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TV Toy Commercials: The Classics 1950s-60s DVD, Download, USB Drive

TV Toy Commercials: The Classics 1950s-60s DVD, Download, USB Drive
TV Toy Commercials: The Classics 1950s-60s DVD, Download, USB Drive
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87 Commercials From The Great 1950s-60s Toy Companies On One 109 Minute All Regions DVD!


Mr. Machine/Mystery Date/Remco's Coney Island Penny Machine/Gaylord The Pup/Remco's Fascination/Mattel's Thing Maker with Creepy Crawlers/Remco's Wheel Games - Cowboys and Indians, Thrills and Spills Horse Race & Picture Bingo/Mattel's V-RROOM! Real Motor Roar Hot Rodder Engine/Pressman's Witch Doctor Head Shrinker's Kit/Pressman's Veda Board/Pressman's Roger Maris Action Baseball/Remco Radio Transmitter & Receiver Sets/Ideal's Steve Canyon Jet Helmet/Ideal's Electronic Fighter Jet/Jimmy Jet/Remco Flying Fox Jet Prop Airliner/Remco's Voice Controlled Kennedy Airport/Remco's Project Yankee Doodle Rocket & Satellite Test Center/Ideal's Countdown Control Missile Base/Deluxe Man In Space Rocket & Missile Set/Lionel Science Sets - Mercury Capsule Launching Car, Cherry Picker Car, Heliport & Rocket Controller/Ideal's Astro Base, Launch Car and Space Probe Rockets/Mattel's Major Matt Mason with Sergeant Storm, Astrotrack Car, Fireboat & Captain Laser/Elden's Billy Blastoff 8 Piece Space Set/The Zeroids/Ideal's Robot Commando/Marx's The Great Garloo/King Zor The Fighting Dinosaur/Marx's Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots/Robert The Talking Robot/The Dingalings/Gilbert's 1963 Toys - Flying Airplane, Erector Set, Chemistry Set, Microscope Projector, Autorama Miniature Racing Cars, Game Train, Tuggie The Turtle, Scrubble Bubble, Magic Recipe Mixing Machine, The Wing Thing/Ideal's Betsy Wetsy Wetting Doll/Barbie Teen Age Fashion Doll/Barbie Dolls/Barbie and Ken Dolls/Barbie and Ken Clothing Accessories/Barbie's Dream House/Ideal's Shirley Temple Doll/Ideal's Patti Play Pal/Chatty Cathy Talking Doll/Mattel's Talking Dolls - Matty, Sister Belle and Caspar The Friendly Ghost/Teeny Tiny Tears Doll/Nabisco Toy Round Up Contest/Bonanza Action Men Action Figures/The Best Of The West Action Figures/Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Hat/Mattel's Safe Shootin' Shells Cap Gun/Mattel's Frontier Set Shootin' Shells Winchester and Pistol/Mattel's Glaze The Galloping Horse/Johnny Reb Civil War Cannon/The Sound of Power Military Rifle and Western Rifle/G.I. Joe/Gung Ho Commando Outfit/Tiger Joe Remote Control Tank/Big Shot Missile Cannon on Wheels/Battlewagon Battleship on Wheels/Remco's Giant Whirlybird/Kellogg's Navy Frogmen/Mattel's Sonar Sub Hunt Game/Carry-All Action Play Sets - Fighting Knights, Fort Apache, Boot Camp and Cape Kennedy Play Sets/Johnny 7 Microhelmet Phone Set and One Man Army Gun/Mattel Private Eye Safe Shootin' Shells Gun and Holster Set/Mattel Tommy-Burst Detective Set/Mattel Lie Detector Game/Mattel Dick Tracy Power Jet Gun (with Billy Mumy aka Mummy)/Dick Tracy Two-Way Wrist Radio/Secret Sam Spy Set/Sears Super Spacy Attaché Case/Multi-pistol 09/The Zero-M Sonic Blaster (with Kurt Russell)/Lionel Trains Presents The Joe DiMaggio Show Featuring The Lionel Clubhouse/The Joe Dimaggio Show - Lionel Scout Train Set/American Flyer All Aboard Train Set/Lionel Science Set Trains - Turbo Missile Firing Car, Reconaissance Copter Car and Aerial Target Car/Lionel Trains - Missile Launcher Car, IRBM Missile Car, Target Car and Helicopter Car/Mr. Kelly's Car Wash/Trik-Trak Car Set/Super-Helmet Seven/Remco Movieland Drive-In Theater/Big Bruiser Tow Truck/Thimble City - Union Station Play Set/Ovaltine - The Secret Squadron Membership Kit/Kellogg's Corn Flakes - Flying Superman Kit/Soaky Speed Toy Soap - Alvin and The Chipmunks & Fire Engine Bath Soap Dispensers/Clanky The Spaceman Chocolate Flavored Syrup/Nabisco Wheat Honey Cereal and Rice Honey Cereal - Signal Wrist Flashlight, Whistle and Clicker/Slinky - Regular Slinky, Slinky Mobile and Slinky Dog/Colorforms/Silly Putty/Ohio Art Etch A Sketch and Magnastiks/Hasbro - Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head/Ideal's Toys of The Future - Mickey Mouse, Fort Laramie, Flying Boxcar and Combat Team, Satellite Launcher Truck, Sky Sweeper Anti-Aircraft Truck and Inflatable Globe