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TV Commercials: The Cable Age Classics III DVD, Download, USB Drive

TV Commercials: The Cable Age Classics III DVD, Download, USB Drive
TV Commercials: The Cable Age Classics III DVD, Download, USB Drive
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Years In The Making! 111 Minutes Of 207 Classic TV Commercials From The Years 1987, 1988 And 1989 Of The Golden Age Of Cable TV, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In All Regions DVD Format!


Should You Know More About Social Security? #1/A&E Cable Network ID #1/Crazy Calls Answering Machine Tape/Fortune Magazine With Free Bound Planner/A&E's Living Dangerously/Soft Scrub With Clorox Bleach/Vincent Price For Tilex Mildew Stain Remover/Discovery Channel ID #1/Grey Poupon Mustard In Venice/Charles Schwab On Financial Advisors/National Committee For Adoption/Dentu-Creme Or Dentu-Gel/Art Linkletter For Contour Chair/Woodbridge Dodge King George Rd. Woodbridge NJ/Queen City Pontiac And GMC Dealer Rt. 22 Greenbrook NJ/Discovery Channel ID #2/Filing System Clothes Hanger Organizer/The Discovery Channel's Monthly Program Guide/Today's Wall Street Journal/TNT's The Big Picture Opening/The Big Picture: Brought By Geo/Clairol Loving Care Hair Color/Renuzit Roomate Air Freshener/Schmiede Tree Expert Corp. Scotch Plains NJ #1/Salerno-Duane Pontiac Jeep-Eagle Summit NJ/Safari Sam And The Kingdom Of Total Pets Route 22 Union NJ/TNT Program Guide/Smooth Operator Waterproof Electric Razors From Panasonic/New Cascade For Spotless Dishes/Chubby Checker, Scott Carpenter, Orel Hershiser, Lorenzo Lamas And Milton Berle For BVD Mens Underwear/Pentax IQZoom Camera/Crunch 'N Munch/Pennzoil Motor Oil/Chevrolet Cavalier/CNN: How White House Stayed Informed On Events In China/Pedigree And Pedigree Mealtime Dog Food/JCPenny Father's Day Sale/Chevrolet Beretta/Future Watch On CNN/TNT The Good Stuff/Poolside Pool And Spa Rt. 1 South Brunswick NJ/Schmiede Tree Expert Corp. Scotch Plains NJ #1/Insight Chiropractic: King Coil Spinal Guard Mattress, Life College School Of Chiropractic/Chevrolet Corsica/Domino's Pan Pizza/Ultra Pampers Plus/Sears Camcorder/TNT: Brewster McCloud Ad/TNT ID #1/Reydel Pontiac Rt. 27 Edison NJ/Sylvan Learning Center: Helping Kids Do Better/Jacuzzis From Poolside Pool And Spa #1/US Representative Matt Rinaldo: Social Security Hotline/Semicid Contraceptive Inserts/Future Floor Cleaner/Royal Caribbean Cruise Line/What Makes A Woman Unforgettable: Lauren Bacall, Carrie Fisher, Sandra Bernhard For Revlon Superlucious Lipstick/Vivid Laundry Detergent/Oral B Toothbrushes/Murine Thimerosal-Free Soft Contact Lens Solutions/CNN Daybreak/Ban Solid Deodorant/TNT ID #2/Jacuzzis From Poolside Pool And Spa #2/Amboy-Madison National Bank Choice Banking Equity Loans/Montclair Bloomfield Ford Montclair NJ/Encyclopedia Britannica Free 3 Volume Desk Reference Set/Jerry Lewis: Cable Cares For Jerry's Kids/Maytag Repairman Sleeps Soundly/A&E's Diamond Classics Showcase/DeBeers: A Diamond Is Forever/Scott's Liquid Gold Foaming Glass Cleaner/AT&T Reach Out: Mother And Son Hear/Moon Over Parador/Should You Know More About Social Security? #2/Tough New Spirit Of Dodge/New Mission: Impossible/DP Ergometer 3000 Treadmill/BASF Video Tape: Even After 500 Plays!/Secret Antiperspirant For Women/WNET Channel 13: Clocks Fundraising Ad/Channe 13 Nightworld: Tomorrow's Early AM Schedule/Channel 13 Nightworld: Fundraising Ad/Channel 13 ID: Thirteen: Always The Best For 25 Years/A&E Program Sponsorship Opening: UPS/UPS Every Night While You're Sleeping/New Zealand: The Two Most Beautiful Islands In The World/Britta Water Filter System/Dean Martin's Greatest Hits/Channel 31 New York City: News City/Time Life Books: The Civil War Series/The Sporting News Weekly/Rambo III On Video Cassette/Miss Lee's Press-On Nails/USA Movie: Pretty Baby/Wall Street Journal: It Takes Money To Make Money/Vote America/LifeSign Stop Smoking System/E.T. The Extraterrestrial On Video Tape/Randee Of The Redwoods For President #1/MTV's Top 100 Of All Time Sponsorship: Caramello, Secret Solid Antiperspirant, Le Tigre, Stefanel Fashionwear/Randee Of The Redwoods For President #2/MTV Station ID/MTV Closet Classic Capsule Opening/MTV Technical Difficulties Title Card: Hang In There, We'll Be Right Back/Robert Stack For Time Life Books: The Vietnam Experience/MTV: George Michael On Religion, Music, Love

WNET Channel 13: The Lucky Thirteen Sweepstakes/WNYC New York City: Complete Closing Theme To Heart Of The Dragon (1989 Run)/WNYC: There's Something Wrong In Paradise WIth Kid Creole And The Coconuts/WNET Channel 13: F.Y.I.: Live From Lincoln Center, Macneil/Lehrer 1988 Vice Presidential Debate Coverage/WNET Channel 13 Election 88: Vincent Price: The Case Of The Missing Voter/WNET Channel 13: Only The Best/The American Express Gold Card: Worth Its Wait/Cheese Riddle #18: Don't Forget The Cheese/Gallo Blush Chablis/Clear Away Wart Remover/A&E: Brit Wit: The Black Adder II/Brickface U.S.A./Woodbridge Dodge King George Rd. Woodbridge NJ/Kraft Pasta And Cheese/Mutual Of America: Caring For Americans/Your Life Brand DailyPak Vitamins/Melanie And William Shatner For Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme/Mercedes Benz Just How Safe Is Your Car?/Nothing Does It Like Gas/Poolside Pool And Spa Rt. 1 South Brunswick NJ/WNYW Channel 5: Fox 5 Movie Club: Coming Up/WNET Channel 13: The Magic Flute Ad/WNET Channel 13 Program Sponsorship Opening: The Mediators, Richard And Gloria Manney/A&E Program Sponsorship Opening: IBM Spotlight Presentation, Volkswagen/A&E It's Entertainment! Opening/IBM: Your IBM Dealer Has Special Offers/IBM: Protecting The Environment/IBM: The IBM PS/1 Computer/Volkswagen Jetta GL: Fahrvergnugen/The People Of IBM/IBM Rethinking Manufacturing/Seasons Greetings From A&E/A&E: The Agatha Christie Hour/A&E: Jack Perkins: TV That Makes You Think/Mastercard Mastervalues For The Holidays/Arts & Entertainment Revue/A&E Program Sponsorship Closing: IBM Spotlight Presentation/Discovery Wings (1989) Segue Out #1/Discovery Channel ID #3/The Honda Prelude Si/Aqua-Ban Helps You Get Rid Of The Bloat/Sleepinal Sleeping Tablets/The Equalizer Investment Software From Charles Schwab/Discovery Channel: America Coast To Coast/Discovery Wings (1989) Segue In #1/Discovery Wings (1989) Segue Out #2/Rue McClanahan: PETA/Nothing Moves You Like A Mercury/HBO: Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesthenthal Story/Easy Glider Exercise Machine/Discovery Channel: National Science & Technology Week 1989 Sunday 4/23/Discovery Wings (1989) Segue In #2/Discovery Wings (1989) Segue Out #3/Discovery Channel ID #4/Whirlpool Home Appliances/Tyson Vs. Bruno On HBO/Charles Schwab: Schwab Professionals Around The World/Discovery Channel: An American Album/Discovery Channel: The Living Body/Mercury Cougar/Discovery Wings (1989) Segue In #3/Dicovery Channel: American Medical Television/April In Paris On Discovery/Rita Rudner On HBO/Wall Street Journal: They've Launched It/Moments Of Discovery: Backyard Habitats/Mercury Cougar XR-7/John Deere Lawnmowers/Buick Park Avenue/A&E Chronicle #1/A&E Program Sponsorship Opening: Mobil Super Unleaded + Gasoline, Audi/Mobile Super Unleaded + Detergent Gasoline #1/Audi Quattro/NYNEX: When Hell Freezes Over/A&E Journeys/A&E Cable Network ID #2/Mobile Super Unleaded + Detergent Gasoline #2/Audi 3-Year Test Drive/Vidal Sasson Salon Premium Hair Products/NYNEX: The Only Game In Town/United Airlines Business Travelers #1/A&E Chronicle #2/The A&E Program Guide/Gillette Atra Plus Razors #1/United Airlines Royal Pacific Service/A&E Program Sponsorship Closing: Mobil Super Unleaded + Gasoline, Gillette/Mobile Super Unleaded + Detergent Gasoline #3/Weight Watchers: Lynn Regrave: This Is Living!/Garfield For Embassy Suites Hotels/A&E's World Of Survival With John Forsythe/Mobile 1 Synthetic Motor Oil/AT&T: Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?/United Airlines Business Travelers #2/Visa Traveler's Checks/A&E Chronicle #3/Mobile Super Unleaded + Detergent Gasoline #3/Gillette Atra Plus Razors #2/AT&T: 10 Minutes To West Germany $0.71 Per Minute/AT&T: 10 Minutes To Japan $0.95 Per Minute

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