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The Civil War: A Video Image History JPG Set + MPG DVD, Download, USB

The Civil War: A Video Image History JPG Set + MPG DVD, Download, USB
The Civil War: A Video Image History JPG Set + MPG DVD, Download, USB
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Over 2060 Pictures PLUS Encylopedia Britannica's Classic 1954 Film "The Civil War" In DVD Quality Video Format, Presented As An Archival Quality JPG (JPEG) & MPG CD-ROM, File Download Or USB Flash Drive! #AmericanCivilWar #CivilWar #WarBetweenTheStates #Union #UnionAmericanCivilWar #USA #Confederacy #ConfederateStatesOfAmerica #CSA #AmericanHistory #USHistory #HistoryOfTheUS #JPG #JPEG #CD #PhotoCD #ImageDownload #USBFlashDrive



THE CIVIL WAR (1954, 14:37)
Color film dramatizing the pivotal moments of the War Between the States with live action and animation.


ABOLITIONISTS: 1856 Brown, John, bust-length.gif Garrison, William Lloyd, three-quarter-length, seated.gif HarrietBeecherStowe.jpg JohnBrown56.jpg UncleTomsCabinCover.jpg WilliamLloydGarrison.jpg

BATTLEGROUNDS: 1860-1865 Camp near Lookout Mountain.gif 1860-1865 Camp of 44th Inf. near Alexandria, Va.gif 1860-1865 Chattanooga in time of war. sec. I. Collection of .gif 1860-1865 Lee and Gordon's Mills, Chickamauga Battlefield, T.gif 1860-1865 Petersburg, Va. View from signal tower.jpg 1860-1865 Pontoon bridge across Blackburn's Ford, Bull Run, .gif 1860-1865 Ruins in Charleston, S.C.gif 1860-1865 Ruins of Richmond Va.gif 1860-1865 View of Gettysburg.gif 1860-1865 Warren Station.gif 1860-1865 Warrenton Station, Va.gif 1860-1865 Wilderness, near Chancellorsville, Va.gif 1860-1865 Yorktown, Va. Federal artillery park.jpg 1860-1865, Bull Run, Va. View of Bull Run.jpg 1860-1865, Cold Harbor, Va. Photographer's wagon and tent.jpg 1860-1865, Cold Harbor, Va. View of the battlefield.jpg 1860-1865, Harper's Ferry, W. Va. View of town.jpg 1861-1865, Bull Run, Va. View of the battlefield.jpg 1861-1865, Ruins at Hampton, Virginia showing chimneys, and.jpg 1862-1865, Dedication of monument on battle-field of Groveto.jpg 1862 April 14, Charleston, S.C. Flag-raising ceremony, with.jpg 1862 August, Bull Run, Va. New bridge built by McDowell's e.jpg 1862 August, Catlett's Station, Va. The station with U.S. m.jpg 1862 August, Cedar Mountain, Va. A Confederate field hospita.jpg 1862 August, Cedar Mountain, Va. Battlefield viewed from th.jpg 1862 August, Cedar Mountain, Va. Family group before the ho.jpg 1862 August, Cedar Mountain, Va. Union graves on the battlef.jpg 1862 August, Cedar Mountain, Va. View of battlefield with t.jpg 1862 August, Culpeper Court House, Va. Freight train on Ora.jpg 1862 August, Culpeper Court House, Va. Railroad depot.jpg 1862 August, Fauquier Sulphur Springs, Va. Hotel.jpg 1862 August, Fauquier Sulphur Springs, Va., vicinity. Troop.jpg 1862 August, Manassas Junction, Va. Soldiers beside damaged.jpg 1862 August, Warrenton, Va. Outskirts of town with courthou.jpg 1862 August, Warrenton, Va. Street in front of courthouse.jpg 1862 July 5, Manassas, Va., vicinity. Headquarters of Gen. .jpg 1862 March, Bull Run, Va. Federal cavalry at Sudley Ford.jpg 1862 March, Bull Run, Va. Matthews' or the Stone House.jpg 1862 March, Bull Run, Va. Ruins of Mrs. Judith Henry's house.jpg 1862 March, Bull Run, Va. Ruins of the stone bridge, lookin.jpg 1862 March, Bull Run, Va. Sudley Church.jpg 1862 March, Bull Run, Va. William N. Thornton's house on th.jpg 1862 March, Centreville, Va. Stone church.jpg 1862 March, Centreville, Va., vicinity. Mrs. Spinner's house.jpg 1862 March, Confederate fortifications at Manassas, Va..jpg 1862 March, Cub Run, Va. View with destroyed bridge.jpg 1862 March, Virginia, Bull Run. Battlefield, Matthews House.gif 1862 March, Virginia, Bull Run. Ruins of Stone Bridge.gif 1862 March, Virginia, Centerville, Fortifications on the Hei.gif 1862 March, Virginia, Centerville, Quaker Guns.gif 1862 March, Virginia, Centerville, Stone Church.gif 1862 March, Virginia, Manassas Junction.gif 1862 March, Virginia, Manassas Junction2.gif 1862 March, Virginia, Manassas, Fortifications.gif 1862 October, Harper's Ferry, W. Va. Ruins of arsenal.jpg 1862 September 17, Antietam, Md. Battlefield on the day of .jpg 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Another view of Antietam bridg.jpg 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Antietam Bridge on the Sharps.jpg 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Blacksmith shoeing horses at .jpg 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Bodies of Confederate dead ga.jpg 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Burnside's bridge.jpg 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Confederate dead by a fence o.jpg 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Confederate dead in a ditch o.jpg 1862 September, Maryland, Antietam Bridge.gif 1862 September, Maryland, Antietam Creek, Burnside Bridge ac.gif 1862 September, Sharpsburg, Md. Principal street.jpg 1862 Virginia, Chickahominy, Military Bridge across.gif 1862, The 'Sunken Road' at Antietam.jpg 1863-1865 (most likely), Home in Charleston, S.C..jpg 1863-1865, In Trossel's barnyard, Gettysburg.jpg 1863-1890, Meadow over which the 2d Mass. and 27th Indiana .jpg 1863 February, Virginia, Fredericksburg.gif 1863 General Meade's headquarters. Culpeper, Virginia.gif 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Breastworks on left wing of the .jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Breastworks on Little Round Top.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Dead Confederate soldier in Devi.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Headquarters of Gen. George G. M.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Headquarters of Gen. Robert E. L.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Interior view of breastworks on .jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. The cemetery gatehouse.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. The center of the Federal positi.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. View of Little Round Top.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa., vicinity. G.J. White's house.jpg 1863 July, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg Battlefield, Slaughter P.gif 1863 July, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg Battlefield, Trossel's ‘.gif 1863 July, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, Gateway of Cemetery.gif 1863 July, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, interior view of Breast.gif 1863 July, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg.gif 1863 November 19, Gettysburg, Pa. Crowds at the dedication .jpg 1864-1865, Battlefield of the 'Wilderness'--Views in the wo.jpg 1864 (most likely), Chattanooga, Tenn., vicinity. Federal c.jpg 1864 (most likely), Chattanooga, Tenn., vicinity. Summit of.jpg 1864 (most likely), Chattanooga, Tenn., vicinity. Tripod si.jpg 1864 (most likely), Chattanooga, Tenn., vicinity. Umbrella .jpg 1864 April, Brandy Station, Va. General view of 6th New Yor.jpg 1864 December 16, Nashville, Tenn. Federal outer line- anot.jpg 1864 December 16, Nashville, Tenn. Federal outer line.jpg 1864 December, Union soldiers in trenches before Petersburg.jpg 1864 June 13, Charles City Court House, Va. Rear view of th.jpg 1864 June 13, Charles City Court House, Va. Ruins of houses.jpg 1864 June, Cold Harbor, Va, vicinity. W. P. Burnett's house.jpg 1864 May 19, Spotsylvania Court House, Va., vicinity. Bever.jpg 1864 May 19, Spotsylvania Court House, Va., vicinity. View .jpg 1864 May 21, Massaponax Church, Va. View of the church, tem.jpg 1864 May 23, Bethel Church, Va. View of the church, tempora.jpg 1864 May 24, Jericho Mills, Va. View of the Mills and the p.jpg 1864 May, North Anna River, Va. Federal troops occupying li.jpg 1864 Men of the Quartermaster's Department building transpor.gif 1864, Chattanooga, Tenn., vicinity. Blockhouse on the Nashv.jpg 1864, Germanna Ford, Rappahannock River, Va. Artillery cros.jpg 1864, Wilcox's Landing, Va., vicinity of Charles City Court.jpg 1864, Winter quarters of a cavalry regiment in Army of Poto.jpg 1865 April 2, Ditch and 'Cheavaux de Frise' in front of the.jpg 1865 July, Virginia, Harper's Ferry.gif 1865 June 10, Bull Run, Va. Dedication of the battle monumen.jpg 1865 Maryland, Antietam Battlefield, Dunker Church.gif 1865, The ruins of Charleston, S.C., showing the Sister Chur.jpg 1865, View of Richmond Va., at the close of the rebellion.jpg Altanta'sDefenses64.jpg Antietam, Md. Battlefield on the day of the battle. Photogr.jpg Antietam, Md. Burnside's bridge. Photograph from the main e.jpg ArlingtonNationalCemetery64.jpg AtlantaRoundaboutRuins64.jpg Culpeper, Virginia, August 1862.jpg EvergreenCemeteryGatehouseCemeteryHill63.jpg FederalBombproofSt.Petersburg64.jpg FederalPontoonBridgeDeepBottomVAAcrossJamesRiver6406.jpg FederalSuppliesMoveThroughAtlanta64.jpg GettysburgAddressProcession.jpg Gostport Navy Yard after being burned by Confederate Forces.jpg Harper's Ferry, W. Va. Ruins of arsenal. Photograph from th.jpg Headquarters of 10th Army Corps. Hatcher's farm, December 18.jpg HighBridgeOverAppomattoxByFarmvilleVA6504.jpg McLeanResidence(SiteOfLee'sSurrender)650409.jpg Panoramic views of encampment of Army of Potomac at Cumberl.jpg Richmond65.jpg Ruins of Richmond, April, 1865.jpg Scene of Ewell's attack, May 19, 1864, near Spottsylvania [.jpg Scene of Ewell's attack, May 19, 1864, near Spottsylvania [_2.jpg Sharpsburg, Md. Principal street. Photograph from the main .jpg Sharpsburg, Md. View with Episcopal church in distance. Pho.jpg SunkenRoadOfBattleOfAntietam.jpg ThePetersburgCrater64.jpg Thomas HQ near Marietta, Ga. 4 July 1864.jpg VicksburgSheltersOf45thIllinois.jpg WarrenCountyCourthouseVicksburg630704.jpg

BLACKS: 'Daddy'RicePerforms'JimCrow'MinstrelSong.jpg 'Mr.RiceAsTheFarFamedJimCrow'.jpg 1862, Five generations on Smith's Plantation, Beaufort, Sou.jpg 1862, Large group of slaves(most likely) standing in front .jpg 1862, Slave pen, Alexandria, Va..jpg 1863 August, Virginia, Alexandria, Slave Pen.gif 1864 Johnsonville, Tenn. Camp of Tennessee Colored Battery.jpg 1864 September, Field and staff of 39th U.S. Colored infant.jpg 1865 April, Cold Harbor, Va. African Americans collecting b.jpg A black family entering Union lines with a loaded cart.gif BlackInDefeatedRichmond65.jpg BlackUnionSoldierWithPistol62.jpg ComeAndJoinUsBrothers.jpg DangerfieldNewbyFormerSlaveKilledAtHarper'sFerry.jpg EmancipationProclamation.jpg EscapedSlavesUnionWharfAlexandria.jpg FrederickDouglass.jpg FrederickDouglass1.jpg FrederickDouglass2.jpg FrederickDouglass3.jpg FrederickDouglass4.jpg FreedSlavesSortCottonHiltonHead62.jpg JohnA.CopelandCapturedHarper'sFerry.jpg LewisSherrardLearyKilledHarper'sFerry.jpg MajorAlexanderT.AugustaCanadianSurgeonUnionArmy.jpg OsborneP.AndersonEscapedHarper'sFerry.jpg SgtWilliamCarneyMedalOfHonorWinner54thMass.jpg SlavesLearnToReadHiltonHead62.jpg TheAnti-SlaveryAlmanacOf1840.jpg

BUILDINGS & FORTIFICATIONS: 1860-1865 Christian Mission, Richmond, Va.gif 1860-1865 Fairfax Court House, Va.gif 1860-1865 Fort Beauregard, Manassas, Va.gif 1860-1865 Fort Johnson.gif 1860-1865 Fort Putnam.gif 1860-1865 Interior of Fort Brady, Petersburg lines, Va.gif 1860-1865 Old Capitol Prison, Washington D.C.gif 1860-1865 Old Capitol Prison.gif 1860-1865 Poplar Grove Church near Petersburg.gif 1860-1865 Smithsonion Institution, Washington, D. C.gif 1860-1865 St. Michael's Church, Charleston, S.C.gif 1860 The U.S. Capitol under construction.gif 1861-1865, Fort Brady, James River, Va., near Dutch Gap Cana.jpg 1861-1865, Fort C.F. Smith, Co. L, 2d New York Artillery.jpg 1861-1865, Head Quarters of Gen. G.L. Hartsuff.jpg 1861-1865, Headquarters of Blenkers Brigade.jpg 1861-1865, Headquarters of Christian Commission, Germantown.jpg 1861-1865, Headquarters of Gen. T.W. Sherman, Beaufort, S.C.jpg 1861-1865, White House Landing, Va. Ruins of the White Hous.jpg 1861-1870, Libby Prison, Richmond, Va..jpg 1862-1865 Alexandria, Va. Price, Birch and Co., dealers in .jpg 1862-1865 Alexandria, Va. The Marshall House, King and Pitt.jpg 1862 August, Virginia, Alexandria, Marshall House.gif 1862 August, Warrenton, Va. Courthouse.jpg 1862 December, The Lacy house, Falmouth, Virginia.jpg 1862 December, Virginia, Falmouth, Lacy House.gif 1862 March, Bull Run, Va. Catharpin Run, Sudley Church, and.jpg 1862 May, Virginia, Yorktown, Moore House.gif 1862 September, Keedysville, Md., vicinity. Smith's barn, u.jpg 1862 September, Sharpsburg, Md. Lutheran church.jpg 1862 September, Sharpsburg, Md. View with Episcopal church .jpg 1862, Culpeper Court House, Va. Street scene.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. The Bryan house on 2d Corps line.jpg 1863 June, Fairfax Court House, Va. The courthouse.jpg 1863 June, Virginia, Fairfax, Court-House.gif 1863 Pennsylvania, Gettysburg, Headquarters of the army of t.gif 1864 December, Fort Monroe, Va. 3d Pennsylvania Heavy Artil.jpg 1864, Nashville, Tenn. Steps of the Capitol with covered gu.jpg 1865 April 14, Charleston, S.C. Crowd inside Fort Sumter aw.jpg 1865 April 14, Charleston, S.C. Crowd inside Fort Sumter, a.jpg 1865 August, Arlington, Va. Interior view of Fort C. F. Smi.jpg 1865 March, Petersburg, Va. General view of camp of Oneida,.jpg 1865 May, Quartermaster's Office at 7th St. Wharf, Wash., D..jpg 1865 November, Fort C.F. Smith, Co. L, 2d New York Artillery.jpg 1865, District of Columbia. Interior view of Fort Lincoln.jpg 1865, Grave of John C. Calhoun, in front of St. Philip's Ch.jpg 1865, Headquarters Fifth Army Corps, Harrison's Landing, Ja.jpg 1865, Interior of Fort Sumpter, James Island in the distance.jpg 1865, Union picket line in front of the rebel Fort Mahone, .jpg Antietam, Md. Another view of Antietam bridge. Photograph f.jpg Evacuation of Port Royal, Va., May 30, 1864.jpg Fort Morgan, Mobile Point, Ala., 1864, showing damage to the.gif Fortifications in front of Atlanta, Ga., 1864.gif Ft. Sumter bombardment.jpg Map of Ft. Fisher and 2nd Union assault, 1865.jpg Map of Ft. Fisher.jpg Mount Saint Mary's College, Emmettsburg, Md., July 1863.jpg Nashville, view from State House, Tenn., 1864.gif Sharpsburg, Md. Lutheran church. Photograph from the main e.jpg Washington, D.C. John C. Howard's stable on G Street betwee.jpg

GOVERNMENT: 1860-1865 Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War.gif 1860-1865 Hon. Alexander Stephens, Ga. Vice-President, C.S.A.gif 1860-1865 Hon. Andrew Johnson, Tenn., President, U.S.gif 1860-1865 Hon. Charles Sumner, Mass.gif 1860-1865 Hon. James M. Mason, Va.gif 1860-1865 Hon. Jeff Davis House at Richmond, Va.gif 1860-1865 Hon. John A. Gurley, Ohio.gif 1860-1865 Hon. Judah P. Benjamin, La.gif 1860-1865 Hon. Salmon P. Chase, Chief Justice, U.S.gif 1860-1865 Hon. Stephen A. Douglas, Ill.gif 1860-1865 Hon. William H. Seward, N.Y. Secretary of State.gif 1860-1865 Jefferson Davis.gif AlexanderStephensConfederateProvisionalVP.jpg AndrewJackson.jpg BenjaminWadeSenatorFromOhio.jpg BeverlyTuckerConfederateDiplomaticAgent.jpg CapitolDomeConstruction62.jpg CharlesADanaUSAssistantSecretaryOfWar.jpg ChiefJusticeRogerBTaney.jpg Confederate$100Bill.jpg Confederate$50Bill.jpg DanielWebster.jpg Davis&WifeVarina.jpg Davis63.jpg DavisSwornInMontgomeryCapitolBldg.jpg EdwinMStantonUSSecyOfWar1.jpg EdwinMStantonUSSecyOfWar2.jpg EdwinMStantonUSSecyOfWar3.jpg ExecutiveMansion61.jpg GideonWellesUSSecyOfNavy.jpg HannibalHamlinUSVP.jpg HenryClay.jpg JeffersonDavis.jpg JeffersonDavisInDotageWithGrandchild.jpg JohnCCalhoun.jpg JohnConessSenatorFromCalifornia.jpg JudahBenjaminConfederateSecretaryOfState.jpg MajThomasEckertChiefOfTheWarDepartmentTelegraphOffice.jpg NewlyFinishedCaptiolDomeMorningOfLincoln's2ndInaugural650304.jpg SalmonPChase.jpg Seddon, James A., Secretary of War, half-length, seated.gif SewardUSSecyOfState.jpg TheEagle'sNest61.jpg ZachariahChandlerSenatorFromMichigan.jpg

HOSPITALS: 1860-1865 Hospital near Washington, D.C.gif 1860-1865 Miss Clara Barton.gif 1860-1865 Unknown location. Zouave ambulance crew demonstra.jpg 1861-1865, Haxall's House, used as hospital after battle of.jpg 1862 June 30, Savage Station, Va. Field hospital after the .jpg 1862 September, Keedysville, Md., vicinity. Confederate wou.jpg 1863 July, Amputation being performed in a hospital tent, Ge.gif 1863 July, Washington, D.C. Ambulance wagons and drivers at.jpg 1864 May, Fredericksburg, Va. Nurses and officers of the U..jpg 1864 May, Fredericksburg, Va. Wounded from the Battle of th.jpg 1864, Nashville, Tenn. Hospital for Federal officers (Liter.jpg 1865 May, Washington, D.C. Group of ambulances followed by .jpg 1865 May, Washington, D.C. Infantry unit with fixed bayonet.jpg ArmorySquareHospital(Union)64Or65.jpg ClaraBarton.jpg DorotheaDix.jpg FederalHospitalNashvilleTN.jpg FederalWoundedOfWildernessCampaign64.jpg Keedysville, Md., vicinity. Confederate wounded at Smith's .jpg MaryAnnBickerdyke.jpg SanitaryCommission'CarteDeVisite'63.jpg U.S.SanitaryCommissionFieldHQGettysburg63.jpg Wounded soldiers from the battles in the 'Wilderness' at Fr.jpg

INTELLIGENCE & ESPIONAGE: 1862 May 14, Allan Pinkerton, chief of McClellan's secret se.gif 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Allan Pinkerton ('E. J. Allen.jpg 1862 September, Elk Mountain, Md. Signal tower overlooking .jpg AllanPinkertonFederalSecretServiceChief.jpg Antietam, Md. Seated- R. William Moore and Allan Pinkerton.jpg Col.LafayetteBakerNationalDetectivePolice(FederalSecretService)Chief.jpg JacobThompsonConfederateSecretServiceChief.jpg LaBelleBoyd'LaBelleReBelle'.jpg

LINCOLN: 'LongAbrahamLincoln-ALittleLonger'.jpg 'OurAmericanCousin'Poster6504a.jpg 'OurAmericanCousin'Poster6504b.jpg 1860-1865 Abraham Lincoln, President, U.S.gif 1860-1865 Mrs. Abraham Lincoln.gif 1861-1865, Lewis Payne, Lincoln conspirator, full-length po.jpg 1862 October 3, Antietam, Md. Allan Pinkerton, President Li.jpg 1862 October 3, Antietam, Md. President Lincoln and Gen. Ge.jpg 1862 October 3, Antietam, Md. President Lincoln with Gen. G.jpg 1862 October, Maryland, Antietam, President Lincoln on the B.gif 1864 January 8, Abraham Lincoln, three-quarter length portr.jpg 1865 April 19, Washington, D.C. President Lincoln's funeral.jpg 1865 April, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. David E. Herold, a c.jpg 1865 April, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. Edward Spangler, a c.jpg 1865 April, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. George A. Atzerodt, .jpg 1865 April, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. Lewis Payne, in swea.jpg 1865 April, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. Lewis Payne, the con.jpg 1865 April, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. Michael O'Laughlin, .jpg 1865 April, Washington Navy Yard, D.C. Samuel Arnold, a con.jpg 1865 April, Washington, D.C. Ford's Theater with guards pos.jpg 1865 April, Washington, D.C. President Lincoln's box at For.jpg 1865 April, Washington, D.C. Rocking chair used by Presiden.jpg 1865 April, Washington, D.C. Workmen in front of the Ambula.jpg 1865 July 7, Washington, D.C. Adjusting the ropes for hangi.jpg 1865 July 7, Washington, D.C. Coffins and open graves ready.jpg 1865 July 7, Washington, D.C. Execution of the conspirators.jpg 1865 July 7, Washington, D.C. Execution of the Lincoln cons.jpg 1865 July 7, Washington, D.C. Gen. John F. Hartranft readin.jpg 1865 July 7, Washington, D.C. Hanging bodies of the conspir.jpg 1865 July 7, Washington, D.C. Hanging bodies of the Lincoln.jpg 1865 July 7, Washington, D.C. Hanging hooded bodies of the .jpg 1865 March 2, Letter from Mathew Brady to President Abraham.jpg 1865, Assassination of President Lincoln, George A. Atzerol.jpg 1865, David E. Herold, half-length portrait, facing right.jpg 4a39539r.jpg 4a39663r.jpg 4a40198r.jpg 4a40199r.jpg 4a40200r.jpg 4a40201r.jpg 4a40202r.jpg 4a40204r.jpg 4a40207r.jpg 4a40208r.jpg 4a40209r.jpg 4a40210r.jpg 4a40211r.jpg 4a40212r.jpg 4a40213r.jpg 4a40214r.jpg 4a40215r.jpg 4a40216r.jpg 4a40217r.jpg 4a40218r.jpg 4a40219r.jpg 4a40254r.jpg 4a40263r.jpg 4a40264r.jpg 4a40435r.jpg 4a40821r.jpg 4a40920r.jpg Booth, John Wilkes_ half-length, standing.gif DavidEHerold-LincolnAssassinationConspirator.jpg Dr.SamuelMuddM.D.TreatedBooth'sLeg.jpg EdwardSpangler-Ford'sTheatreStagehand-LincolnAssassinationConspirator.jpg ExecutionOfLincolnAssassinationConvicts.jpg Ford'sTheatre10thStDC65.jpg FrancisBickwell-LincolnReads1stDraftOfEmancipationProclamationToCabinet.jpg GeorgeA.Atzerodt-Lincoln&SewardAssassinationConspirator.jpg JohnWilkesBooth.jpg LewisPowell(LewisPaine,LewisPayne)-Lincoln&SewardAssassinationConspirator.jpg LewisPowell(LewisPaine,LewisPayne)2.jpg Lincoln'sDeathBed.jpg Lincoln.jpg Lincoln58.jpg Lincoln600603.jpg Lincoln61PhotoByChristopherS.German.jpg Lincoln63-GettysburgAddress(LeftOfCenterSeated).jpg Lincoln63.jpg Lincoln64.jpg Lincoln65-LastPhotograph.jpg Lincoln65.jpg LincolnAssassinationConvictsPreparedForExecution.jpg LincolnAssassinationDerringer.jpg LincolnBradyStudiosByGardner62.jpg LincolnForPresidentLithograph.jpg LincolnInStateNYCHall.jpg LincolnMeetsGeneralsOnGrant's'RiverQueen'.jpg LincolnMeetsMcClellan&GeneralsByMathewBrady621001.jpg LincolnMeetsMcClellan.jpg LincolnMeetsMcClellan2.jpg MarySurrat-ConvictedLincolnAssassinationConspirator.jpg MarySurrat2.jpg MaryToddLincoln.jpg MichaelO'Laughlin-LincolnKidnappingConspirator.jpg NavyYardBridgeBoothEscapedAssassinationOn65.jpg PresidentialBoothFord'sTheatre65.jpg PresidentialBoothInteriorFord'sTheatre.jpg SamuelArnold-LincolnKidnappingConspirator.jpg SurratBooth&HaroldWantedPoster1.jpg SurratBooth&HaroldWantedPoster2.jpg Washington, D.C. The four condemned conspirators (Mrs. Surr.jpg WilliamPetersenHome&RoominHouse(WhereLincolnDied)453TenthSt.DC.jpg

MISCELLANEOUS: 1860-1865 Brady's photo outfit in front of Petersburg, Va.gif 1860-1865 Constanino Brumidi, artist.gif 1860-1865 Gilbert A. Marbury, Drummer.gif 1860-1865 Horace Greeley.gif 1860-1865 New York Herald wagon in the field.gif 1860-1865 Walt Whitman.gif 1860-1865 White House, Delegation of Indians on grounds.gif 1860-1865 White Lot during the war, Washington D.C. Shows Ti.gif 1860-1865 William Cullen Bryant.gif 1861-1865, Band group seated behind their instruments.jpg 1861-1865, Band of 1st Connecticut heavy artillery on James.jpg 1861-1865, Sanitary Commission lodge, Washington, D.C..jpg 1861-1865, T.T. Garrard, head-and-shoulders portrait, facin.jpg 1862 August, Rappahannock River, Va. Fugitive African Ameri.jpg 1862 August, Rappahannock Station, Va. Federal encampment n.jpg 1862 Maryland, Elk Mountain, Signal Tower.gif 1862 May, Virginia, Cumberland Landing, Camp on the Pamunkey.gif 1862 September, Army blacksmith and forge, Antietam, Marylan.gif 1862 Two photographers having lunch in the Bull Run area bef.gif 1862, Bull Run, Va. Ruins of railroad bridge at Blackburn's .jpg 1863 A group of foreign observers with Maj. Gen. George Ston.gif 1863 April, Falmouth, Va. Men and wagons of the Engineer Co.jpg 1863 August, Diplomats at the foot of an unidentified waterf.gif 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Alfred R. Waud, artist of Harper.jpg 1865, Hartman Richter, half-length portrait, seated, facing.jpg Leonidas Polk.jpg Lyons, Lord Richard B.P., British Minister to the United Sta.gif Maryland, Pleasant Valley.gif Morris Island, South Carolina. July or August 1863. Unident.jpg WaltWhitman.jpg

NAVAL: 1860-1865 ‘Atlanta’ Confederate Ram, on James River after ca.gif 1860-1865 Canal in Richmond, Va.gif 1860-1865 Crew of Monitor on James River, Virginia.gif 1860-1865 Deck of Monitor on James River, Va.gif 1860-1865 Deep Bottom, James River.gif 1860-1865 Dutch Gap Canal, James River, Va.gif 1860-1865 Dutch Gap Canal, James River.gif 1860-1865 Governor's Island, New York Harbor, N.Y.gif 1860-1865 Monitor on the James River.gif 1860-1865, James River, Va. Point where Army of the Potomac.jpg 1860-1865, Jones' Landing, Va., vicinity. Pontoon bridge ov.jpg 1860-1865, Mrs. Nelson's Crossing, Va. Pontoon bridge acros.jpg 1861-1865, Double turreted monitor Onondaga, James River, V.jpg 1861-1865, On deck of U.S. gunboat Hunchback.jpg 1861-1865, Pontoon across Appomattox creek.jpg 1861-1865, Pontoon across the Appomattox River, Va., Broadw.jpg 1861 February, Columbiad guns of the Confederate water batte.gif 1862 November, Maryland, Berlin, Pontoon Bridge across the P.gif 1862 October, Berlin (now Brunswick), Md. Pontoon bridge an.jpg 18620308-MonitorVsVirginia.jpg 1863 Commodore Barney, starboard stern quarter, on James Riv.gif 1863 Crew of the Russian frigate Osliaba docked at Alexandri.gif 1863 June, Virginia, Fredericksburg, Evacuation of Aquia Cre.gif 1863 March, U.S. iron clad gunboat Essex.jpg 1863 May, Virginia, Fredericksburg, Pontoon Bridge across th.gif 1863 November, Men Wanted for the Navy.gif 18630416-RunPastVicksburgGuns.jpg 1864 December, Virginia, Norfolk Navy Yard, Ruins of.gif 1864 June-1865 April, James River, Va. Butler's dredge-boat.jpg 1864 June, James River, Va. Pontoon bridge.jpg 1864 March, Federal engineers bridging the Tennessee River a.gif 1864 May 30, Port Royal, Va. The Rappahannock River front d.jpg 1864 May 30, Port Royal, Va. Transports being loaded from a.jpg 1864 Religious services on the deck of the US monitor Passai.gif 1865 Confederate torpedo boat David aground at Charleston, S.gif 1865 Pontoon bridge across the James River at Richmond, Virg.gif 1865, View of The wharves, Charleston, S.C., near the Batter.jpg Aboard USS Monitor.jpg Ammunition sloops in Hampton Flats.jpg BombardmentOfIsland10MissippiRiver.jpg Burning of the Gosport Navy Yard by Union Forces, 1861.jpg CSS Virginia.jpg FortMorganAttacksFederalsCumberlandListsTenesseeComesOutMobileAL.jpg Grant'sHeadquarters'RiverQueen'.jpg MonitorVsMerrimac.jpg Plans for USS Monitor.jpg Pontoon bridge across James River, Va. 1864-5.gif QuarantinedCottonCharlestonWharf.jpg Ramming of Cumberland by Virginia.jpg Ramming of the sloop-of-war USS Cumberland by Virginia.jpg USSCarondelet.jpg USSGalena.jpg USSPassaic.jpg

ORDNANCE: 1860-1865 200 lb. battery, Missionary Ridge.gif 1860-1865 Alexandria, Va. Battery Rodgers at Hunting Creek .jpg 1860-1865 Arlington, Va. Guns and gun-crews of Fort Richards.jpg 1860-1865 Atlanta fortifications.gif 1860-1865 Battery on drill.gif 1860-1865 Unknown location. 12-pdr. Napoleon. Probably mode.jpg 1860-1865 Unknown location. 6-pdr. field gun, model 1841.jpg 1860-1865 Unknown location. Modified 12-pdr. breech-loading.jpg 1860-1865 Unknown location. Parrott gun.jpg 1861-1865, 'Powder monkey' on U.S.S. Pawnee, off Charleston.jpg 1861-1865, Soldiers with cannon on small railroad car.jpg 1861-1865, The 'Keystone' Battery of Pennsylvania.jpg 1861-1865, The 'Keystone' Battery, of Pennsylvania.jpg 1861, Officers of the 69th New York State Militia, Fort Cor.jpg 1861, The gun 'Jeff Davis,' identified as a Rodman smooth b.jpg 1862 April, Fort Pulaski, Ga. The ‘Beauregard’ gun.jpg 1862 June 1, Professor Thaddeus S. Lowe's military balloon .jpg 1862 June, Fair Oaks, Va., vicinity. Capt. Rufus D. Pettit'.jpg 1862 June, Fair Oaks, Va., vicinity. Fort Richardson and ad.jpg 1862 June, Fair Oaks, Va., vicinity. Horatio G. Gibson's C .jpg 1862 June, Richmond, Va., vicinity. 20-pdr guns of the 1st .jpg 1862 June, Richmond, Va., vicinity. 20-pdr. v Parrott rifle.jpg 1862 June, Yorktown, Va. Confederate water Battery Magruder.jpg 1862 May 31, Fair Oaks, Va. Prof. Thaddeus S. Lowe observin.jpg 1862 May, Virginia, Yorktown, Mortar Battery Number One.gif 1862 May, Yorktown, Va., vicinity. 13-in. seacoast mortars .jpg 1862 October, Signal station on Elk Mountain, Md. overlooki.jpg 1862 Washington, D.C. Park of Wiard guns at the Arsenal, an.jpg 1862 Washington, D.C. Two Wiard guns at the Arsenal, Gen. D.jpg 1863 (most likely), Confederate artillery near Charleston, S.jpg 1863 Capt. Edmund C. Bainbridge's Battery A, 1st U.S. Artill.gif 1863 Virginia, Fredericksburg, Battery D, Second United Stat.gif 1864 December, Savannah, Ga., vicinity. Army engineers remo.jpg 1864 Fort Brady, Va. Battery of Parrott guns manned by Comp.jpg 1864 October, Petersburg, Va. The ‘Dictator,’ a 13-inch mor.jpg 1864 October, Petersburg, Va. The ‘Dictator,’ a closer view.jpg 1864, Fort Monroe, Va. The Lincoln Gun, a 15-inch Rodman Co.jpg 1865 A 200-pound Parrott rifle in Fort Gregg on Morris Islan.gif 1865 April-June, Richmond, Va. Captured siege guns at Rocket.jpg 1865 April, Petersburg, Va. Federal soldiers removing artil.jpg 1865 April, Richmond, Va. Ruins of State Arsenal from the Ca.jpg 1865 April, Richmond, Va. Stacked and scattered ammunition .jpg 1865 August, Arlington, Va. Company F, 2d New York Artiller.jpg 1865 August, Arlington, Va. Gun crew of Company K, 2d New Y.jpg 1865 Broadway Landing, Va. Federal ordnance at the depot, a.jpg 1865 Broadway Landing, Va. Federal ordnance at the depot.jpg 1865 Charleston, S.C. Blakely guns and ammunition in the Ar.jpg 1865 Charleston, S.C. Confederate torpedoes, shot, and shel.jpg 1865 Charleston, S.C. East Battery, dismantled Blakely gun .jpg 1865 Charleston, S.C. South Battery, dismantled Blakely gun.jpg 1865 Confederate torpedoes, shot, and shells in front of the.gif 1865 District of Columbia. Gun crews of Company H, 3d Massa.jpg 1865 Morris Island, S.C. Battery of 100-pdr. Parrott guns i.jpg 1865 Morris Island, S.C. Two 100-pdr. Parrott guns and stac.jpg 1865 Richmond, Va. Captured siege guns at Rocketts, differe.jpg 1865 Richmond, Va. Captured siege guns at Rocketts.jpg 1865 Richmond, Va. Grounds of the ruined Arsenal with scatt.jpg 1865 Richmond, Va. Park of captured guns at Rocketts.jpg 1865 Richmond, Va. Piles of solid shot, canister, etc., in .jpg 1865, Arsenal grounds, Richmond, Va., showing ruins and sho.jpg 1865, District of Columbia. Gun crews of Company H, 3d Mass.jpg 1865, Sea face of Fort Sumpter [sic], showing broken guns, .jpg 1865, The Parrot Rifled Cannon that threw the shot and shel.jpg 1865, View in water battery, James River, Va.--Ready to (1).jpg 1865, View in Water Battery, James River, Va.--Ready to fire.jpg 1865, View on the Point Battery, Charleston, S.C., showing .jpg ConfederateFakeGunsCentrevilleVA6110.jpg Destruction of Hood's ordnance train, Ga., 1864.gif District of Columbia. Men and gun of 3d Massachusetts Heavy.jpg FederalMortar'Dictator'LargestOfSt.Petersburg64.jpg ShipPointVAEarly63-UnionOrdnanceStockpile.jpg The Peninsula, Va. A 12-pdr. howitzer gun captured by Butte.jpg Virginia, Yorktown, Battery Number One, 1862 May. No.1.gif Virginia, Yorktown, Battery Number One, 1862 May. No.2.gif Washington, D.C. Wiard 6-pdr. gun at the Arsenal. Probably 1.jpg

POWS: 'HotelDeZouave'11thNYFireZouavesCastlePinckneyCharlestonHarbor.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Three Confederate prisoners.jpg 1863 June, Virginia, Fairfax, Confederate prisoners at court.gif 1864, Chattanooga, Tenn. Confederate prisoners at railroad d.jpg 1865, House where the Union officers were confined under fi.jpg 1865, Libby Prison, north side, Richmond, Va..jpg 19thIowaPOWsCampFord,TylerTX.jpg AndersonvilleBurial64.jpg AndersvilleCemetery-ReburialSupervisedByClaraBarton.jpg Confederate prisoners at Belle Plain Landing, Va., captured.jpg ExecutionOfAndersonvilleCommandantHenryWirz.jpg FederalInmateofBelleIslandCamp1.jpg FederalInmateofBelleIslandCamp2.jpg

RAILROADS: 1860-1865 Aquia Creek and Fredericksburg Railroad, construct.gif 1860-1865 Depot, U.S. Military R.R., Va. Engine House.gif 1860-1865 Engine ‘Gen. Haupt’, U.S. Military Railroad.gif 1860-1865 Engine No. 137, U.S. Military R.R.gif 1860-1865 Georgetown Bridge across Potomac River.gif 1860-1865, Hanover Junction, Pa. Passenger train at depot.jpg 1860-1865, Harper's Ferry, W. Va. View of the town and rail.jpg 1862 August, Rappahannock River, Va. Bridge.jpg 1862 August, Virginia. Locomotive on the Orange & Alexandri.jpg 1863, Murfreesboro, Tenn., vicinity. Men repairing single-t.jpg 1864 (most likely), Chattanooga, Tenn. Boxcars and depot wi.jpg 1864 (most likely), Chattanooga, Tenn. U.S. military train .jpg 1864 May 25, North Anna River, Va. Destroyed bridge of the .jpg 1864 May 28, Mrs. Nelson's Crossing, Va. Ruins of the Richm.jpg 1864, Nashville, Tenn. Fortified railroad bridge across Cum.jpg 1864, Nashville, Tenn. Railroad yard and depot with locomot.jpg 1865, Gen. Grant's rail road, City Point, Va. looking north.jpg Ruins of Atlanta, Ga., 1864.gif

SOLDIERS: 'AnotherChance!'63.jpg 10thMississippiFlagBearerSilasCBuck'sUnsurrenderedFlag.jpg 1860-1862, Portrait of Pvt. Edwin Francis Jemison, 2nd Loui.jpg 1860-1863, Portrait of Pvt. Sampson Altman, Jr., Company C,.jpg 1860-1865 Admiral David D. Porter.gif 1860-1865 Admiral David G. Farragut.gif 1860-1865 Admiral John Dahlgren.gif 1860-1865 Bvt. Maj. Gen. William T. Ward and staff of fourte.gif 1860-1865 Charleston Harbor, S.C. Rear Admiral John A. Dahl.jpg 1860-1865 Commodore Andrew H. Foote.gif 1860-1865 Gen. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, C.S.A.gif 1860-1865 Gen. A. Ames and staff.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Benjamin F. Butler.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Benjamin F. Butler2.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Charles Griffin and staff of eight, recognize.gif 1860-1865 Gen. David McM. Gregg and staff of nine.gif 1860-1865 Gen. David McM. Gregg and staff of six. Recognized.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Edward D. C. Ord and staff, recognized- Capt..gif 1860-1865 Gen. Edward Ferrero and staff of seven.gif 1860-1865 Gen. George B. McClellan.gif 1860-1865 Gen. George G. Meade and staff of thirty-four.gif 1860-1865 Gen. George G. Meade.gif 1860-1865 Gen. George H. Thomas.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Godfrey Weitzel and staff of 15, recognized- .gif 1860-1865 Gen. Henry W. Halleck.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Irvin McDowell.gif 1860-1865 Gen. James Longstreet, C.S.A.gif 1860-1865 Gen. John A. Rawlins.gif 1860-1865 Gen. John B. Gordon, C.S.A.gif 1860-1865 Gen. John B. Hood, C.S.A.gif 1860-1865 Gen. John Pope.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, C.S.A.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Joseph Hooker.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Meade.gif 1860-1865 Gen. O.B. Wilcox and staff. Col. McElroy. Capt. Ch.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Philip H. Sheridan.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Philip H. Sheridan2.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Robert S. Foster and staff.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Samuel W. Crawford and staff of seven.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Ulysses Grant and staff of 8, recognized -- M.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and staff of eight. recogniz.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and staff of fourteen.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and staff of twelve.gif 1860-1865 Gen. William Mahone, C.S.A.gif 1860-1865 Gen. William Rosecrans.gif 1860-1865 Gen. William T. Sherman.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Winfield S. Hancock and Generals Francis C. B.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Winfield S. Hancock.gif 1860-1865 Gen. Winfield Scott.gif 1860-1865 Group of 4th Infantry, Mich.gif 1860-1865 Maj. Gen. James H. Wilson and staff of nine .gif 1860-1865 Maj. Robert Anderson.gif 1860-1865 Officers of 4th. New Jersey Infantry.gif 1860-1865 Pvt. D.W.C. Arnold.gif 1860-1865 Sergt. Boston Corbett.gif 1860-1865 Sheridan, Merritt, Gregg, Davis, Wilson, Torbert.gif 1860-1865, Bv't. Maj. Gen. I.H. Duval.jpg 1860-1865, District of Columbia. Company E, 4th U.S. Colore.jpg 1860-1865, Portrait of Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, officer of .jpg 1861-1863, Maj. General E.V. Sumner.jpg 1861-1864, Brig. Gen. Daniel McCook, half-length portrait, .jpg 1861-1864, Col. G.D. Wells, 34th Mass. Inf'y.jpg 1861-1865 (most likely), Bv't. Brig. Gen. D.C. Littlejohn, .jpg 1861-1865, 2d Rhode Island Infantry.jpg 1861-1865, 2nd Rhode Island Infantry #2.jpg 1861-1865, 2nd Rhode Island Infantry.jpg 1861-1865, 33d New York Infantry.jpg 1861-1865, A group of 'Contrabands'.jpg 1861-1865, A.D. Streight, head-and-shoulders portrait, faci.jpg 1861-1865, A.J. Smith, three-quarter length portrait, seate.jpg 1861-1865, Albert G. Jenkins, Brig. General, head-and-shoul.jpg 1861-1865, Brig. Gen. C.C. Gilbert.jpg 1861-1865, Brig. Gen. Charles R. Lowell, head-and-shoulders.jpg 1861-1865, Brig. Gen. Isham N. Haynie, head-and-shoulders p.jpg 1861-1865, Brig. General Clement H. Stevens.jpg 1861-1865, Brig. General Thomas L. Clingman, half-length po.jpg 1861-1865, Brig. General William Gamble & staff.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't-Brig. Gen. E[dward] W. Whitaker.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't Brig. Gen. H.H. Wells.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't Maj. Gen. J.A. Hardie.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't Major General M.R. Patrick, full-length por.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't.-Gen. A.J. Myer.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Brig. Gen. Horace Capron, col. 14th [...] C.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Brig. Gen. Horace Capron, col. 14th Ill. Ca.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Brig. Gen. Horace Porter, half-length port.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Brig. Gen. M. Churchill.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Brig. Gen. Newell Gleason.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Brig. General G.M. Schofield, head-and-sho.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Brig. General O.C. Risdon.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Maj. Gen. D.C. McCallum and another office.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Maj. Gen. John C. Caldwell and staff posed.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Maj. General Joseph Holt and group.jpg 1861-1865, Bv't. Maj. General Rufus Ingalls, full-length po.jpg 1861-1865, Bvt. Maj. Gen. G.H. Chapman #2.jpg 1861-1865, Bvt. Maj. Gen. G.H. Chapman.jpg 1861-1865, Bvt. Maj. Gen. G.H. Chapman_2.jpg 1861-1865, C.B. White, Bv't. Brig. General.jpg 1861-1865, Charles R. Woods, three-quarter length portrait,.jpg 1861-1865, Chas. H. Davis, Rear Admiral, three-quarter leng.jpg 1861-1865, Co., 164th New York Infantry.jpg 1861-1865, Co., 30th Pennsylvania Infantry.jpg 1861-1865, Col. G.D. Wells, 34th Mass. Inf'y.jpg 1861-1865, Col. Thomas Cass, 9th Mass. Infantry, full-lengt.jpg 1861-1865, Col. W.E. Woodruff, 2d Kentucky Infantry, full-l.jpg 1861-1865, Contraband foreground.jpg 1861-1865, Daniel Macauley, Colonel 11th Ind., Bv't. Brig. .jpg 1861-1865, David Dixon Porter, Rear Admiral.jpg 1861-1865, Drum Corps, 30th Pennsylvania Inf'y..jpg 1861-1865, Edward D. Townsend, Bv't Maj. General, half-leng.jpg 1861-1865, Edward O.C. Ord, half-length portrait, seated, f.jpg 1861-1865, Eugene A. Carr, colonel 3d Ill. Cavalry, oval bu.jpg 1861-1865, Francis Redding Tillou Nichols, half-length port.jpg 1861-1865, Frank Wheaton, three-quarter length portrait, se.jpg 1861-1865, G. K. Warren, Maj. General.jpg 1861-1865, G.D. Wagner, Brig. General.jpg 1861-1865, G.H. Sharpe, Bv't. Maj. General.jpg 1861-1865, Gen. Alexander McCook and staff posed on porch n.jpg 1861-1865, George R. Latham, Colonel, 5th W. Va. Cav., head.jpg 1861-1865, Group of soldiers of Co. G., 71st New York Volun.jpg 1861-1865, Hard tack.jpg 1861-1865, J.C. Pemberton, head-and-shoulders portrait, fac.jpg 1861-1865, J.H. Wilson, full-length portrait, standing, fac.jpg 1861-1865, J.M. Waite, Bv't. Brig. General.jpg 1861-1865, J.T. Wilder, Bv't.-Brig. General.jpg 1861-1865, James H. Carlton, Brig. General, Colonel, 1st Co.jpg 1861-1865, James Hagan, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing.jpg 1861-1865, John P. Hatch, Bv't.-Maj. General.jpg 1861-1865, John Ramsay, Bv't. Maj. General, half-length por.jpg 1861-1865, M. Miller, Colonel, 18th Mo. Infantry, full-leng.jpg 1861-1865, Maj. General Joseph Hooker, three-quarter length.jpg 1861-1865, Major General Alexander McDowell McCook full-len.jpg 1861-1865, Major General Charles Griffin & staff.jpg 1861-1865, Major General D.B. Birney, full-length portrait,.jpg 1861-1865, Major General D.B. Birney, head-and-shoulders po.jpg 1861-1865, Major General E.O.C. Ord and staff.jpg 1861-1865, Major General Fitz John Porter and staff.jpg 1861-1865, Major General J.A. Mower and staff.jpg 1861-1865, Major General John McAllister Schofield, three-q.jpg 1861-1865, Major General W.B. Hazen, half-length portrait, .jpg 1861-1865, Manning F. Force, head-and-shoulders portrait, f.jpg 1861-1865, N. Kimball, three-quarter length portrait, stand.jpg 1861-1865, O.H. Hart, full-length portrait, standing, left .jpg 1861-1865, Officers of 164th New York Inf'y.jpg 1861-1865, Officers of 170th New York Inf'y.jpg 1861-1865, Officers of 2d Rhode Island Infantry.jpg 1861-1865, P.J. Osterhaus, head-and-shoulders portrait, fac.jpg 1861-1865, Richard Brooke Garnett, head-and-shoulders portr.jpg 1861-1865, Thomas Ewing, head-and-shoulders portrait, facin.jpg 1861-1865, Thomas K. Smith, half-length portrait, facing lef.jpg 1861-1865, Thomas war flag.jpg 1861-1865, Thomas Welsh, three-quarter length portrait, sta.jpg 1861-1865, U.S. Army band standing on steps.jpg 1861-1865, Union soldiers, in camp, posed in front of log b.jpg 1861-1865, V. Van Antwerp, Bv't. Brig. General.jpg 1861-1865, William J. Hardee, Lieut. General.jpg 1861 October, U.S. Grant and staff.jpg 1861, 7th New York State Militia, Camp Cameron, D.C. #2.jpg 1861, 7th New York State Militia, Camp Cameron, D.C..jpg 1861, Ninth Massachusetts Infantry camp near Washington, D.C.jpg 1862-1865 Alexandria, Va. Cooks in the kitchen of Soldiers' .jpg 1862-1865, Gilman Marston, head-and-shoulders portrait, fac.jpg 1862-1865, Joshua Thomas Owen, head-and-shoulders portrait,.jpg 1862 July, Manassas, Va. Men of Co. C, 41st New York Infantr.jpg 1862 November, Virginia, Warrenton, ‘What do I want, John He.gif 1862 October 3, Antietam, Md. Gen. Randolph B. Marcy with o.jpg 1862 October, Antietam, Md. A cavalry orderly.jpg 1862 October, Maryland, Berlin, Scouts and Guides to the arm.gif 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Col. John S. Crocker, Lt. Col.jpg 1862 September, Antietam, Md. Seated- R. William Moore and .jpg 1862, Adjutant and First Sergeants, 22d New York State Mili.jpg 1862, Camp of 31st Pennsylvania Infantry near Washington, D..jpg 1862, Headquarters Fifth Army Corps, Harrison's Landing, Ja.jpg 1863 April, Officers of 61st New York Infantry, Falmouth, Va.jpg 1863 August, Officers and non-commissioned officers of Co. .jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. John L. Burns, the 'old hero of .jpg 1863 June, Six officers of the 17th New York Battery.jpg 1863 June, Washington, D.C., vicinity. 17th New York Batter.jpg 1863 September, Regimental staff, New York Volunteers, near.jpg 1864 December, Fort Monroe, Va. Officers of 3d Pennsylvania.jpg 1864 Fort Brady, Va. Three officers of the 1st Connecticut .jpg 1864 March, Camp of 50th New York Engineers near Rappahanno.jpg 1864 May 5, Gen. George Thomas and a group of officers at a .gif 1864 May, Belle Plain, Va. Wagons of the Sanitary Commissio.jpg 1864 May, Fredericksburg, Va. Cooking tent of the U.S. Sani.jpg 1864 May, Fredericksburg, Va. Soldiers filling canteens.jpg 1864 September, Field and staff of 39th U.S. Colored infant.jpg 1864, Belle Plain, Va. Army wagons and transports at the lo.jpg 1864, Quarters of Capt. Harry Clinton, Qt. Mst. of Provost .jpg 1864, Staff officers at head quarters 6th Army Corps near B.jpg 1864, U.S. military telegraph operators in front of Petersb.jpg 1865 August, Arlington, Va. Officers of Company F, 2d New Y.jpg 1865 August, District of Columbia. Detachment of Company K,.jpg 1865 August, District of Columbia. Officers and men of Comp.jpg 1865 August, District of Columbia. Officers of Companies A .jpg 1865 August, Washington, D.C. Company M, 9th New York Heavy.jpg 1865 July, Capt. Huff's clerk, full-length portrait, seated.jpg 1865 July, Capt. John J. Huff.jpg 1865 July, Gen. Henry S. Gansevoort and staff, Prospect Hil.jpg 1865 July, General N.B. McLaughlin and staff near Washingto.jpg 1865 July, Gettysburg camp of Captain Huft.jpg 1865 June, District of Columbia. Sergeants of 3d Massachuse.jpg 1865 Washington, D.C. Gen. John F. Hartranft and staff, res.jpg 1865, Celestino, Portuguese ship captain, half-length portr.jpg 1865, Court martial--Army of Cumberland, Chattanooga, Tenn..jpg 1865, Washington, D.C. Gen. John F. Hartranft and staff, re.jpg 22d New York State Militia near Harpers Ferry, Va., 1861.jpg 22nd New York State Militia near Harpers Ferry, Va., 1861.jpg 22nd New York State Militia, near Harpers Ferry, Va., 1861.jpg 7th New York State Militia, Camp Cameron, D.C., 1861.jpg 97IndianaRegimentalBand.jpg AdmiralDavidGFarragut.jpg Anderson.jpg Antietam, Md. A cavalry orderly. Photograph from the main e.jpg Band of 10th Veteran Reserve Corps, Washington, D.C., April.jpg Band of 114th Pennsylvania Infantry, in front of Petersburg.jpg Band of 9th Veteran Reserve Corps, Washington, D.C., April, .jpg Band of the 8th New York State Militia, Arlington, Va., Jun.jpg Beauregard.jpg Benj. F. Cheatham.jpg Braxton Bragg 2.jpg Braxton Bragg.jpg Breckenridge, Lt. Gen. John C. bust-length.gif Brevet Major General Chas. Devens & staff, Richmond, Va., A.jpg BrigidierGeneralHermanHaupt.jpg Co. 3rd Connecticut Infantry, Camp Douglass, 1861.jpg ConfederateOfficer.jpg ConfederatePrivate.jpg Custer, Maj. Gen. George A., half-length, seated.gif Daniel H. Hill.gif Don Carlos Buell.jpg Drum corps of 10th Veteran Reserve Corps, Washington, D.C.,.jpg Drum Corps of 61st New York Infantry, Falmouth, Va., April, .jpg Drum corps, 8th New York State Militia, Arlington, Va., Jun.jpg Drummer boys off duty, playing cards in camp, winter of 1862.jpg Edmund Kirby-Smith.jpg Gen. H.P. Heintzelman and staff, Arlington, Virginia, May 18.jpg General Grant's cavalry escort, City Point, Va., March, 1865.jpg GeneralAPHill.jpg GeneralBurnside.jpg GeneralDanielSickles630702.jpg GeneralGeorge'Pap'Thomas'TheRockOfChickamauga'.jpg GeneralGeorgeSCusterCivilWar.jpg GeneralHaupt'sBridgeOverPotomacCreek.jpg GeneralHenryWagerHallek.jpg GeneralHooker63.jpg GeneralJebStuart63.jpg GeneralJohnB.Gordon62.jpg GeneralJohnBellHood.jpg GeneralJohnstonAlbertSidney.jpg GeneralJohnstonJosephE.jpg GeneralJosephHooker62.jpg GeneralLongstreet63.jpg GeneralNathanBedfordForest.jpg GeneralPhilipSheridan63.jpg GeneralsWinfieldScottHancock(Tree)&DavidBellBirney.jpg GeneralWilliamButler.jpg George H. Thomas 3.jpg George H. Thomas 4.jpg George H. Thomas and staff on Lookout Mounain.jpg George H. Thomas less beard.jpg George H. Thomas old.jpg George H. Thomas young.jpg George H. Thomas.jpg GeorgeGordonMeade.jpg GHT signature.jpg Grand Review, 1865. Washington, showing reviewing stand with.gif Granger arrives at Snodgrass Hill with reserves.jpg Grant, Lt. Gen. Ulysses S., three-quarter-length, standing.gif Grant.jpg Grant43.jpg Grant61.jpg Grant62.jpg Grant63.jpg Grant64.jpg Grant64WithFamily.jpg GrantCelebratesVictoryAtopLookoutMountainTN6311.jpg GrantWithAides64.jpg Group of Co. A, 8th New York State Militia, Arlington, Va.,.jpg Group of officers at Acquia Creek, February, 1863.jpg Guard mount in camp of 114th Pennsylvania Inf'y.--Brandy St.jpg Henry W. Halleck.jpg Hill, Lt. Gen. Ambrose P. bust-length.gif James H. Wilson.jpg James Longstreet.jpg John Bell Hood TN.jpg John C. Breckinridge.jpg John M. Schofield.jpg John T. Wilder.jpg JohnSingletonMosby&UnionGeneral'sDressCoat.jpg Joseph Hooker 1.jpg Joseph Hooker 2.jpg Joseph Hooker 3.jpg Joseph Hooker on Horse.jpg Joseph Johnston.jpg Joseph Wheeler.jpg JoshuaLawrenceChamberlain.jpg Lee38-PortraitAsLt.OfEngineersByWilliamEWest.jpg Lee52.jpg Lee62.jpg Lee64-ArlingtonUnderFederalOccupation.jpg Lee64OnTraveller.jpg Lee65.jpg Lee650416ish-BackPorchOfRichmondHome.jpg LeeInPhotoReputedlyForQueenVictoria.jpg LeeSurrenderingToGrantByLouisM.D.Guillaume.jpg Lieut. Colonel A.V. Colburn, Warrenton, Va., November, 1862.jpg Lt. John Worden, 1st CO of Monitor.jpg Lt. John Worden, 1st CO of USS Monitor.jpg MajorGeneralGeorgePickett.jpg MajorGeneralJubelEarly.jpg May 1863, Gen. H.P. Heintzelman and staff, Arlington, Virgin.jpg McClellan.jpg McClellan61.jpg McClellan64.jpg McClellanAndStaff62.jpg McClellanForPresidentPoliticalCartoon64.jpg McClellanPoliticalCartoon62.jpg Mosby, Col. John Singleton, bust-length.gif Officers 4th U.S. Colo[r]ed Infantry, Fort Slocum, April, 18.jpg Officers of 114th Pennsylvania Infantry in front of Petersb.jpg Officers of 5th U.S. Cavalry near Washington, D.C., June, 18.jpg Officers of 61st New York Infantry, Falmouth, Va., April 186.jpg Officers of horse artillery brigade, near Culpeper, Va., Se.jpg Officers of lst Rhode Island Volunteers - Camp Sprague, 1861.jpg Officers of U.S. horse artillery brigade, near Culpeper, Va.jpg Officers of U.S. Horse Artillery, Army of the Potomac, Culp.jpg Philip H. Sheridan.jpg PortraitOfLee'sSurrenderToGrant.jpg President&WarLeadersReviewVictoriousFederalTroops65.jpg Private William Greene.jpg Provost Marshal's, 3rd Army Corps., March 1864.jpg Richard Taylor.jpg RichmondGrays-1stVirginiaMilitia61.jpg Robert Anderson.jpg Rosecrans seated 4th from left, Garfield 5th from left.jpg Sanitary Commission at Belle Plain Landing, Va., May 1864.jpg Sheridan64.jpg Sherman.jpg Sherman61.jpg Sherman64.jpg ShermanOnHorse64.jpg StonewallJacksonPortrait.jpg SumterLightGuards-CompanyK,4thRegimentGeorgiaVolunteers61.jpg Surgeons of 3rd Division, 9th Army Corps, in front of Peter.jpg The post band, Fort Monroe, Va., December, 1864.jpg The Roman.jpg Thomas on slow horse.jpg Tippee, Mary, sutler with Collis Zouaves, 114th Pennsylvania.gif UnionCavalrySoldier.jpg UnknownFederals(MaybeArmyOfTheCumberland)StevensonAL64.jpg William J. Hardee.jpg William S. Rosecrans.jpg William T. Sherman.jpg ZuoaveSoldier.jpg

THE FALLEN: 1860-1865 Burial place, Fredericksburg, Va.gif 1860-1865 Cavalry stables, Geisboro, D.C.gif 1861-1865, Collecting remains of the dead.jpg 1861-1865, Unburied dead on battlefield.jpg 1862-1863, Battle-field of Gaines Mill, Va..jpg 1862-1865 Alexandria, Va. Soldiers' Cemetery.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Bodies of Confederate soldiers, .jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Bodies of Federal soldiers, kill.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Dead Confederate soldiers in 'th.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Dead Confederate soldiers in the.jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Dead soldiers in the wheatfield .jpg 1863 July, Gettysburg, Pa. Four dead soldiers in the woods .jpg 1863 July, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg Battlefield, Field where.gif 1863 July, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg. A Harvest of Death.gif 1863 July, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg. A Sharpshooter's Last S.gif 1863 July, Pennsylvania, Gettysburg. The Home of a Rebel Sha.gif 1863, Battle-field of Gettysburg--Body of a soldier in 'the.jpg 1863, Battle-field of Gettysburg--Dead Confederate sharpsho.jpg 1863, Dead on Culp's Hill.jpg 1863, Federal dead on the field of battle of first day, Get.jpg 1863, Federal soldier disembowelled by a shell.jpg 1863, Gettysburg, Pa. Soldiers killed on July 2, in the whe.jpg 1864 June 28, East front of Arlington Mansion, General Lee's.gif 1864 May 19, Scene of Ewell's attack, May 19, 1864, near Sp.jpg 1864 May, Fredericksburg, Va. Burial of soldiers.jpg 1864 May, Spotsylvania Court House, Va., vicinity. Body of .jpg 1864, Nashville, Tenn. Tomb of President James K. Polk.jpg 1865 April 12, Confederate boy, age 14, lies dead outside b.jpg A dead Rebel soldier, inside the Union picket lines. This v.jpg A dead Rebel Soldier.jpg Incidents of the war. A harvest of death, Gettysburg, July, .jpg Spotsylvania Court House, Va., vicinity. Burial of soldier .jpg

The American Civil War (also known by other names) was a civil war in the United States from 1861 to 1865, fought between northern states loyal to the Union and southern states that had seceded to form the Confederate States of America. The principal cause of the war was the status of slavery in the United States, especially in the territories. After Abraham Lincoln won the November 1860 presidential election on an anti-slavery platform, an initial seven slave states declared their secession from the country to form the Confederacy. War broke out in April 1861 when secessionist forces attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina, just over a month after Lincoln's inauguration. An additional four slave states joined the Confederacy in the following two months. The Confederacy grew to control at least a majority of territory in those eleven states (out of the 34 U.S. states in February 1861), and it claimed the additional states of Kentucky and Missouri by assertions from native secessionists fleeing Union authority. These states were given full representation in the Confederate Congress throughout the Civil War. The two remaining slave states, Delaware and Maryland, were invited to join the Confederacy, but Delaware declined and nothing substantial developed in Maryland due to intervention by federal troops. The Confederate states were never diplomatically recognized as a joint entity by the government of the United States, nor by that of any foreign country. The states that remained loyal to the U.S. were known as the Union. The Union and the Confederacy quickly raised volunteer and conscription armies that fought mostly in the South for four years. Intense combat left between 620,000 and 750,000 soldiers dead, along with an undetermined number of civilians. The Civil War remains the deadliest military conflict in American history, and accounted for more American military deaths than all other wars combined until the Vietnam War. The war effectively ended on April 9, 1865, when Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at the Battle of Appomattox Court House. Confederate generals throughout the Southern states followed suit, the last surrender on land occurring on June 23. Much of the South's infrastructure was destroyed, especially its railroads. The Confederacy collapsed, slavery was abolished, and four million enslaved Black people were freed. The war-torn nation then entered the Reconstruction era in a partially successful attempt to rebuild the country and grant civil rights to freed slaves. The Civil War is one of the most studied and written about episodes in U.S. history, and remains the subject of cultural and historiographical debate. Of particular interest are the causes of the Civil War and the persisting myth of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy. The American Civil War was among the earliest industrial wars. Railroads, the telegraph, steamships and iron-clad ships, and mass-produced weapons were employed extensively. The mobilization of civilian factories, mines, shipyards, banks, transportation, and food supplies all foreshadowed the impact of industrialization in World War I, World War II, and subsequent conflicts.