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TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 4 DVD, Video Download, USB Drive

TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 4 DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 4 DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
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126 Golden Age Of Television Commercials Packed Into One 110 Minute All Regions DVD!


Bounty Paper Towels - Bowser The Dog / Ozzie & Harriet Ad For Kodak Kodacolor 135 Film / Standard Oil Gas Stations w/ Chuck McCann Of "The Chuck McCann Show" / Fritos Corn Chips - Frito Bandito Pencil Eraser w/ Mel Blanc Of "The Bugs Bunny Show" / Mel Blanc, Voice Of "Bugs Bunny", For The American Express Card / PSA For The Guide To Federal Consumer Services / Bing Crosby For Ducks Unlimited / The 1969 Great Plymouth Sale w/ The Roadrunner & Wiley Coyote / The 5th Dimension For Jell-O / Jim Jordan Of Old Time Radio's "Fibber McGee And Molly" Show For AARP / Euell Gibbons, Author Of "Stalking The Good Life" For Post Grape Nuts Cereal / Jimmy Durante For Scotties Tissues / Bugs Bunny & The Monkees For Kool-Aid / Old Milwaukee Beer - Mutiny On The Bounty / Andy Griffith For Post Toasties Cereal / 3 Ads By John Wayne For The American Cancer Society / Laurel & Hardy Outtakes - Hamms Beer / Mark Hamill Of "Star Wars" For The March Of Dimes / Elizabeth Montgomery Of "Bewitched" For Clairol Kindness Deactivated Conditioner / Johnny Brown Of "Good Times" For Cool Whip / Rin Tin TIn For Gaines Gravy Train Dog Food / Purina Cat Chow / Flintstones 1-A-Day Vitamins / Ozzie & Harriet Ad For Kodak Big As Life Pictures 35mm Color Slides & Signet 50 Camera / Old Milwaukee Beer - Lumberjack Competition / 71 Things You Can Do To Stop Pollution PSA with Tearful Canoeing American Indian / Crest Toothpaste Ad - Black Baseball Buddies / King Kong For Volkswagen 411 / The Green Hornet TV Show w/Bruce Lee / Space Patrol Ad For The March Of Dimes / Space Patrol Ad For Rice Chex, Regular Ralston and Wheat Chex Cereals / Space Patrol Ad For Space Binoculars / Volkswagen Van - Dr. Frankenstein & Company Escape Villagers / Wrestle Around Game / Toyota Corolla Fastback w/ Frankenstein / KFWB FM 98 News Radio / Shasta Orange Soda w/ Frankenstein & Tom Bosley Of "Happy Days" / Bic Pens w/ Frankenstein / Der Wienerschnitzel Restaurant w/ Frankenstein / Toyota Presents Frankentruck SR5 Sports Truck / Folgers Coffee - Papa Eddie Solves A Crime / 1952 "Ike For President" Eisenhower Presidential Campaign Animation / 1956 Eisenhower Presidential Campaign - What To Think / 1952 "Ike For President" Eisenhower Presidential Campaign Animation / 1956 Eisenhower Presidential Campaign - A Housewife's Perspective / 1956 Eisenhower Presidential Campaign - Football & War / Colgate Toothpaste w/ Arthur Godfrey Of "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts" / Alka Seltzer - Swedish Social Experiment / Mennen Skin Bracer After Shave / Noxsema Lime Shaving Cream / Right Guard Antiperspirant w/ John Amos Of "Good Times" / 7Up Soda - The Uncola / Stretch 'n Seal Food Wrap / Ultra Brite Toothpaste / Jade East All Purpose Mens Lotion / Schick Super Chromium Razor Blades / Contac 12 Hour Hay Fever Reliever / Johnny Smoke - Heart Association PSA / Dial Deodorant Soap - Volkswagen Beetle Car Pool / Kleenex Man Sized Tissue / Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde For Alka Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine / Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub w/ Frankenstein Animation / Good Humor Ice Cream w/ Jonathan Winters Outtakes / Frigidaire Finale 1957 / Kodak Instamatic Movie Camera w/ Dick Van Dyke Of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" / Cover Girl Make-Up w/ Cybill Shepard / Texaco Gasoline w/ Jack Benny & Dennis Day / Phillips 66 Gasoline w/ Tom Seaver Of The New York Mets / Phillips 66 Gasoline w/ Gale Sayers / Tiparillo Aromatic Cigars w/ Fred Willard Of "Fernwood 2Night" / American Motors Matador / The 3 Stooges Moe, Larry & Curly Joe For Instant Simoniz Car Wax / Jeno's Snack Tray Pizzas / Simon Pure Beer w/ Buster Keaton / DeSoto Plymouth Dealers w/ Groucho Marx On "You Bet Your Life" / Prom Shampoo w/ Chico & Harpo Marx / Tang Breakfast Drink w/ Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck / J. C. Penney's Toy Commercial / Graham Kerr Of "The Galloping Gourmet" For Dixie Cups / Kool Pops / Post Raisin Bran - Singing Raisins / Schlitz Malt Liquor / Hamms Beer - Get Hold Of It / Frankenberry & Count Chocula Cereals / Cool Whip - Pie With Your Cool Whip / Mountain Dew - Get The Barefoot Feeling / Grain Belt Beer - Goes With Pizza / Jell-O w/ Paul Benedict Of "The Jeffersons" - At Bars & Ball Games / Hellman's Real Mayonnaise - Family Traditions / Beautiful Chrissy Growing Hair Doll / American Cancer Society - Don't Live Dangerously / Chevrolet Impala - For Prom Night / Snow Drift Shortening / Nestle Quick Chocolate Drink Mix - No Dummy / Maypo Breakfast Cereal / Heinz Worcestershire Sauce / New Dry Ban Anti-perspirant / Schmidts Big Mouth Beer / Dove Dishwashing Liquid - Thinks Its A Hand Lotion / Ban Roll-On Deodorant / Miss Clairol Hair Color - Does She Or Doesn't She? / Crest Toothpaste - Look, Ma, No Cavities! / Bufferin Aspirin - Bang The Drum / Speedy Alka-Seltzer / Tarzan & Tonga - New Formula Windex / Hi-Lex Bleach / Handi Wipes - 1001 Uses / Kleenex Table Napkins / 1st Mr. Clean Ad / Tide Laundry Detergent - The Cleanest Clean Under The Sun / Grape Nuts Cereal w/ Andy Griffith & Don Knotts Of "The Andy Griffith Show" / Post Cereals - Andy Griffith Show Ad / Low Suds Dash Laundry Detergent / Crisco Vegetable Shortening - Cold Chicken / Crisco Oil - Blends Better / Alpha Bits Cereal w/ Frankenstein / A1 Steak Sauce w/ Boris Karloff / Screaming Yellow Zonkers Snacks / Frankenberry & Count Chocula Cereals - Mini Monsters / Dole Bananas - If You Feel It, Peel It / Folgers Coffee - Mrs. Olson Bails Out A Barbeque / Dreft Dish Washing Powder / Dentu-Creme