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The Rolling Stones Olympic Studio Sessions 1967-70 MP3 Download CD

The Rolling Stones Olympic Studio Sessions 1967-70 MP3 Download CD
The Rolling Stones Olympic Studio Sessions 1967-70 MP3 Download CD
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Outtakes Of The 1967-1970 Rolling Stones Recording Sessions, Nicknamed "Thee Satanic Sessions" (Sic), Taped At The Legendary Olympic Studios In London, England! 73 Minutes From The Twilight Of The British Invasion Era, Presented As An MP3 Audio Download Or Archival Quality MP3 CD!

September 1967: 1) Cosmic Christmas

March 1968: 2) Family

June 1969: 3) You Can't Always Get What You Want | 4) Memo From Turner | 5) Hamburger To Go | 6) Sweet Lucy | 7) Blood Red Wine | 8) I'm A Country Boy | 9) You Got The Silver | 10) Dear Doctor | 11) Did Everybody Pay Their Dues? | 12) Still A Fool

May 1969: 13) I'm Going Down | 14) Honky Tonk Women

July 1969: 15) Gimme Shelter

December 1969: 16) Brown Sugar

June 1970: 17) Sway } 18) Schoolboy Blues

Olympic Studios was a British independent recording studio based on Church Road, Barnes, London. It is best known for its recordings of many artists throughout the late 1960s to the first decade of the 21st century, including Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, Queen, Ray Charles, the Who, B. B. King, Traffic, Prince, the Eagles, Eric Clapton, Family, Adele, Björk and MIKA. It is often regarded as being as significant as Abbey Road Studios, and remains an important cultural landmark. The studio's sound mixing desks became famous when the technology and design they pioneered was manufactured commercially. Although much of Olympic has returned to its original purpose as a cinema, it also still maintains a small recording facility, designed with the help of original members of the studio's staff, who are now also involved in the construction of a much larger studio, performance and teaching space, to run alongside Olympic's cinema at the iconic location.