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The Hippie Temptation (1967) w/ Harry Reasoner DVD, MP4, USB Stick

The Hippie Temptation (1967) w/ Harry Reasoner DVD, MP4, USB Stick
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The Landmark 1967 CBS TV News Special Report On The Birth Of The Hippie Counterculture In All Regions DVD Format!

A CBS News presentation that manages a balancing act between a sober critical analysis of the idealistic and sometime naive youth revolution centered in Haight-Asbury and a cynical and culturally bigoted.dismissal of the values of this subculture that challenged this very same cynicism and bigotry. Contains precious period film footage of life in the geographic location most credited with the genesis of the psychedelic movement, some dualistically troubling footage of drug abuse and psychiatric treatment, and an especial focus on the band whose home was considered to be the "city hall" of the subculture, The Grateful Dead, who not only give eloquent voice to the values of this new society but who also evince their principles with a free performance at Golden Gate Park (Color, 50:06).

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