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Timeline: Middle Ages TV Series In Newscast Format DVD, Download, USB

Timeline: Middle Ages TV Series In Newscast Format DVD, Download, USB
Timeline: Middle Ages TV Series In Newscast Format DVD, Download, USB
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Historical Events From The Middle Ages In The Style Of TV Newscasts! The Landmark American, British, Spanish And Turkish Educational Television Series Co-Production, Presentied In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As A 2 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set, Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! (Color, 1989, 6 Episodes Of 30 Minutes Each). #TheVikings #WilliamTheConqueror #NorseInvasions #HaraldHardrada #KingHarold #TheCrusades #CrusaderKingdom #SultanSaladin #GodfreyOfBouillon #HolyLand #TheMongols #KublaiKhan #GenghisKhan #MongolInvasions #TheBlackDeath #TheBlackPlague #FallOfConstantinople #Byzantium #FallOfByzantium #Constantinople #Ottomans #OttomanTurks #SultanMehmet #MehmetTheConqueror #Granada #Spain #KingFerdinand #QueenIsabella #SultanBoabdil #History #MiddleAges #DarkAges #EuropeanHistory #DVD #VideoDownload #FlashDrive #USBDrive #USBFlashDrive #ThumbDrive

TV News anchor Steve Bell and four ethnically diverse field reporters (Siboletto of Zimbabwe, Owen of Canarfon, Luis de Jaen and Selim Karasi) report from six watershed events in human history between 1066 and 1492. Owing its inspiration to Walter Cronkite's You Are There which aired on CBS from 1953 to 1957, Timeline also included faux commercials for products and services first available at that time in history.

Volume One:
Episode 1 - The Vikings: September 25, 1066: William the Conqueror prepares to invade England, just as the Norse invasion of England by Harald Hardrada had been defeated by England's Saxon King Harold | Episode 2 - The Crusades: October 2, 1187: The conquest of the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem by Sultan Saladin, and giving the back story of the Crusades up to that point. | Episode 3 - The Mongols: November 18, 1247: The threat that the Mongols would invade Western Europe after overrunning much of Asia and creating one of the greatest empires ever to exist, stretching from China through Russia to the borders of Europe itself.

Volume Two:
Episode 4 - The Black Death: March 27, 1361: The second pandemic of the Black Death, the plague that first decimated populations around the world in 1346-53. | Episode 5 - May 29, 1453 The Fall of Constantinople: The final destruction of the Byzantine Roman Empire when Ottoman Sultan Mehmet (Mehmet The Conqueror) conquered Constantinople | Episode 6 - Granada: January 6, 1492: The long reconquest of Muslim Spain by Christian forces comes to an end when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain accept the surrender of the City of Granada from Sultan Boabdil.