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T.R.: The Life Of Theodore Roosevelt DVD, Video Download, USB Drive

T.R.: The Life Of Theodore Roosevelt DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
T.R.: The Life Of Theodore Roosevelt DVD, Video Download, USB Drive
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The Great Progressive American President At The Dawn Of The 20th Century! 7 Hours Packed Into 92 Videos On 2 Archival Quality Dual Layer All Regions DVDs!


Biography (CBS) - Theodore Roosevelt | The River of Doubt | The story of the Panama Canal | Panama Canal scenes of the finished Canal | Roosevelt, friend of the birds | Scenes and incidents, Russo Japanese peace conference, Portsmouth, N H | TR in Africa 1909 | TR's return from Africa, 1910 | TR in Norway and Denmark, 1910 | TR's return to New York, 1910 | King Edward's funeral, 1910 | A visit to Theodore Roosevelt at his home at Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, L I , 1912 | The sculptor's nightmare | President McKinley's funeral, 1901 | Peace envoys at Portsmouth, N H | TR at Fargo, N D , during Progressive campaign, 1912 | TR at Forest Hills, New York, 1917 | Arrival of Prince Henry of Prussia and President Roosevelt at Shooter's Island | Cartoon of TR's reception by crowned heads of Europe | Cartoon TR's arrival in Africa | Close up of TR's grave, 1920 | Colonel Roosevelt is invited to fly in Arch Hoxsey's plane at St Louis, Mo , 1910 | Flag services for TR at Oyster Bay, October 1919 | Governor Roosevelt and staff | Hopi Indians dance for TR at Walpi, Ariz 1913 | Japanese and Russian peace delegates leaving New York City, 1905 | King Albert of Belgium visits TR's grave, October, 1919 | Leonard Wood lays cornerstone of Roosevelt House, 1921 | Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt arrives in New York after the World War | Mrs Theodore Roosevelt Jr attends Women in War Work Congress in Paris | Pres Roosevelt's Fourth of July oration | Pres Roosevelt at the dedication ceremonies, St Louis Exposition | President McKinley inauguration, 1901 | President reviewing school children | President Roosevelt and the Rough Riders | President Roosevelt at the Army Navy game | President Roosevelt reviewing the troops at Charleston Exposition | President Wilson arrives in New York to lead fourth Liberty Loan parade | Quentin Roosevelt | RMA flag service on the steps of New York Public Library, 1919 | Roosevelt's Rough Riders embarking for Santiago | Roosevelt's Rough Riders | Roosevelt Dam | Roosevelt scenes 1917 1918 | Scenes of TR and his sons Quentin and Archie, 1917 1918 | Scenes of TR at Sagamore Hill, 1912 | Shall we prepare | T. R.'s Inaugural Ceremony, 1905 | T. R.'s Inauguration, 1905 [1] | T. R.'s Inauguration, 1905 [2] | T. R.'s Inauguration, 1905 [3] | The Prince of Wales visits TR's grave | Theodore Roosevelt | TR's arrival in Panama, November 1906 | TR's funeral at Oyster Bay, 1919 | TR's inaugural ceremony, 1905 | TR's reception in Albuquerque, N M , 1916 | TR's sons' regiments during war, 1917 1918 | TR and Leonard Wood at the New York flower show, 1917 | TR and Mrs Roosevelt [at the Panama California Exposition, 1915 | TR at Baltimore | TR at Billings, Montana 1918 | TR at Sagamore Hill 1916 | TR at San Diego Exposition, 1915 | TR attends his son Archie's wedding at Boston, 1917 | TR calls on neighbors at Christmas, 1917 | TR in a rowboat on Oyster Bay, Archie assists with boat to shore, 1914 | TR in Baltimore during Liberty Loan drive, 1918 | TR in Louisiana , 1915 | TR in New Mexico, 1916 | TR in San Francisco, 1903 | TR in St Paul, Minn 1917 | TR Jr with group of sailors and soldiers | TR on Fifth Avenue, New York, near St Patrick's Cathedral after attending Mayor Mitchel's funeral | TR receiving Belgian envoys at Sagamore Hill 1917 | TR reviewing and speaking to 13th Regiment at Sagamore Hill, 1917 | TR reviews and addresses troops Fort Sheridan, Ill | TR reviews French troops at Vincennes, France, 1910 | TR seated at his desk in the Outlook office 1914 | TR speaking at Pueblo Colorado, 1912 | TR speaking at Sagamore Hill 1916 1918 | TR speaking at the Battery, 1910 | TR speaking at the dedication of Roosevelt Dam, 1911 | TR speaking in Panama, November 1906 | TR speaking in St Paul, Minnesota, 1918 | TR speaking to a group of men from the porch at Sagamore Hill | TR speaking to a group of suffragettes from the porch at Sagamore Hill 1917 | TR with Rough Rider friends | TR, Mayor Mitchel, Governor Charles Whitman of New York, and Myron Herrick, 1917 | Women suffragettes visit TR at Sagamore 1917 | American Lifestyle: Theodore Roosevelt's Sagamore Hill | The News Magazine Of The Screen - America's Heritage: Theodore Roosevelt