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The Shakespeare Mystery Edward de Vere William Shakespeare DVD MP4 USB

The Shakespeare Mystery Edward de Vere William Shakespeare DVD MP4 USB
The Shakespeare Mystery Edward de Vere William Shakespeare DVD MP4 USB
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Was the author of the plays attributed to William Shakespeare really ''The Bard of Avon'', the son of a glove maker, or was he really Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, heir to the second oldest earldom in the English kingdom and one of the great noblemen and statesmen of his day? This investigative documentary follows up on the over 4,000 books written since Shakespeare's day that question the authorship of these plays, works that most consider to be the greatest plays ever written, and makes a strong circumstantial case that the author was actually Edward de Vere, stronger than the traditional circumstantial case that he was William Shakespeare. Scholarly, clever, insightful, riveting, fascinating and deeply moving, the lattermost especially so when one considers that some of the greatest laments in Shakespeare's plays were really de Vere's own veiled sorrows at the prospect of never being able to receive the credit he deserved for being the author of such profound works (Color, 1989, 58 Minutes).

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