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To The Moon: The Story In Sound Set CD, MP3 Download, USB Flash Drive

To The Moon: The Story In Sound Set CD, MP3 Download, USB Flash Drive
To The Moon: The Story In Sound Set CD, MP3 Download, USB Flash Drive
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The Complete 1969 Commemorative Set Of 6 Records Documenting America's Race To Land A Man On The Moon By The End Of The 1960s! Over 5 1/2 Hours Packed Into 1 MP3 CD!



The first message from man on the moon... The moon in legend and in science... The Beginning of Rocketry... Tsiolkovsky... Goddard... Oberth... Goddard's first launch... The American Rocket Society... Dornberger's experiments in Germany... World War II and the V-2s.

World War II ends... U.S. seizes remaining V-2s and the German rocket team surrenders to the Americans ... H-bombs for the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.... The war in Korea... U.S. space program lags... Sputniks stun the world... The humiliation of Vanguard I and the success of Explorer I.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration is set up under the Eisenhower administration... Adapting the Redstone rocket and designing a capsule... Fidel Castro takes over Cuba... Selecting the first seven astronauts for Project Mercury... Testing and training men for space.

U.S. space probes... Russia photographs the moon with Lunik III... Kennedy President... Chimpanzee Ham rides a Mercury capsule... U.S.S.R.'s Gagarin first in orbit... Shepard chosen for first Mercury flight... "Chief Astronaut Jose Jimenez." The flight of Freedom 7. Lunar goal is set.

Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 makes a successful flight and sinks... Rene Carpenter speaks for the wives. Russia's Titov makes 17 orbits. NASA looks ahead to the moon. Chimp Enos orbits. Glenn scheduled for orbit. Friendship 7 "A-OK" with a heatshield dilemma. Glenn addresses Congress.

Slayton is grounded... Ranger 4 to the dark side of the moon... Carpenter and Aurora 7... Two cosmonauts orbit simultaneously... Schirra's "textbook mission"... Cuban missile crisis... Cooper and Faith 7 end Mercury... Two more Russian cosmonauts, one a woman... JFK assassinated.


Russi, three-man capsule... Vietnam escalates... A Russian spacewalk... A Titan takes up Grissom and Young... Manned Spacecraft Center established... McDivitt and White: first U.S. spacewalk. Cooper and Conrad: 8 days. Borman and Lovell: 14 days. Schirra and Stafford: the first rendezvous.

Armstrong and Scott dock with an Agena but tumble cud over end and must make an emergency landing... Stafford and Cenrnan find an "angry alligator"... Young and Collins dock with an Agena and use its engine... Conrad and Gordon do a linkup... Lovel and Aldrin prove men can work in space.


Grissom, White and Chaf-fee die in a ground test for the first manned Apollo... The tragedy investigated and changes made... An unmanned test of Saturn V... Russia orbits and docks two unmanned vehicles... An unmanned test of the LM... Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy assassinated.

Schirra, Eisele and Cunningham: the first manned flight with a Saturn IB... Live TV from outer space... Nixon wins presidency... Borman, Lovell and Anders lofted by a Saturn V, become the first to escape Earth's gravity and to orbit the moon... "Earthshine"... Genesis and the "good earth."

McDivitt, Scott and Schweickart prepare first manned test in space for LM... In Earth orbit, they perform crucial docking and undocking of "Gumdrop" and "Spider"... Stafford, Cernan and Young test the LM near the moon... Live television in color from "Charley Brown" and "Snoopy."

SIDE 12 At Cape Kennedy during the long countdown... Liftoff for Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins... Translunar injection...... Separation of "Columbia" and "Eagle" in lunar orbit... "Eagle" lands... Armstrong steps down to the surface, and then Aldrin... JFK's goal has been met.