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The Future That Never Happened Plus Future Wars Doc MP4 Download DVD

The Future That Never Happened Plus Future Wars Doc MP4 Download DVD
The Future That Never Happened Plus Future Wars Doc MP4 Download DVD
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The Future That Never Happened: Yesterday's Utopian And Dystopian Predictions Of Our Modern Era, And The Science, Technology And Society They Thought Would Come (And May Yet Still Be?) (Color, 1993, 48 Minutes) PLUS BONUS TITLE: AMERICA'S DEFENSE MONITOR: FUTURE WARS, An Accurate Assessment Of Future Global Threats (Such As The Persian Gulf War) By Those Who Ultimately Fought Them (Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney And More) Hosted By Admiral Eugene Carroll (Color, 1990, 28 Minutes), All Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS As An MP4 Video Download Or Archival Quality All Regions Format DVD! #TheFutureThatNeverHappened #JackPerkins #VisionsOfTomorrow #WorldOfTomorrow #Futurism #Utopia #Dystopia #BetterLivingThroughChemistry #CityOfTheFuture #Mars #PlanetMars #HGWells #OrsonWelles #FutureWars #AmericasDefenseMonitor #GulfWar #PersianGulfWar #FirstGulfWar #GulfWarI #KuwaitWar #FirstIraqWar #IraqWar #War #VideoDownload #MP4 #DVD

* September 22, 2022: Updated And Upgraded: Updated With AMERICA'S DEFENSE MONITOR: FUTURE WARS, And Upgraded From A Standard Format DVD To An Archival Quality Dual Layer Format All Regions DVD!

The future: we ponder it, certainly; we hope for it, expectantly; we predict it, badly. That's the history of the future - we constantly get it wrong, or we're years off, or we don't predict social change into the picture. Perhaps this is because it's hard enough figuring out tomorrow when we're having such a hard time with today. Maybe it's because it's impossible! Whatever the reasons, the future is fascinating to consider - and that's is what this documentary shall do, as we survey the visions of our past's tomorrows. Contradictions in those visions abound: on the one hand, great optimism; some suggested that the future would be loaded with push-button homes leading to fairy tale lives; but the prevailing view was far different; the city of the future, we were warned, would be an ominous, sinister place. The 1939 New York World's Fair promised a World Of Tomorrow, only to be followed by the carnage that was the Second World War. So many ideas; so few realized; no matter where you look, you can't find the "City Of The Future" on any map (yet). The HeliCar and the Flying Wing came and went on a one-way trip to tomorrow. If ever there was an obsession among futurists of any age, it was "why can't we fly?". Through trial and error, the dream would eventually come true, but not without some high-minded ideas never quite got off the ground. The art of war also lead to its own predictions - not dreams so much as nightmares we hope will never happen. Typically, futurists typically write about war as part of tomorrow: brutal, technological, inevitable. The original red menace that was seen to be the red planet Mars, which has cast an ominous shadow over futurists for years. The words of H. G. Wells as retold in the radio play of Howard Koch in the person of the actor Orson Welles was broadcast as The War Of The Worlds radio play on Mischief Night 1938 - and it caused a panic, causing many people to believe that Martians had actually landed on Earth. They believe in large part due to what scientists had told them was possible. Predictions: will we see our worst fears realized, or will the future evolve as a natural extension of today? Jack Perkins hosts and narrates this journey towards this documentary's vision of that tomorrow.