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The Parade: North Korea Celebrates 40th Anniversary DVD, Download, USB

The Parade: North Korea Celebrates 40th Anniversary DVD, Download, USB
The Parade: North Korea Celebrates 40th Anniversary DVD, Download, USB
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North Korea's Spectacular 40th Anniversary Response To The 1988 Seoul Olympic Games As Captured By Polish Television, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD, MP4 Video Download Or USB Flash Drive! #NorthKorea #Korea #DemocraticPeoplesRepublicOfKorea #KimIlSung #KimJongIl #1988SummerOlympics #GamesOfTheXXIVOlympiad #KoreanConflict #NorthKoreanHistory #KimJongUn #ColdWars #KoreanWar #Juche #SocialistStates #CultOfPersonality #WorkersPartyOfKorea #WPK #Songun #NuclearStates #HumanRightsViolations #DVD #VideoDownload #MP4 #USBFlashDrive

* 12/31/19: Updated And Upgraded: Updated With Video And Audio Newly Redigitized In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality, Updated With Additional Opening And Closing Material, And Upgraded From A Standard Format DVD To An Archival Quality Dual Layer Format DVD!

This is one of the scariest and strangest films you will ever see! This is how North Korea reacted while the 1988 Olympic games were being held in Seoul, just across its border with South Korea: the staggering mass celebrations and rallies that marked the 40th anniversary of founding of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Mass daytime and torchlight nighttime marches; long elaborate parades touting supposed achievements of North Korean science, industry and medicine; plus unique classroom footage of boys and girls being taught the care and use of infantry weapons, and how to emote properly while praising their then-leader Kim Il Sung or denouncing either South Korea and America - this official Polish State TV news film, produced immediately prior to the fall of Poland's own repressive state regime, documents it all. A priceless and unique insight into what remains one of the most closed societies in the world (1989, Color, 1 Hour 5 Minutes).

On September 9, 1948, following the withdrawal of Soviet forces from North Korea, Kim Il-sung declared the establishment of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, with himself as the nation's leader, and with Pyongyang, its largest city, as its capital. North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (abbreviated as DPRK, DPR Korea or Korea DPR), is a country in East Asia constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is the nation's capital and largest city. To the north and northwest, the country is bordered by China and by Russia along the Amnok (known as the Yalu in China) and Tumen rivers; it is bordered to the south by South Korea, with the heavily fortified Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating the two. Nevertheless, North Korea, like its southern counterpart, claims to be the legitimate government of the entire peninsula and adjacent islands.[15] Both North Korea and South Korea became members of the United Nations in 1991. In 1910, Korea was annexed by Imperial Japan. After the Japanese surrender at the end of World War II in 1945, Korea was divided into two zones, with the north occupied by the Soviets and the south occupied by the Americans. Negotiations on reunification failed, and in 1948, separate governments were formed: the socialist Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the north, and the capitalist Republic of Korea in the south. An invasion initiated by North Korea led to the Korean War (1950-1953). The Korean Armistice Agreement brought about a ceasefire, but no peace treaty was signed. North Korea officially describes itself as a self-reliant, socialist state and formally holds elections. Various media outlets have called it Stalinist, particularly noting the elaborate cult of personality around Kim Il-sung and his family. The Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), led by a member of the ruling Kim family, holds power in the state and leads the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland of which all political officers are required to be members. Juche, an ideology of national self-reliance, was introduced into the constitution in 1972. The means of production are owned by the state through state-run enterprises and collectivized farms. Most services such as healthcare, education, housing and food production are subsidized or state-funded. From 1994 to 1998, North Korea suffered a famine that resulted in the deaths of between 240,000 and 420,000 people, and the population continues to suffer malnutrition. North Korea follows Songun, or "military-first" policy. It is the country with the highest number of military and paramilitary personnel, with a total of 9,495,000 active, reserve and paramilitary personnel. Its active duty army of 1.21 million is the fourth largest in the world, after China, the United States and India. It possesses nuclear weapons. International organizations have assessed that human rights violations in North Korea have no parallel in the contemporary world.