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The Goon Show British Radio Comedy Series MP3 DVD, Download, USB Drive

The Goon Show British Radio Comedy Series MP3 DVD, Download, USB Drive
The Goon Show British Radio Comedy Series MP3 DVD, Download, USB Drive
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The Landmark 1950s British Radio Comedy Series Featuring Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe & Michael Bentine That Inspired Generations Of English Speaking Comedians Worldwide! 189 Half Hour Shows Packed Into 1 MP3 DVD PLUS 12 Bonus Half Hour Michael Bentine Shows! *Presented As An Archival Quality MP3 DVD, MP3 Audio Download Or USB Flash Drive! #GoonShow #TheGoonShow #Goons #SpikeMilligan #PeterSellers #HarrySecombe #MichaelBentine #Q8 #GeorgeMartin #Beatles #TheBeatles #MontyPython #MontyPythonsFlyingCircus #SpikeJones #SpikeJonesAndHisCitySlickers #RadioLuxembourg #BBC #BBCRadio #Radio #OldTimeRadio #OTR #TV #Television #TVShows #TelevisionShows #TVInTheUS #TelevisionInTheUS #Comedians #Writers #MP3 #DVD #AudioDownload #USBFlashDrive


52-01-22 - Untitled Goon Show (ser 2, ep 1)

52-02-05 - U.G.S. (The Crystal Palace Project), Epis

53-10-02 The Dreaded Piano Clubber

53-10-09 - The Man Who Tried to Destroy London's Mon

53-10-16 - The Ghastly Experiments of Dr. Hans Eidel

53-12-26 - The Giant Bombardon

54-01-08 The Missing Prime Minister

54-01-29 - The History of Communications

54-03-01~s04e23~The Greatest Mountain In The World (tk-hq)

54-03-08 - The Collapse of The B.R. Sandwich System

54-03-15 The Silent Bugler

54-04-12 - The Great Bank of England Robbery [VG11]

54-08-31~s04esp~The Starlings

54-09-28~s05e01~The Whistling Spy Enigma (tk-hq)

54-10-05 - The Lost Gold Mine Of Charlotte

54-10-12~s05e03~The Dreaded Batter-Pudding Hurler (tk-hq)

54-10-19~s05e04~The Phantom Head Shaver (tk-hq)

54-10-26~s05e05~The Affair of the Lone Banana (tk-hq)

54-11-02 - The Canal

54-11-09~s05e07~Lurgi Strikes Britain (tk-hq)

54-11-16~s05e08~The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (tk-hq)

54-11-23~s05e09~The Last Tram (tk-hq)

54-11-30 - The Booted Gorilla Found

54-12-07~s05e11~The Spanish Suitcase (tk-hq)

54-12-14 - Dishonoured, or the Fall of Neddie Seagoo

54-12-21 - Forog

54-12-28~s05e14~Ye Bandit of Sherwood Forest (tk-hq)

55-01-04~s05e15~1985 (tk-hq)

55-01-11 - The Case Of The Missing Heir

55-01-18 - China Story

55-01-25~s05e18~Under Two Floorboards (tk-hq)

55-02-01 - The Missing Scroll (The Lost Music Of Purdom)

55-02-15~s05e21~The Sinking of Westminster Pier (tk-hq)

55-02-22 - The Fireball of Milton Street

55-03-01 - The Six Ingots Of Leadenhall Street

55-03-08~s05e24~Yehti (tk-hq)

55-03-15~s05e25~The White Box of Great Barfield (tk-hq)

55-03-22 - The End (The Confessions Of A Secret Senna-Pod Drinker)

55-09-20 - The Man Who Won The War (Seagoon MCC)

55-09-27 - Secret Escritoire

55-10-04~s06e03~The Lost Emperor (tk-hq)

55-10-11~s06e04~Napoleon's Piano (tk-hq)

55-10-18~s06e05~The Case of the Missing CD Plates (tk-hq)

55-10-25~s06e06~Rommel's Treasure (tk-hq)

55-11-01 - Foiled By President Fred (In Honour Bound)

55-11-08~s06e08~Shangri La Again! (tk-hq)

55-11-15~s06e09~The International Christmas Pudding (tk-hq)

55-11-29 - The Lost Colony (The Sale Of Manhattan)

55-11-29 The Sale of Manhattan (The Lost Colony)

55-12-06 - The Terrible Revenge of Fred Fu-Manchu

55-12-13 - The Lost Year

55-12-20~s06e14~The Greenslade Story (tk-hq)

55-12-27 - The Hastings Flyer - Robbed

56-01-03~s06e16~The Mighty Wurlitzer (tk-hq)

56-01-10 The Raid Of The International Christmas Pudding

56-01-17 - Tales of Montmartre (Different)

56-01-17~s06e18~Tales of Montmatre (tk-hq)

56-01-24~s06e19~The Jet-Propelled Guided NAAFI (tk-hq)

56-01-31 - The House of Teeth

56-02-07 - Tales of Old Dartmoor

56-02-14 - The Choking Horror (Edited)

56-02-14 - The Choking Horror

56-02-21~s06e23~The Great Tuscan Salami Scandal (tk-hq)

56-02-28 - The Treasure in the Lake (Different)

56-02-28~s06e24~The Treasure of Loch Lomond (tk-hq)

56-03-01 - The Goons Hit Wales

56-03-06 - The Fear Of Wages

56-03-13 - Scradje

56-03-13~s06e26~Scradge (tk-hq)

56-03-20 - The Man Who Never Was

56-04-03 - The Pevensy Bay Disaster (Different)

56-04-03~s06e10~The Pevensey Bay Disaster (tk-hq)

56-08-29 - China Story

56-10-04~s07e01~The Nasty Affair at the Burami Oasis (tk-hq)

56-10-11~s07e02~Drums Along The Mersey (tk-hq)

56-10-18 - The [Great] Nadger Plague

56-10-25~s07e04~The Macreekie Rising of '74 (hq)

56-11-01~s07e05~The Spectre of Tintagel (tk-hq)

56-11-15~s07e07~The Great Bank Robbery (tk-hq)

56-11-22 - Personal Narrative (Of Captain Neddie Seagoon, RN)

56-11-29~s07e09~Mystery of the Fake Neddie Seagoons (tk-hq)

56-12-02 - Robin Hood

56-12-05 - What's My Line (Different)

56-12-05 What's My Line

56-12-09 Operation Christmas Duff

56-12-13 - The Telephone

56-12-20~s07e12~The Flea (tk-hq)

56-12-22 - Robin Hood

56-12-24~s07esp~Operation Christmas Duff (tk-hq)

56-12-26 - Six Charlies in Search of an Author

57-01-03 - Emperor of the Universe

57-01-10~s07e15~Wings Over Dagenham (tk-hq)

57-01-17~s07e16~The Rent Collectors (tk-hq)

57-01-24~s07e17~Shifting Sands (tk-hq)

57-01-31 - The Moon Show

57-02-07~s07e19~The Mysterious Punch-Up-The-Conker (tk-hq)

57-02-14 - The Sleeping Prince (Different)

57-02-14 - The Sleeping Prince

57-02-21 - Round The World in Eighty Days

57-02-28 - Insurance, The White Man's Burden (Different)

57-02-28 - Insurance, the White Man's Burden

57-03-07 - The Africa Ship Canal

57-03-14~s07e23~Ill Met By Goonlight (tk-hq)

57-03-21 - The Missing Boa Constrictor

57-03-28~s07e25~The Histories of Pliny the Elder (tk-hq)

57-08-22~s07eSP~The Reason Why (tk-hq)

57-09-30~s08e01~Spon (tk-hq)

57-10-06 - The Mummified Priest (VGE 01 remake 54-01-22)

57-10-07 - The Junk Affair (Different)

57-10-07~s08e02~The Junk Affair (tk-hq)

57-10-14~s08e03~The Burning Embassy (tk-hq)

57-10-21~s08e04~The Great Regents Park Swim (hq)

57-10-28 - The Treasure In The Tower (Altogether different)

57-10-28~s08e05~The Treasure In The Tower (tk-hq)

57-11-03 - The Missing Ten Downing Street [VG03]

57-11-04 The Space Age (Different)

57-11-04~s08e06~The Space Age (hq)

57-11-11 - The Red Fort [A Tale of India]

57-11-17 - The Giant Bombardon (VGE 04 remake 53-12-26)

57-11-17 - The Giant Bombardon

57-11-18~s08e08~The Missing Battleship (tk-hq)

57-11-25 - The Policy (Different, beginning cut, overlong)

57-11-25 The Policy (has KERA intro)

57-12-01 - The Kippered Herring Gang

57-12-02~s08e10~King Solomon's Mines (tk-hq)

57-12-09 - The Stolen Postman

57-12-15 - The Vanishing Room [VG06]

57-12-16 The Great British Revolution

57-12-23~s08e13~The Plasticine Man (tk-hq)

57-12-29 The Ink Shortage

57-12-30~s08e14~African Incident (tk-hq)

58-01-06 The Thing On The Mountain

58-01-12 - The Mustard And Cress Shortage [VG08]

58-01-13~s08e16~The String Robberies (tk-hq)

58-01-20~s08e17~The Moriarity Murder Mystery (tk-hq)

58-01-27~s08e18~The Curse of Frankenstein (tk-hq)

58-02-03~s08e19~The White Neddie Trade (tk-hq)

58-02-10 - Ten Snowballs That Shook The World (Different)

58-02-10~s08e20~Ten Snowballs That Shook The World (tk-hq)

58-02-16 - The Internal Mountain (VGE 09 remake 54-03-29)

58-02-17~s08e21~The Man Who Never Was (tk-hq)

58-02-23~svge10~The Silent Bugler (tk-hq)

58-02-24~s08e22~World War One (tk-hq)

58-03-02 - The Great Bank Of England Robbery

58-03-03~s08e23~The Spon Plague (tk-hq)

58-03-09~svge12~The Dreaded Piano Clubber (hq)

58-03-10 - The Vanishing Room (VGE 06 remake 54-02-15)

58-03-10 - Tiddleywinks (Different)

58-03-10~s08e24~Tiddleywinks (tk-hq)

58-03-16~svge13~The Siege of Fort Night (hq)

58-03-17~s08e25~The Evils of Bushey Spon (tk-hq)

58-03-23 - The First Albert Memorial To The Moon (VGE 14 remake 53-11-01)

58-03-24 The Great Statue Debate

58-09-22~svge01~The Mummified Priest (tk-hq)

58-10-06~svge04~The Giant Bombardon (bh) (tk-hq)

58-10-13~svge06~The Vanishing Room (tk-hq)

58-11-01~s09e02~I Was Monty's Treble (tk-hq)

58-11-03 - The Sahara Desert Statue

58-11-17~s09e03~The £1,000,000 Penny (tk-hq)

58-11-24 - Pams Paper Insurance Policy

58-12-01~s09e05~The Mountain Eaters (tk-hq)

58-12-08~s09e06~The Childe Harolde Rewarde (tk-hq)

58-12-15~s09e07~The Seagoon Memoirs (tk-hq)

58-12-22~s09e08~Queen Anne's Rain (tk-hq)

58-12-29~s09e09~The Battle of Spion Kop (tk-hq)

59-01-05~s09e10~Ned's Atomic Dustbin (tk-hq)

59-01-12~s09e11~Who Is Pink Oboe (tk-hq)

59-01-20~s09e12~Call of the West (tk-hq)

59-01-26~s09e13~Dishonoured---Again (BBC7)

59-02-02 - Quatermass OBE (The Scarlet Capsule) (Yet another one)

59-02-02~s09e14~Quatermass O.B.E (different beginning!)

59-02-02~s09e14~Quatermass O.B.E (not tk)

59-02-09~s09e15~The Tay Bridge (tk-hq)

59-02-16~s09e16~The Gold Plate Robbery (tk-hq)

59-02-23~s09e17~The £50 Cure (tk-hq)

59-02-29 - The £50 Cure

59-12-24~s10e01~A Christmas Carol (tk-hq)

59-12-31~s10e02~The Tale of Men's Shirts

60-01-07 - The Chinese Legs

60-01-14 - Robin's Post [The Story Of Lord Seagoon]

60-01-21~s10e05~The Silver Doubloons

60-01-28 - The Last Smoking Seagoon (Different)

60-01-28~s10e06~The Last Smoking Seagoon (tk-hq)

62-11-00 - The Bridge on the River Wye

64-12-25 - The GPO Show

65-06-16 - The Army Show

65-12-25 - The Naughty Navy Show

72-04-30~The Last Goon Show Of All (tk-hq)

Misc - Pre-broadcast Warmup











The British radio comedy program The Goon Show was broadcast on the BBC for the first time on May 28, 1951. It was originally produced and broadcast by the BBC Home Service from 1951 to 1960, with occasional repeats on the BBC Light Programme. The first series broadcast from May 28 to September 20, 1951, was titled Crazy People; subsequent series had the title The Goon Show, a title inspired, according to Spike Milligan, by the Popeye character Alice the Goon (when The Goon Show was brought to television in the form of a puppet show in 1963, the puppet of The Goon Show character Eccles was modeled on Alice the Goon). The show's chief creator and main writer was Terence Alan Milligan, who named himself Spike Milligan after hearing on Radio Luxembourg the great American novelty song band Spike Jones and his City Slickers. It starred Spike Milligan (British-Irish comedian, writer, poet, playwright and actor.), Harry Secombe (Welsh comedian, actor and singer), Peter Sellers (English film actor, comedian and singer) and from 1951-1953 Michael Mentine (Peruvian-English comedian, comic actor and founding member of the Goons). The scripts mixed ludicrous plots with surreal humour, puns, catchphrases and an array of bizarre sound effects. Some of the later episodes feature electronic effects devised by the fledgling BBC Radiophonic Workshop, many of which were reused by other shows for decades. Many elements of the show satirised contemporary life in Britain, parodying aspects of show business, commerce, industry, art, politics, diplomacy, the police, the military, education, class structure, literature and film. The show was released internationally through the BBC Transcription Services (TS). It was heard regularly from the 1950s in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, India and Canada, although these TS versions were frequently edited to avoid controversial subjects. NBC began broadcasting the programme on its radio network from the mid-1950s. The programme exercised a considerable influence on the development of British and American comedy and popular culture. It was cited as a major influence by The Beatles and the American comedy team The Firesign Theatre as well as Monty Python and many others.