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The Homosexuals (1966) Mike Wallace Gore Vidal DVD, MP4 Download, USB

The Homosexuals (1966) Mike Wallace Gore Vidal DVD, MP4 Download, USB
The Homosexuals (1966) Mike Wallace Gore Vidal DVD, MP4 Download, USB
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The Infamous 1966 CBS Reports TV Presentation Hosted By Mike Wallace In All Regions DVD Format!


THE HOMOSEXUALS (1966, Black and White, 43:43)
A CBS Reports presentation that underscores the difference between modern sexual morals and those of the dominant culture on the cusp of the counterculture better than perhaps any other period documentary. The esteemed Mike Wallace, for whom so much journalistic credit has been duly deserved over the years, in the course of attempting to give even-handed treatment to a subject very much taboo at the time, concludes that homosexuality is most probably a disease, mainly a male phenomenon, involves those incapable of maintaining deep and long-lasting relationships, and a number of other conclusions that modern reference to a significant number of long-running studies and in-depth analyses prove are unfounded. Gore Vidal makes an illuminating appearance and sounds a modern tone in the depths of this 50-year-old stopped time piece, but his insights and observations are cut into pieces and distributed amidst much broader coverage of insistent anti-homosexual psychologists on one hand, and on the other shadowy interviews with (again) male homosexuals reminiscent of the famous Monty Python sketch "The Mouse Problem". A homosexual media history landmark, produced in the same New York City that three years later saw the Stonewall riots that began the modern era of gay power activism.

BOYS BEWARE! (Early 1960s, Black and White, 10:12)
A rare how-not-to documentary on how-not-to be seduced by those dirty old men who pick up boys when they're hitch-hiking, take them fishing (for fish to begin with!) and further on try to get to as many bases as he can get until the boy gets wise and reports them to his parents and school. A seriously intended message film, done in a very campy manner. SMPTE time and category codes appear at bottom center of screen throughout.

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