the technology of that day as well as our own. It resulted in the greatest overloading of the Pentagon's public information assets besides the Pearl Harbor attack in its history. The Pentagon via the U.S. Air Force took it upon themselves to make sure such an event would never again overwhelm their capacities and endanger the abiility of the U.S. defense establishment to react to any Soviet threat that might present itself during such a moment. Projects Sign, Grudge and Bluebook all were undertaken with the intention of addressing the UFO phenomenon involved, and the significance the Air Force wanted to public to assign to these projects are spelled out in this docudramatic public information film. It chronicles the activities of Al Chop, Public Information Officer for the Pentagon that was an eywitnesses to many crucial events involving the U.F.O. phenomenon during the "flap" of flying saucer sightings of 1952, including the "Washington Nationals" sightings over the U.S. capitol of July of that year, as well as investigations into two famous color films taken of U.F.O.'s of that day, the Montana Film of Great Falls "Electrics" minor-league baseball team General Manager Nicholas Mariana and the Tremonton Film of U.S. Navy Warrant Officer and photographer Delbert C. Newhouse, both of whom are interviewed in this film. Astoundingly, though the fiilm is produced with the assitance of the defense establishment, it makes the case in favor of the conclusion that the U.F.O. incidents documented in this film were of actual objects with flight characteristics inconsistent with those known to be manufactured here on earth (1956, Black & White and Color, 1:37).

Winston Jones

Francis Martin

Tom Towers ... Albert M. (Al) Chop
Bert Freed ... Dayton Colonel
Nicholas Mariana ... Himself
Delbert Newhouse ... Himself
Robert Phillips ... Captain Edward Ruppelt
Willis Sperry ... Himself
Wendell Swanson ... Himself
Harry Morgan ... Pilot on Radio (uncredited)

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