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TV Toy Commercials: The Classics 1950s-60s DVD, Download, USB Drive

TV Toy Commercials: The Classics 1950s-60s DVD, Download, USB Drive
TV Toy Commercials: The Classics 1950s-60s DVD, Download, USB Drive
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87 Commercials From The Great 1950s-60s Toy Companies! Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, 1 Hour 49 Minutes.) #TVToyCommercials #TelevisionToyCommercials #TVCommercials #TelevisionCommercials #Commercials #TVCs #TVAdvertising #TelevisionAdvertising #Advertising #Television #TV #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive


Mr. Machine

Mystery Date

Remco's Coney Island Penny Machine

Gaylord The Pup

Remco's Fascination

Mattel's Thing Maker with Creepy Crawlers

Remco's Wheel Games - Cowboys and Indians, Thrills and Spills Horse Race & Picture Bingo

Mattel's V-RROOM! Real Motor Roar Hot Rodder Engine

Pressman's Witch Doctor Head Shrinker's Kit

Pressman's Veda Board

Pressman's Roger Maris Action Baseball

Remco Radio Transmitter & Receiver Sets

Ideal's Steve Canyon Jet Helmet

Ideal's Electronic Fighter Jet

Jimmy Jet

Remco Flying Fox Jet Prop Airliner

Remco's Voice Controlled Kennedy Airport

Remco's Project Yankee Doodle Rocket & Satellite Test Center

Ideal's Countdown Control Missile Base

Deluxe Man In Space Rocket & Missile Set

Lionel Science Sets - Mercury Capsule Launching Car, Cherry Picker Car, Heliport & Rocket Controller

Ideal's Astro Base, Launch Car and Space Probe Rockets

Mattel's Major Matt Mason with Sergeant Storm, Astrotrack Car, Fireboat & Captain Laser

Elden's Billy Blastoff 8 Piece Space Set

The Zeroids

Ideal's Robot Commando

Marx's The Great Garloo

King Zor The Fighting Dinosaur

Marx's Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots

Robert The Talking Robot

The Dingalings

Gilbert's 1963 Toys - Flying Airplane, Erector Set, Chemistry Set, Microscope Projector, Autorama Miniature Racing Cars, Game Train, Tuggie The Turtle, Scrubble Bubble, Magic Recipe Mixing Machine, The Wing Thing

Ideal's Betsy Wetsy Wetting Doll

Barbie Teen Age Fashion Doll

Barbie Dolls

Barbie and Ken Dolls

Barbie and Ken Clothing Accessories

Barbie's Dream House

Ideal's Shirley Temple Doll

Ideal's Patti Play Pal

Chatty Cathy Talking Doll

Mattel's Talking Dolls - Matty, Sister Belle and Caspar The Friendly Ghost

Teeny Tiny Tears Doll

Nabisco Toy Round Up Contest

Bonanza Action Men Action Figures

The Best Of The West Action Figures

Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat

Mattel's Safe Shootin' Shells Cap Gun

Mattel's Frontier Set Shootin' Shells Winchester and Pistol

Mattel's Glaze The Galloping Horse

Johnny Reb Civil War Cannon

The Sound of Power Military Rifle and Western Rifle

G.I. Joe

Gung Ho Commando Outfit

Tiger Joe Remote Control Tank

Big Shot Missile Cannon on Wheels

Battlewagon Battleship on Wheels

Remco's Giant Whirlybird

Kellogg's Navy Frogmen

Mattel's Sonar Sub Hunt Game

Carry-All Action Play Sets - Fighting Knights, Fort Apache, Boot Camp and Cape Kennedy Play Sets

Johnny 7 Microhelmet Phone Set and One Man Army Gun

Mattel Private Eye Safe Shootin' Shells Gun and Holster Set

Mattel Tommy-Burst Detective Set

Mattel Lie Detector Game

Mattel Dick Tracy Power Jet Gun (with Billy Mumy aka Mummy)

Dick Tracy Two-Way Wrist Radio

Secret Sam Spy Set

Sears Super Spacy Attaché Case

Multi-pistol 09

The Zero-M Sonic Blaster (with Kurt Russell)

Lionel Trains Presents The Joe DiMaggio Show Featuring The Lionel Clubhouse

The Joe Dimaggio Show - Lionel Scout Train Set

American Flyer All Aboard Train Set

Lionel Science Set Trains - Turbo Missile Firing Car, Reconaissance Copter Car and Aerial Target Car

Lionel Trains - Missile Launcher Car, IRBM Missile Car, Target Car and Helicopter Car

Mr. Kelly's Car Wash

Trik-Trak Car Set

Super-Helmet Seven

Remco Movieland Drive-In Theater

Big Bruiser Tow Truck

Thimble City - Union Station Play Set

Ovaltine - The Secret Squadron Membership Kit

Kellogg's Corn Flakes - Flying Superman Kit

Soaky Speed Toy Soap - Alvin and The Chipmunks & Fire Engine Bath Soap Dispensers

Clanky The Spaceman Chocolate Flavored Syrup

Nabisco Wheat Honey Cereal and Rice Honey Cereal - Signal Wrist Flashlight, Whistle and Clicker

Slinky - Regular Slinky, Slinky Mobile and Slinky Dog


Silly Putty

Ohio Art Etch A Sketch and Magnastiks

Hasbro - Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Ideal's Toys of The Future - Mickey Mouse, Fort Laramie, Flying Boxcar and Combat Team, Satellite Launcher Truck, Sky Sweeper Anti-Aircraft Truck and Inflatable Globe

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