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TV Commercials: The Cable Age Classics I DVD, Download, USB Drive

TV Commercials: The Cable Age Classics I DVD, Download, USB Drive
TV Commercials: The Cable Age Classics I DVD, Download, USB Drive
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97 Minutes Of 142 Classic TV Commercials From The Golden Age Of Cable TV Of The Late 1980s In All Regions DVD Format!


AT&T PCs/AT&T: The Right Choice/Bowcraft Amusement Park/The Club Auto Anti-Theft Device/Tiffany's To Go Restaurant In Union/Tom Kean: New Jersey And You/The Ford Aerostar/Rice-A-Roni Savory Classics/Touch Of Scent Air Freshener/A&E's Screening Room/George Bush For President 1988 Ad #1/New Ford Probe GT/E.T.: The Extraterrestrial Comes To Video Cassette In Time For The Christmas Holidays/Marsha Mason For A&E Shortstories/Discover Alaska/A&E Cable Network ID #1/Pitney Bowes Facsimile Systems/Scotts Liquid Gold Foaming Glass Cleaner/A&E Showcase/Sheer Indulgence Panty Hose/Holland America Line Ocean Liners/Sunsweet Prune Juice Ad #1/Social Security: How It Works For You Free Pamphlet/A&E Cable Network Ad #1/AT&T Reach Out America Mime Commercial/A&E Biographies/George Bush For President 1988 Ad #2/A&E Cable Network ID #2/A&E Preview: Stranger Than Paradise/Sunsweet Prune Juice Ad #2/1989 Memory Calendar/Leukemia Society Of America/Vanity Fair TV Show/BMW Automabiles/Cadbury Easter Bunny Try-Outs/Viadent Tooth Paste And Mouth Rinse/Nuveen Tax-Free Investments/A&E Coming Up: Brit Wit, Rising Damp/Schmiede Tree Service Ad #1/Channel 13 March Festival 1988 Ad #1/A&E Tonight: Footsteps Of Man, The Winter Of Our Discontent/A&E's Diamond Showcase: The Chieftains/Teledisc Presents Johnny Cash Complete Collection/The Winter Of Our Discontent Tonight On A&E/Spiegel Catalog: Shopping As Easy As Opening Your Front Door/Action-Cam 4-Lens Time-Lapse Camera/Pat Morita For Shriner's Hospitals/A&E Cable Network ID #3/Schmiede Tree Service Ad #2/Channel 13 March Festival 1988 Ad #2/Caroline's Comedy Hour/Gourmet Magazine//A&E Cable Network ID #4/Channel 13 March Festival 1988 Ad #3/Nets Ticket Giveaway Ad #1/Sports Illustrated Super Shape-Up Program With Elle Macpherson, Rachel Hunter And Cheryl Tiegs/Masters Of Mystery TV Show/Lenox Porcelain Spice Village/The American Red Cross: Please Give Blood/A&E Cable Network ID #5/Nets Ticket Giveaway Ad #2/Edward James Olmos For MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving/NordicTrack/Alaska Seafood/Jergens Aloe & Lanolin Soap Bar/Sears Video Camcorder/Art & Antiques Magazine/A&E Program Sponsorship Ad: UPS, Wang/UPS Next Day Air Letter/Wang Computer Systems Ad #1/Audi Autombiles: The Alternate Route/The Discover Card Ad #1/Beef. Real Food For Madeline Kahn/The Discover Card Ad #2/The Audio 300 Sedan/Wang Computer Systems Ad #2/New Zealand: The Two Most Beautiful Islands In The World/Beef. Real Food For Reba McEntire/Beef. Real Food For Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Beef. Real Food For Lauren Bacall/A&E Coming Up: Screening Room/The A&E Program Guide #1/Mercury Cougar Autombile/The Discover Card Ad #3/Wang Computer Systems Ad #3/UPS: We Run The Tightest Ship In The Shipping Business/WNET-TV Channel 13 New York: The Ring Der Nibelungen Opera Cycle TV Special Series Ad/WNET-TV Channel 13 Newark Station ID #1/Bowcraft Amuseument Park/Garden State Gallery: Campbell Soup Tureen Museum, Camden, New Jersey (1987)/WABC-TV Chennel 7 New York City: Late Night Movie Segue/WNET-TV Channel 13 Newark: Late Night Movie Theme (1986)/WLIW-TV Channel 21 Long Island City: Cinema 21 Opening Theme/Cinemax 1987 Thanksgiving Seque (Note Sign For Tick Tock Diner In Clifton New Jersey At End)/Cinemax Special Opening (1987)/Crazy Eddie TV Ad (1988)/Discovery Channel Show Beginning Segue Theme (1990)/WNEW-TV Channel 5 New York City: East Side Comedy Opening Theme/WNEW-TV Channel 5 New York City: East Side Comedy Interstitial Segue/WNEW-TV Channel 5 New York City: East Side Comedy Closing Segue/Joe Flaherty Cinemax Sales Spot (1987)/Cinemax Real Buddy Holly Story Promo With Paul McCartney (1987)/WNET-TV Channel 13 Newark: Hate Busters Segments: Black & Jew, Prejudice Against Blacks, Lovely Blind Hispanic Girl, Gay Man, Lovely Girl On Crutches, Idealistic Risk, The Human Race (With WNET-TV Channel 13 Newark Segue Beginning)/CNN Headline News: Closing Theme With Bobbie Baptista (1987)/IBM Technology At Work: The Deaf (1989)/IBM Technology At Work: The Earth's Crust (1989)/Lifecall ("I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!") (1987)/Palmer Video (1989)/PBS Closing Theme (1977)/Queen City Pontiac-GMC Greenbrook New Jersey (1989)/Reidel Pontiac Edison New Jersey (1989)/A&E Silver Screen Movie Showcase Opening (1986)/Snow White and the Three Stooges Trailer/The Grand Knockout Charity Tournament With Monty Python Alumni John Cleese And Michael Palin, Jane Seymour, Christopher Reeves, British Royal Family Members Such As Duchess Of York And More (1989)/USA Network: Thursday Night Fights (1989)/Mr. Clean (1989)/New Era Laundry Detergent (1989)/Cascade Automatic Dishwasher Detergent (1989)/Scope: Big Story (1989)/Ivory Dishwashing Detergent (1989)/Crest Tartar Control Toothpaste (1989)/Cigarrest (1989)/TLC Commercial Segment Opening Segue: "I Can Not Live Without Books" - Thomas Jefferson (1990)/Veterans Life Insurance Company (1990)/The Wall Street Journal (1990)/Super Stitch (1990)/TLC: Played In The USA (1990)/Mello Gold 40 Hit Recordings (1990)/Instrumental Magic Movie Theme Recordings (1990)/Bill Buckley For The National Review With Tom Selleck (1990)/Pueblo Coloroda Pamphlet PSA (1990)/TLC Network ID: Caknubg Instrumental Interlude (1990)/Jack W. Patten Publisher Of Business Week Magazine (1990)/Bonzai Grill (1990)/Paul Harvey The Rest Of The Story VHS Video (1990)/World Yacht Cruises: New York's Royal Navy Elegant Dining (1989)/WNET-TV Channel 13 Newark: Ingmar Bergan Fundraising Ad (1989) (With WNET-TV Channel 13 Newark Segue Beginning)/WNET-TV Channel 13 Newark: Shelly Pinkowitz: Videotape Editor And Thirteen Member (1988)/WNYC-TV Channel 31 New York City: On-Air Promo Card (1989)/WNEW-TV Channel 5 New York City: "Life. Be In It" PSA - Feet (1984)/Woodbridge Dodge Woodbridge New Jersey (1989)