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The Western Tradition TV Series DVD, MP4 Video Download, USB Drive

The Western Tradition TV Series DVD, MP4 Video Download, USB Drive
The Western Tradition TV Series DVD, MP4 Video Download, USB Drive
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The *Only* Quality Version Of The Definitive Television History Of Western Civilization! U.C.L.A.. Professor Eugen Weber's Complete 1989 52 Episode College Telecourse - All 26 Hours Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In An Archival Quality 13 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set, , MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive!

NOTE: Beware cheap imitations! I personally digitized all these video files myself years ago, long before copycat competitors copied them from our original discs, compressed and downgraded their quality to cram more video onto each disc, burned those videos onto cheap disc stock, labeled them with magic marker rather than proper direct-to-disc print labeling, and shoved them into paper sleeves with no cover art. The discs in our set are *the original digitally remastered recordings* in the original highest DVD Quality MPG video format of 9.1 MBPS, the highest a DVD player can play, which is *only available from us* -- and like all our discs, they're printed and shipped with full color double-sided j-cards in durable shatterproof jewel cases, ensuring our set alone has all the quality, durability and long-life that you deserve. So when you buy this title, you'll know you really are getting *the genuine article*, and that you'll enjoy it for a lifetime :).


1: The Dawn Of History | 2: The Ancient Egyptians | 3: Mesopotamia | 4: From Bronze To Iron (Akkad, Babylon, Sumeria, Persia)

5: The Rise Of Greek Civilization | 6: Greek Thought | 7: Alexander The Great (And The Hellenistic World) | 8: The Hellenistic Age (Art, Philosophy And Religion)

9: The Rise Of Rome | 10: The Roman Empire | 11: Early Christianity | 12: The Rise Of The Church (Christianity Takes Over Rome)

13: The Decline Of Rome | 14: The Fall Of Rome | 15: The Byzantine Empire | 16: The Fall Of Byzantium

17: The Dark Ages | 18: The Age Of Charlemagne | 19: The Middle Ages | 20: The Feudal Order

21: Common Life In The Middle Ages | 22: Cities And Cathedrals | 23: The Late Middle Ages | 24: The National Monarchies

25: The Renaissance And The Age Of Discovery | 26: The Renaissance And The New World | 27: The Reformation | 28: The Rise Of The Middle Classes

29: The Wars Of Religion | 30: The Rise Of The Trading Cities | 31: The Age Of Absolutism | 32: Absolutism And The Social Contract

33: The Enlightened Despots | 34: The Enlightenment | 35: The Enlightenment And Society | 36: The Modern Philosophers

37: The American Revolution | 38: The American Republic | 39: The Death Of The Old Regime (The Fall Of The French Monarchy) | 40: The French Revolution

41: The Industrial Revolution | 42: The Industrial World | 43: Revolution And The Romantics | 44: The Age Of The Nation States

45: A New Public | 46: Fin De Siècle (The End Of The 1800s) | 47: The First World War And The Rise Of Fascism | 48: The Second World War (And Genocide)

49: The Cold War | 50 The Third World | 51: The Technological Revolution | 52: On To The Future

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