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TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 3 DVD, Video Download, USB Drive

TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 3 DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
TV Commercials: The Classics Vol. 3 DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
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118 Golden Age Of Television Commercials Packed Into One 88 Minute All Regions DVD!


Comet Cleanser w/ Josephine - "Don't Use Comet" / Gain Laundry Detergent / Puffs Tissues / Puffs Tissues w/ Prints / Oxydol Plus Laundry Detergent / Lava Soap Bar / Listerine - High School Band Practice / Ammonia Power Top Job / Listerine - Waitress' Tips / Top Job - When Dirt Meets Grease / Biz Laundry Detergent / Puffs Tissues - Don't Be Late For The Party / Lava Hand Soap / Dreft Diaper Detergent / Duz Sapphire Design Glasses / Enzyme Dash Laundry Detergent / Hidden Magic Hair Spray With Conditioners / Hidden Magic Hair Spray w/ Flip & Flirty Hand Brush / Crest Toothpaste - Fire House Band / All Temperature Cheer - Out Of The Future / Crest Toothpaste - Science Teacher Fights Cavities / Crest Toothpaste - "The Yardstick" / Super-lathering Camay Beauty Bar / Super-lathering Camay - Diner Demonstration / Advanced Formula Cheer Laundry Detergent / Crest Toothpaste - Coach's Son / Crest Toothpaste - Helicopter Pilot's Son /Crest Toothpaste - Bus Driver's Son / Crest Toothpaste - Actor's Son / Please Don't Squeeze The Charmin - Mr. Whipple When The Lights Went Out / Please Don't Squeeze The Charmin - Movie Star Squeeze / Safeguard Soap - The Gannon Family / Quaker Instant Grits / Ivory Snow Laundry Detergent Softness Test / Blue & Green Cheer Laundry Detergent w/ Judy Graubart Of "The Electric Company " / Camay Beauty Soap With Jaclyn Smith Of "Charlie's Angels" / Camay Beauty Soap - Clean& Creamy / Please Don't Squeeze The Charmin - Olga The Opera Star / Ivory Liquid Dish Soap / Camay Beauty Soap - Good News / Ivory Beauty Soap - Back To Basics / Please Don't Squeeze The Charmin - Duffy The Charmin Watcher / Ivory Beauty Soap - Back To Basics (Color) / Comet Cleanser w/ Josephine & Louise Lasser Of "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" / Comet Cleanser w/ Sandy Becker Of "The Sandy Becker Show" / Scope Mouthwash / Kodak Instamatic Camera / The RCA 16mm Sound Movie Projector / Carling's Black Label Beer / Piels Beer /Schweppes Quinine Tonic Water / Rheingold Extra Dry Beer / Budweiser Beer / Nonesuch Coffee (1934) / 13 Jonathan Winters Hefty Trash Bag Ads - Medical Man, Garbage & Trash Can Liners; Elwood B. Sluggins, Maude Frickert & Trash Can Liners; Chester Honeyhugger & Lawn Clean-Up Bags; Maude Frickert & Scrap Bags; "Keep The Garbage Game Clean" Trash Can Liners; Chester Honeyhugger & Lawn Clean-up Bags; Hefty Food Bags;National Sanitation Foundation Approved Trash Can Liners; Maude Frickert & Redwood Trash Bags; Tall Kitchen Can Bags; Scrap Bags;Trash Bags with Ribs; Romeo, Juliet & Trash Bags / Monkey's Uncle Game / Safeguard Soap - The Traveling Family / New Super Comet w/ Josephine / Scope Mouthwash Valentines Day Samples / Bounty Paper Towels "The Quick Picker-Upper" with Rosie / Ivory Beauty Soap - Back To Basics (Color) / Safeguard Soap - A Family Portrait / Crisco Oil & Fried Chicken / Bounty Paper Towels w/ Rosie - Bowling Buddies / Comet Cleanser w/ Josephine - Sandwich Board Marketing w/ Robbie Benson / Pillsbury Cake Mix / Schmidt's Big Mouth Barrel Beer / Quisp Cereal / Shasta Cherry Cola / Wheaties - It's Bran News / Coca Cola - It's The Real Thing / Grain Belt Beer / Shasta Mildly Carbonated Cola Animation w/ Tom Bosley Of "Happy Days" / American Dairy Association - Drink Milk / Hershey's Instant Chocolate Milk / Frosted Flakes w/ Tony The Tiger - The Year Of The Tiger / Sanka Freeze Dried Decaffeinated Coffee / Butternut Roast & Blend Coffee / Folger's Coffee / Budweiser Beer w/ Ed McMahon Of "The Johnny Carson Show" / Jif Fine Grind Peanut Butter / Coca Cola - It's The Real Thing / Pringles Potato Chips / Sure, Mac, Sure - Drinking & Driving PSA / '57 Chevrolet / The Star Spangled Chevy Show w/ Bob Hope / '58 Edsel / Wham-O Shoop-Shoop Hula Hoop & 7 Different Frisbees / Barbie Color 'n Curl /Mattel's Creepy Crawlers Thing Maker / Mattel's Zzzoom-It Disc Gun / Malibu Barbie / Ideal Photoriffic Shark Pack Racing Boats / Cheerios' Johnny Lightning Model Race Car / Back of America - Money Jitters / Yellow Pages - The First Place To Look For Anything / Dick Williams For The Air Force w/ Superman / Ad Council - VD Is For Everybody / Everybody Needs Energy-Packed Sunbeam Bread / Sunbeam Bread - The Favorite of Hopalong Cassidy / Sunbeam Bread - Lasso A Loaf / Sunbeam Bread - Eat It 5 Times A Day / Robert Hall Family Clothes / Kedso - Keds Sneakers and the Keds Song / Chemstrand Corporation - Makers Of Fine Nylon Yarn / Ponderosa Outdoor Shoes / RCA Victor Portable Radio In Non-Breakable Impact Case / Studio One - Westinghouse Refrigerators / Studio One - Westinghouse Automatic Washer Competition / Kodak Instamatic Movie Camera / Bardahl Engine Cleaner

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