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TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 5 In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions

TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 5 In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions
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107 Golden Age Of Television Commercials Packed Into One 102 Minute All Regions DVD!


1958 Chevrolet - Country Driving/1958 Chevrolet - Economy/1958 Chevrolet - Gyrocopter/1958 Chevrolet - Task Force Trucks/1958 Chevrolet Impala/American Cancer Society with John Wayne TV Ad/Bayshore Chrysler-Plymouth Outtake/Ciro's TV Ad/Crazy Car Ad Outtakes/Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - ''The Caddy''/Dutch Masters Darts/Dutch Masters Panetella - Golf/Dutch Masters Panetella - Rembrandt/Dutch Masters Panetella Executive Case/Dutch Masters Program Sponsorship Episode Closing/Dutch Masters Slim Down 5 Pack/Edie Adams Muriel Cigar Commercials (14 Ads)/Edie Adams Muriel Cigars Ads - Tractor Trailer/Ernie Kovacs' ''Kovacs On The Corner'' - ''Food''/Ernie Kovacs' Dutch Masters Ads - Holidays/Ernie Kovacs' Dutch Masters Ads - Reading/Ernie Kovacs' Dutch Masters Ads - Saloon/Ernie Kovacs' Dutch Masters Ads - Santa Stuck In Chimney/Ernie Kovacs' Dutch Masters Ads - Take A Good Look TV Show Opening/Ernie Kovacs Cigar Commercials (14 Ads)/Girls Clubs Of America/Hansel & Gretel TV Ad/Hawaiian Punch WNEW TV Ad/Hey, Man! Turn On The Color! NBC '59/Howdy Doody PSA - Benny Goodman Quartet/John's Bargain Store/Jonathan Winters - Bob's Big Boy Blooper - This Truck's ''No Bullshit''/Kellogs Frosted Flakes - Little Tony On Roller Skates/Kool Aid Bunny Man/Louis Armstrong - Suzy Cute/McDonalds 1965/Mickey Rooney Outtakes - Jeno's Pizza Outtakes - Air California & Miss California Feel-up - Johnson Baby Powder Outtake/NJ Dep't of Community Affairs - Bureau of Fire Safety PSA/Quisp & Quake Cereals/Sandy Becker - 7 Up/Sandy Becker - Bactine/Sandy Becker - Carrots/Sandy Becker - Gilbert & First Erection Set (sic)/Sandy Becker - Good Humor's Strawberry Smash/Sandy Becker - Good Humor Time/Sandy Becker - Host audition includes Hostess Cupcakes & Nestle's Quick/Sandy Becker - Hostess Twinkies/Sandy Becker - Irish Bosco/Sandy Becker - John's Bargain Store/Sandy Becker - Norton Nork for Scream Cream/Sandy Becker - Silly Putty/Sugar Daddys/Sugar Mamas/Superman Frosted Flakes Commercial - Katie The Kangaroo #1/Superman Frosted Flakes Commercial - Katie The Kangaroo #2/Superman Frosted Flakes Commercial - Tony The Tiger #1/Superman Frosted Flakes Commercial - Tony The Tiger #2/Superman Frosted Flakes Commercial - Tony The Tiger #3/Superman Sugar Smacks Commercial #1/Superman Sugar Smacks Commercial #2/The Big Sweep Keep The Big Apple Clean PSA/The Chuck McCann Silent Typer/The Great American Smoke-out with Sammy Davis Jr. TV Ad/The Limited Edition TV Ad/TV Guide TV Ad/Wheat, Rice & Corn Chex Cereals/WNEW TV - Hawaiian Punch Ad Blooper/WNEW TV - Wonder Bread Ad Blooper/WNEW TV Blooper - Notorious Ad/WNEW TV Blooper - You Bet Your Ass/WNEW TV Schaeffer Ad - The Favor Doesn't Flade/Wonderama w Sonny Fox - Bad Rocket Gun/Wonderama w Sonny Fox - Books Better Than People & Fritos Not!/Wonderama w Sonny Fox - Failed Interspecial Dating & Polynesian Punch/Wonderama w Sonny Fox - Kangaroo Snow Balls/Wonderama w Sonny Fox - King Kong Ad/WPTZ-TV Philadelphia - Pots, Pans & Personalities w Silent Station ID

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