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The Seasons Change: The ACLU On The 1968 DNC DVD, Download, USB Drive

The Seasons Change: The ACLU On The 1968 DNC DVD, Download, USB Drive
The Seasons Change: The ACLU On The 1968 DNC DVD, Download, USB Drive
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The Landmark 1968 ACLU Film Documenting What The US Supreme Court Ruled A ''Police Riot'' At The 1969 Democratic National Convention, PLUS The Controversial 1968 Film On The Police Chiefs Convention Where Such "Riotous" Behavior Was Enabled, All Packed Into 1 All Regions DVD!


THE SEASONS CHANGE (1968, 44:45)
A precious film document for which the American Civil Liberties Union and The National Mobilization To End The War In Vietnam are to be commended detailing the truth about what a federal court judge ruled was "a police riot" in the city of Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Includes accounts of perjured testimony of policeman regarding innocent arrested citizens; harassment of delegates by policeman; racially motivated police brutality; accounts by Rennie Davis, leader of the National Mobilization Committee; an account by poet Allen Ginsberg; an account by Tom Hayden, leader of the Students For A Democratic Society; acts of random and unprovoked violence by the police in bars, hotels and upon cripples; accounts by George Yumich, an aide to Senator McCarthy, and McCarthy speech writer Paul Gorman; CBS news coverage outtakes including convention footage, the roughing-up of Dan Rather on the convention floor during a broadcast, anchoring and interviews by Walter Cronkite and more; an account by comedian and political activist Dick Gregory; National Guard armed confrontation with a middle aged woman trying to drive protesters to safety; police beating of newsmen covering the convention; an account by British Parliament member Anna Kerr who was an innocent bystander who was brutalized, arrested and maced before TV cameras; various accounts by Mayor Daley; the violent assaults upon demonstrators in Lincoln Park and in front of the convention center; more.

CHIEFS (1968, 19:49)
Director Richard Leacock's documentation of the 1968 Police Chiefs Convention held in Hawaii where attention was focused on the means and weapons of crowd control in reaction to the youth, anti-war and other political movements whose protests were sweeping the country at that time, fortified with speeches denouncing these movements and shoring up morale in support of their own actions against them.