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Those Oldies But Goodies Rock & Roll Doo-Wop MP3 Set DVD Download USB

Those Oldies But Goodies Rock & Roll Doo-Wop MP3 Set DVD Download USB
Those Oldies But Goodies Rock & Roll Doo-Wop MP3 Set DVD Download USB
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Over 600 Oldies But Goodies Songs From The Golden Age Of Rock 'N' Roll And Doo Wop, Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 DVD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #ThoseOldiesButGoodies #OldiesButGoodies #Oldies #RockAndRoll #RockNRoll #GoldenAgeOfRockAndRoll #GoldenAgeOfRockNRoll #MP3 #DVD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


5 C's - Tell Me

5 C's - Whoo Whee Baby

5 Speeds - Goodbye

Alice Jean & The Mondellos - Daylight Swing Time

Alice Jean & The Mondellos - That's What I Call Love

Alladins - Then

Alma-Keys - Please Come Back

Ambassadors - Lorraine

Angels - I'm Saying Goodbye

Appeggios - I'll Be Singing

Aqua-Nites - Christy

Arabians - My Heart Beats Over And Over Again

Arcados - When You Walked Out

Artamer James & Group - Congratulations

Avalons - Begin The Beguine

Babettes - We Can Live Off Love

Bachelors - Tell Me Now

Ban-Lons - I Like It

Beal Street Boys - Next Christmas

Bel-Larks - Get Married In June

Bel Larks - A Million And One Dreams

Belvederes - Bouna Sera

Belvederes - Pepper Hot Baby

Belvederes - We Two

Ben E Williams & Group - Mamie Wong

Benn Zeppa & Four Jacks - Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Bentleys - Why Didn't I Listen To Mother

Bernie Williams & Group - Why Fool Yourself

Big Five - Baby I Need You So

Bill Lacey & Group - Cowboy Santa Claus

Bishops - The Wedding

Blenders - It Takes Time

Blenders - Soda Shop

Blenders - Two Loves

Blue Jays - Write Me A Letter

Bluffs - I Want To Know

Boardwalkers - She Wont Go Steady

Bobby Capri & Group - One Sided Love

Bobby Starr & Group - Please Give Me A Chance

Bongo Love - The Volchords

Bonnie & The Little Blue Boys - Those Bells

Brooklyn Boys - Every Night

Brooklyn Boys - If She Should Call

Buddy & The Citations - Don't Let Her Have Her Way

Buddy Gibson & Vanguards - Just A Game

C. Quents - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Calendars - I'm Gonna Laugh At You

Calendars - You Don't Fall In Love

Californians - Heavenly Ruby

Cameos - Merry Christmas

Cameos - New Year's Eve

Candlelighters - Would You Do The Same For Me

Capitols - I Let Her Go

Caprees - If I Should Lose You

Carlton Beck & group - The Girl I Left Behind

Carousels - Drive-In Movie

Carousels - I've Cried Enough

Carousels - Rendezvous

Carterays - Bless You

Cashmeres - Stairsteps To Heaven

Casinos - Please Let Her

Castaleers - You're My Dream

Casual Crescendos - Wish That You Were Here

Celebritys - This Is My Plea

Celebritys - We Made Romance

Celtics - Can You Remember

Cezannes - Pardon Me

Challengers - I Can Tell

Chalons - Oh You

Champions - Cute Little Baby

Champions - I'm So Blue

Chanaclairs - See See Rider

Chanaclairs - Yuletide Love

Chancellors - My Thoughts Of You

Chappies - Suddenly There Were Tears

Charades - Let Me Love You

Charlotte Campbell & group - True Lover

Charters - I Lost You

Cheerios - Ding Dong Honeymoon

Cheerios - Where Are You Tonight

Cherades - Please Be My Love Tonight

Cherades - Turn Him Down

Chip Allen & The Chipettes - Tell Me Today

Chords - Daddy Loves Mommy

Chords - In The Woods

Cliff Butler & Group - Jealous Hearted Woman

Climbers - Angels In Heaven Know I Love You

Climbers - My Darling Dear

Clocks - It's Written

Coins - Loretta

Coins - Please

Cole & The Grandures - Teenage Corral

Colts - Guiding Angel

Colts - Sheik Of Araby

Concepts - Jungle

Concepts - Whispers

Continentals - Don't Leave Me

Continentals - It Doesn't Matter

Convincers - Rejected Love

Cool-Gents - A Beggar To A Queen

Cool Breezers - Let Christmas Ring

Cor-Dons - Is She The One

Cornell Blakely & Group - Don't Touch The Moon

Cornell Blakely & Group - Promise To Be True

Corvairs - Love Her So

Corvettes - A Lover's Prayer

Corvettes - I'm Going To Cry

Corvettes - When You're in Love

Cosmic Rays - Bye Bye

Creators - I'll Stay At Home (New Year's Eve)

Creators - I'll Stay Home New Year's Eve

Crescents - You Can Make It If You Try

Crowd - I Have Nothing At All

Cruisers - Foolish Me

Czars Of Rhythm - You Show Me The Way

Danderliers - Little Man

Danderliers - May God Be With You

Danderliers - My Love

Danderliers - She's Mine

Dandevilles - Nasty Breaks

Dandevilles - There's A Reason

Danny (Sly) Stewart & group - A Long Time Alone

Darlings - Boy Of My Dreams

Dawns - I Love You So Tonight

Daytons - King Of Broken Hearts

Dealers - Cinderella

Debs - A Star In The Sky

Debutones - A Place In My Heart

Dedications - Why Don't You Write Me

Dee Cals - Stars In The Blue, What Should I Do

Dee Impulse - Till I Come Home To You

Del-Rios - Alone On A Rainy Night

Del-Rios - Heavenly Angel

Deli-Cados - Now I've Confessed

Delmiras - Dry Your Eyes

Dino Matthews & Group - The Girl That I Love

Dipper's Quintet - It's Almost Christmas

Dodgers - Cat Hop

Dodgers - Drip Drop

Dots - Good Luck To You

Dr. Rock & Five Crowns - One Way Of Living

Dr. Rock & Five Crowns - That's What You Do To Me

Drakes - Oo-Wee So Good

Dreamers - Melba

Dreamers - No Man Is An Island

Dreamers - No Obligation

Dreams - I Love You

Drippers - Such A Fool Was I

Drivers - A Man's Glory

Duprells - Never Let Me Go

Dwellers - Lonely Guy

Dwellers - Oh Sweetie

Dwellers - What's This Thing Called Love

Dynamics - I Guess You Don't Love Me

Eagle-Aires - Number One Baby

Ebb Tides - What's Your Name Dear

Ebonaires - Love For Christmas

El Pollos - These Four Letters

El Reyes - Mr. Moonglow

El Vireos - First Kiss

Eldaros - Please Surrender

Eldorays - Nights Of Ecstasy

Elgins - That's My Girl (In A Dream)

Embers - I'll Be With You

Emeralds - I Need Your Love

Emeralds - Lover's Cry

Emeralds - Please Don't Crush My Dreams

Emeralds - Rumblin' Tumblin' Baby

Emeralds - Soda Pop

Empires - Ride On

Empires - Sittin' On Top Of The World

Enchanters - I Need Your Love

Enchanters - Know It All

Enchanters - Mambo Santa Mambo

Enchanters - Spellbound By The Moon

Ensenadas - On And On

Epics - I Want You To Be My Girl

Epics - Summer's Coming In

Equallos - Patty Patty

Equallos - Underneath The Sun

Ermines - I'm So Used To You Now

Ermines - You Broke My heart

Ernie Farmer & group - Things To Remember

Escos - I'm Lonesome For You

Esquires - My Dearest, My Darling

Esquires - Only The Angels Know

Esquires - The Girl In Chinatown

Euniques - Cry, Cry, Cry

Everglades - While Sitting In The Chapel

Evergreens - Guitar Player

Evergreens - Very Truly Yours

Exciting Invictas - I Don't Care

Execs - Walking In The Rain

Fabulous Fanatics - Sweeter Than Wine

Fabulous Idols - Baby

Fabulous Three - Cross Every Mountain

Fabulous Uptowns - A New Love I Have Found

Fabulous Valiants - Your Golden Teardrops

Fairlanes - Writing This Letter

Fi-Dels - Please Come Back

Five Blue Notes - My Gal Is Gone

Five Blue Notes - Ooh Baby

Five Blue Notes - The Beat Of Our Hearts

Five Blue Notes - You Gotta Go Baby

Five Crowns - I Can't Pretend

Five Crowns - Popcorn Willie

Five Delights - Okey Dokey Mama

Five Delights - There'll Be No Goodbye

Five Embers - My Fragile Heart

Five Kids - Carolyn

Five Letters - Hold My Baby

Five Letters - Your First Love

Five Masqueraders - Nature's Beauty

Five Quails - Get To School On Time

Five Scalders - If Only You Were Mine

Five Scalders - There Will Come A Time

Five Sounds - Good Time Baby

Five Sounds - That's When I Fall In Love

Five Sounds - Tonight Must Live On

Five Superiors - There's A Fool Born Every Day

Flaming Hearts - Baby

Flaming Hearts - I Don't Mind

Fortunes - Running Away From Love

Four Bars - Why Did You Do It

Four Bells - Long Way To Go

Four Bells - Please Tell It To Me

Four Blades - Church Bells May Ring

Four Buddies - I Want You To Be My Girl

Four Gents - Linda

Four Gents - On Bended Knees

Four Horsemen - My Heartbeat

Four Jacks - The Great Pretender

Four Jokers - The Run Around

Four Jokers - Written In The Stars

Four Kings - Walkin' Alone

Four Kings (Willie Mitchell & the) - Walking At Your Will

Four Stars - The Chapel By The Sea

Franciscans - Mother Please Answer me

Frankie Ervin & Group - Some Other Guy

Frankie Val & group - Mr. Echo

Frannie & The Varcels - The Guy

Freeloaders - Nursery Love

Fresandos - I Mean Really

Fresandos - Your Last Goodbye

Future-Tones - All I Want Is You

Futuretones - I Know

Futuretones - Roll On

Gales - I Love You

Gay Notes - For Only A Moment

Gay Notes - Pu Pu Pa Doo

Gems - One Woman Man

Gems - The Darkest Night

Glen Madison & Group - When You Dance

Gliders - School Days

Globeliters - If I Were A King

Gloria Knight & Group - Lonely Girl

Gloria Ramsey & The Impressions - My Love

Gold-Tones - If I Had The Wings Of An Angel

Golden-Tones - Cryin' The Blues

Golden-Tones - I'm Wrong

Golden Gate Quartet - Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer

Golden Gate Quartet - Silent Night

Golden Gate Quartet - White Christmas

Golden Nuggets - I Was A Fool

Gothics - Marilyn

Guides - How Long Must A Fool Go On

Guides - You Must Try

Henry Strogin & The Crowns - Why Do You Go Away

Hepsters - I Had To Let You Go

Hepsters - Rockin' & Rollin' With Santa Claus

Herman Willis & Five Blacks - Forever In Love

Hi-Liters - In The Night

Hi-Lites - Gloria My Darling

Hightones - We Met At A Dance

Hilites - I'm Fallin' In Love

Hilites - Walkin' My Baby Back

Holidays - Got My Letter

Holy Shepiterds - Beulah Land

Hy-Tones - Chinese Boogie

Impalas - Why

Imperials - A Life Of Ease

Imperials - It Won't Be Very Long

Implaceables - My Foolish Pride

Impossibles - Chapel Bells

Inconquerables - Wait For Me

Indigos - Servant Of Love

Individuals - A Pillow Wet With Tears

Infascinations - I'm So In Love

Infatuators - I Found My Love

Infatuators - Where Are You

Ink Spots - A Man

Inspirators - If Loving You Is Wrong

Inspirators - Three Sixty

Invictas - Lest We Forget

Invictors - Where All Lovers Meet (Hi)

Invictors - Where All Lovers Meet (Lo)

Ivoleers - A Lover's Quarrel

Jermones - The Rocking Chair Song

Jerry Carmen & Group - Cherry Pie

Jerry Stone & The Four Dots - Pleading For Your Love

Jimmy Castor & The Juniors - Somebody Mentioned Your Name

Jimmy Castor & The Juniors - This Girl Of Mine

Jimmy Higgins & The Original Magnificents - Upon The Mountain

Jimmy Jones & The Jones Boys - Heaven In Your Arms

Jimmy Singleton & The Royal Satins - Each Passing Day

John Baker & Group - Satisfy Me

John McKinney & The Premiers - Angels In The Sky

John McKinney & The Premiers - Oh, How I Love You

Johnny & The Sinceres - Why Don't You Write Me

Johnny Greco & Group - Why Don't Ya Love Me

Johnny Ross & Group - That's What You Mean To Me

Johnny Till & group - Love

Joylarks - Betty My Love

Julie Town & group - Tears On My Pillow

Jupiters - It Takes Two

Juveniles - Beat In My Heart

Kashmirs - Tippi-Tippi-Wang-Wang

Kenneth Churchill & THe Lyrics - Fate Of Rock And Roll

Kenny Williams & Group - An Old Fashion Christmas

Keystoners - Sleep And Dream

Kidds - You Broke My Heart

Kilts - I'll Be True

Kings - Baby Be There

Kings - You Made Me Cry

Kings Five - I Hear The Rain

Knockouts - You Are Laughing

La Fets - A Christmas Letter

La Salles - Yum, Yum, Yum

Lapels - I Want A True Friend

Larry Birdsong & Group - Now That We're Together

Laurels - Yours Alone

Lee Maye & Group - All I Want Is Someone To Love

Legends - Well, Darling

Limelighters - This Lonely Boy

Limeliters - Long Tall Sally

Limeliters - Magic Touch

Linda Carr & The Impossibles - Shy One

Links - She's The One

Little Henry & The Dewdrops - What Have I Done Wrong

Little Jan & The Radiants - If You Love Me

Little Johnny McCall & Group - My Love I Can't Hide

Little June & The Januarys - Hello

Little June & The Januarys - Oh What A Feeling

Little Marcus & The Devotions - I'll Always Remember

Little Sammy & Group - Can You Love Me

Little Wanda & Group - My Johnnie

Lollypops - Believe In Me

Lords - Pancakes

Love-Lords - Burning Love

Love-Tones - I Love Nadine

Love-Tones - Talk To An Angel

Lyn Andrews & The Teen-Timers - Ask Me To Go Steady

Lyrics - Got To Get Along

Lyrics - You

Mable King & group - Love

Magic-Tones - Tears In My Eyes

Magic Notes - Rosabel

Magictones - Good Googa Mooga

Magictones - When I Kneel Down To Pray

Mandells - Darling I'm Home

Mandells - It's No Good

Mandells - Who Me

Marathons - Don't Know Why

Markeets - Teardrops

Marksmen & The Agents - In My Diary

Marquees - Ecstacy

Marvellos - I Need A Girl

Marvels - For Sentimental Reasons

Marvin & The Chips - 16 Tons

Marvin & The Chirps - I'll Miss You This Christmas

Mary Hylor & group - We Walked Down The Aisle

Mary Wheeler & The Knights - A Falling Star

Masquerades - Fanessa

Masters - Crying My Heart Out

Matadors - Pennies frome Heaven

Mel Williams & The Montclairs - Lessons In Love

Mel Williams & The Montclairs - O. O. Wah

Mello-Harps - I Love Only You

Mello Harps - What Good Are My Dreams

Melloharps - Ain't Got The Money

Melotones - Prayer Of Love

Metallics - I Need Your Love

Metronomes - Dear Don

Metronomes - How Much I Love You

Metronomes - I'm Gonna Get Me A Girl Somehow

Metronomes - I Love My Girl

Metronomes - My Dearest Darling

Metros - Lookin'

Metrotones - Please Come Back

Metrotones - Skitter Skatter

Misfits - Midnight Star

Monarchs - Angels In The Sky

Monarchs - Love You That's Why

Monarchs - Wanna Go Home

Moniques - All The Way Now

Monitors - A Boyfriend's Prayer

Monitors - Nita

Montclairs - All I Want Is Love

Montclairs - The Bells

Montels - That's Alright With Me

Montereys - Without A Girl

Motivations - The Christmas Spirit

Murfreesboros - Oh My Love

Mystics - Teenage Sweetheart

Nap Roman & Group - Tears From Your Eyes

New Invictors - Deeply In Love With You

New Yorkers Five - Cha Cha Baby

New Yorkers Five - Gloria My Darling

Nickels - I Love Only You

Nobels - Serenades

Nobletones - I'm Really Too Young

Nobletones - I Love You

Nomads - You're The Only One

Nu-Trends - Together

Orbits - I Really Do

Orbits - Message Of Love

Orchids - Beginning To Miss You

Orchids - I've Been A Fool From The Start

Orientals - Please Come Back Home

Pals - My Baby Likes To Rock

Pals - Summer Is Here

Peacocks - My New Hi Fi

Pepper & The Shakers - Need Your Love

Perennials - I'm Yours 'Til The End

Personalities - Woe Woe Baby

Peter Crawford & Group - There Goes A Young Love

Peter Pete & The Lovers - A Lonely Island

Pharo-Tones - Give Me A Chance

Pipies - So Long

Pirates - I'll Love You Til I Die

Pirates - Mind Over Matter

Plants - Dear I Swear

Plants - It's You

Playboys - One Question

Playboys - The Night Before Christmas

Poets - Never Let You Go

Premiers - Little Angel Face

Pretenders - Blue And Lonely

Promineers - Shirley

Pyramids - And I Need You

Quats - In The Morning

Quintones - The Lonely Telephone

Raindrops - Dim Those Lights

Raindrops - Little One

Raindrops - Rockin' On The Farm

Ramblers - Bye Bye Bye

Ramblers - Come On Back

Ramblers - Search My Heart

Rannels - Blue Island

Ray-Dots - I Need Someone

Remarkables - Write Me

Revels - Later Later Baby

Revels - You Lied To Me

Rhythm Aces - Flippety Flop

Rhythm Aces - Olly Olly Atsen Free

Rhythm Aces - That's My Sugar

Rhythm Cadets - Dearest Doryce

Rhythm Kings - Christmas Is Coming At Last

Rialtos - Let Me In

Richie & The Royals - And When I'm Near You

Richie & The Royals - Goody Goody

Ripples - Please Let Me Love You

Rivals - Come With Me

Robins - Have A Merry Christmas

Rocky & The Millionaires - Remember Me

Romeos - Gone Gone Getaway

Romeos - Let's Be Partners

Ronnie & The Little Blue Boys - You Better Run

Rose Moris & The Delighters - I Love The Life I Live

Roy Perkins & Group - You're Gone

Roy Tyson & Group - I'm Not Too Young To Sing The Blues

Roy Tyson & Group - Oh What A Night For Love

Royal Masters - You're The One

Royals - I Want You To Be My Mambo Baby

Royals - Someday We'll Meet Again

Ruby Whitaker & The Chestnuts - Who Knows Better Than I

Rudy & The Wheels - It's Not For Me

Sabres - A Cool, Cool Christmas

Sandy Powell & group - Bon Bon

Saxons - Is It True

Saxons - Rock & Roll Show

Seniors - I've Got Plenty of Love

Senors - May I Have This Dance

Serenaders - Baby

Serenaders - Please, Please Forgive Me

Shamans - The Valley Of Tears

Shan-Tones - Come To Me

Sheiks - Sentimental Heart

Sheiks - So Fine

Shicks - Come On Back

Shields - You Told A Lie

Silhouettes - Bull Frog

Sinceres - If You Should Leave Me

Slip & Dell & Group - Don't Take A Chance

Smooth Tones - Bring Back Your Love (To Me)

Smoothtones - No Doubt About It

Sof-Tones - Oh Why

Sonny Fulton & Group - Honest I Do

Sonny Fulton & Mixmasters - Fingerprints

Sound-Masters - I Want You To Be My Baby

Spears - Why Did It End

Splendors - An Island Called Romance

Splendors - The Golden Years

Squire - A Dream Come True

Stefan Ross & Group - Please Be My Love

Stick Legs & The Butchering Persians - The Wedding

Stimulators - Warm Summer Nights

Strollers - In Your Dreams

Styles - Scarlet Angel

Stylists - Mourning

Sue Allen & Oscar Black - Don't Leave Me To Cry

Supremes - Could This Be You

Supremes - Don't Leave Me Here To Cry

Supremes - Just For You And I

Supremes - Margie

Tabs - Never Forget

Tabs - Rock & Roll Holiday

Tangiers - The Plea

Teardrops - Come Back To Me

Teardrops - Let's Dance

Teardrops - Sweet Lovin' Daddy-O

Teen Kings - Tell Me If You Know

Teen Kings - That's A Teenage Love

Teenage Moonlighters - Sorry Sorry

Teeners - Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Temptones - Get Youself Another Fool

Temptones - Ride Along

Tender - Tones - I Love You So

Tendertones - Just For A Little While

Termites - Give Me Your Heart

The Arrows - Shufflin Jive

The Beatnicks - Blue Angel

The Cardinals - Why Don't You Write Me

The Chess Men - Lola

The Climatics - My Gift From Heaven

The Creators - Out Of A Million Girls

The Del-Rios - Oh What A Feeling

The Extremes - The Bells

The Fabulous Cry-Tels - Left Front Row

The Jupiters - I Want

The Kid - Sleep Tight

The Lions - Two Timing Lover

The Pearls - It Must Be Love

The Playboys - So Good

The Rivals - I Need You

The Rollettes - An Understanding

The Sevilles - Girl In The Drug Store

The Sonics - It's You

The Spotlites - Trav'lin

The Sunny Boys - Chapel Bells

The Sunsets - Lydia

The True-Tones - Honey, Honey

The Vibes - What's Her Name

The Whirlwinds - Heartbeat

Themes - Cross My Heart

Thrillers - Mattie, Leave Me Alone

Thrillers - The Drunkard

Thrills - Papa's Shotgun

Tiny Tip & The Tip Tops - I Said A Prayer

Tommy Williams & group - Here I Stand

Toreadores - Do You Remember

Townsmen - I Can't Go

Tranells - Come On And Tell Me

Travelers (Ronnie Gates & The) - For My Very Own

Trinadads - Don't Say Goodbye

Troopers - Get Out

Troopers - My Resolution

Trophies - Desire

Twilighters - How Many Times

Twilighters - Please Tell Me You're Mine

Twilighters - Wonderin

Twisters - This Is The End

Tyrone & Nu-Ports - The Combination

Tyrone & The Newports - I Feel Like A Million

Uneeks - Look At Me

Unforgettables - Daddy Must Be A Man

Unforgettables - Oh Wishing Well

Uniques - A Million Miles Away

Uniques - All At Once

Uniques - I Cross My fingers

Uniques - Silvery Moon

Universals - A Love Only You Can Give

Universals - Never Was A Girl

Upsets - Mom And Dad

V-8's - My Heart

V-8's - Papa's Yellow Tie

Valiants - Wedding Bells

Vallandeers - The Mexican Hop

Vals - The Song Of A Loner

Van Dellos - Bring Back

Vandels - A Small Silver Ring

Varieteers - I Got A Woman's Love

Varnells - Who Created Love

Vel-Tones - Playboy

Vels - Please Be Mine

Velvet Sounds - Sing A Song Of Christmas Cheer

Velveteers - Tell Me You're Mine

Vibes - Misunderstood

Vibes - You Are

Vibranaires - Doll Face

Vic Marcel & group - Come Back To These Arms

Visions - Go Where Ever Rainbows Go

Voices - Santa Claus Baby

Voices - Santa Claus Boogie

Volumes - You Left Me Lonely

Webs - Question

Willis Sanders & The Fabulous Embers - Honey Bun

Willis Sanders & The Fabulous Embers - Loveable You

Wisdoms - Two Hearts Make One Love

Wonders - Please Don't Cry

Yachtsmen - Our Future

Youngsters - Christmas In Jail

Oldies But Goodies (Music) originally referred to rock and roll and doo wop music of the 1950s; in music, the term has since been expanded to include all music from a decade or more further in the past. The expression "Oldies But Goodies" originately meant anything that was old but still good. The phrase as a musical genre was popularized by the song "Those Oldies but Goodies (Remind Me of You)", written by Nick Curinga and Paul Politi and performed by Little Caesar & the Romans.